Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New Ann Coulter column

John Roberts, Another Stealth Nominee
As I’ve said before, if a majority of Americans agreed with liberals on abortion, gay marriage, pornography, criminals’ rights, and property rights, liberals wouldn’t need the Supreme Court to give them everything they want through invented “constitutional” rights invisible to everyone but People For the American Way. It’s always good to remind voters that Democrats are the party of abortion, sodomy, and atheism and nothing presents an opportunity to do so like a Supreme Court nomination.

Coulter doesn't see why conservatives should accept anything but and out-and-out idealogue, and makes a good point.


Terry said...

Coulter does indeed make a good point, but I wasn't happy with her spin which sent me off in another direction, as I considered it necessary to actually look up Barry v. Little in order to evaluate her spin, from which I infer that Roberts' pro bono participation in the case was a Bad Thing. Based on "analagous" cases in the 6th Circuit, and a cursory review of what I found online, I agree that the law apparently was not on Roberts' side in this case, but I do not fault him for working pro bono on it, as I think there was a reasonable case for equity which he represented.

Daniel said...

I never oppose charity work.

Anonymous said...

you can't simplify your vote in a secular nation to issues on religion. you can morally choose your own path, but you haven't the right to choose others. Democrats have nothing to do with atheisim, sodomy, or abortion, they just believe people need to decide for themselves. I'm religious, but I'm not going to force my fellow american to be and I'll support them if the government tries to impose it upon them.