Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Embracing diversity

2005 Lane County Diversity Action Plan
What can we do:
Approve funding for diversity initiatives;

Hold those they supervise accountable for
supporting diversity initiatives;

Ensure ongoing diversity and cultural competency
training for all employees.

Become culturally competent and
knowledgeable about diversity principles;

Communicate effectively across cultural
differences. (AKA speak Spanish)

Lane County as an employer:
This is the first thing on their county employment website:
Diversity is a key to the future success of Lane County. We who work for Lane County government are charged with providing effective government services for everyone. Diversity, and the respect for and understanding of the integrity and worth of all culture, peoples and lifestyles is today and will continue to be simply good business (Diversity Policy LM 2.390).

If you are interested in joining us as we endeavor to provide and improve services to all our diverse communities in ways that are sensitive and responsive to cultural differences, including accessibility for persons with disabilities, we urge you to apply for this position.

It is then helpfully translated into Spanish. Most bussinesses start off with "we are looking for hardworking, ethical people who aspire to do their best..."

Some ways to accomplish Lane County's "diversity in employment" plan:

Increase the referral process through Human Resources for “extra help”
(temporary) positions as a way to increase opportunities for diverse applicants to
become part of the County workforce.
This means that when a manager/supervisor doesn't see enough of the right skin color they will rush out and hire "temps" with your tax dollars. They refer to this as "extra help" but these people will not have any real job or duties other than to increase diversity.

Educate and train supervisors and managers as to the appropriate application of
“merit and fitness” as outlined in the Lane Charter, so applicants are screened against
a broader definition that may address the County’s ability to increase workforce
This simply means that work ability doesn't apply to people with certain skin color. Terms like "merit" aren't relevent in today's "diverse" society. But rest assured, just because your tax dollars are paying for incompetent boobs to run our government agencies you will probably not see a decline in service.

Develop diversity/cultural competency standards for performance evaluations for
Lane County employees, including directors, managers, and supervisors.
God help the Christians. Better keep those beliefs to yourself...

Determine how the County’s interview process might unintentionally favor people
from dominant cultures (cultural bias) and provide recommendations to hiring
supervisors for overcoming any problems identified.
Yeah, like how the interviewers speak English. That favors the "dominat culture." We are rapidly moving towards all Spanish interviews for Lane County job openings.

Lane county as a service provider:

Increase recruitment, retention, and promotion of bilingual and/or bicultural
The bicultural term is a new one to me.

Evaluate intake and assessment tools used by departments in providing services, for
cultural validity and improve tools as required based on assessment results.
At my job, before I put my name on a piece of paper I always check it's cultural validity.

Some definitions:

Culturally Appropriate Services: The provision of County services that are sensitive and
responsive to the cultural differences that exist in particular cultural groups. Also, the provision of services that are effective because they are meaningful to recipients based on their culture.
Example: A 27 year old illegal alien got a 14 year old pregant and now she wants county services. Lane county will respect that in Mexico this kind of stuff is normal. Not the government having any services, 27 year old men having sex with young girls.

Disadvantaged: A descriptive term referring to those individuals who because of sex, disability, age, religion, race, color, or national origin which under particular laws, may not be considered as a basis for an act of harassment or discrimination (intentional or not).
Example: A Christian is being ridiculed in the workplace for believing that there is a God. His co-workers call him a Bible-thumper and intolerant. Under Lane counties plan... this is probably ok.

Disparate Impact: The tendency for a test, job qualification, or other employment practice to
screen out, or otherwise limit, the employment opportunities of people of color, women, individuals with disabilities, or older individuals at a greater rate than others. It also describes the inequitable distribution of services.
Example: They will hire that stupid black/gay/hispanic woman before they hire the much more qualified white guy.

Disparate Treatment: Employment practices such as the use of tests or educational requirements which are fair and neutral on their face, but which are applied or administered in an unfair manner.
Example: These things are fair "one their face" but the county doesn't like the actual outcome so they claim the process is wrong.

Gender Identity: A person’s actual or perceived sex; includes a person’s identity, appearance, or behavior, whether or not that identity, appearance, or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the person’s sex at birth.
Example: That freak who thinks that he is really a woman.

Institutional Privilege: The social structure that gives some groups an advantage and some a disadvantage in competition for social resources (e.g. jobs, finances, power, etc.), which may cause on group to hold a disproportionate number of positions of wealth and power.
Example: Whitey, specifically males.

Protected Class: A group of people of the same race, sex, color, religion, or national origin who
have equal protection rights according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Other laws also protect areas of physical and mental disability, age, and Vietnam era veterans.
Example: Not me. But don't worry, I have a gun.


Al said...

What makes me think we are living on a steep teeter-totter, with Crazy Islamists on the other end and Whacko Lefties on this and either one or the other will bring us to ruination.

Sailor Republica said...

No, actually what will bring us ruination is the continued abuse of "The Dukes of Hazzard".

PollyAnna said...

The "Diversity Action Plan"
and the insuing 54 page
b-o-r-i-n-g report reads like a 'paint by number' of the same old "Blah,blah,blah",
looking for a
State or Federal handout.

as an aside..
I knew we were in for a rough ride, when many years ago, the term "Personnel" became
"Human Resources".*S*(smile)

Daniel said...

I'm going to have to check how many state jobs exist with "human resources" in the title...

Anonymous said...

Many years ago I had the distinct pleasure to be a temporary employee for the Eugene Water and Electric Board. Now I know this is not owned or run by Lane County, but I was blessed with the beginning of the fall. As a temp, I was not eligible for benefits of any kind. After I had been there a few years, EWEB introduced benefits to significant others. So here I am contributing to the company for no benefits and yet some guy getting it in the A** gets some of the best benefits PERS has to offer. I asked HR what I could do to get at least part time. The answer was always the same; apply. I asked the manager of affirmative action as well. Her answer was “you have the wrong skin color and body parts”. Now back then, the affirmative action manager was a hard core lesbian. Almost all office jobs were being filled exclusively by homosexuals. Being a heterosexual white male, I had no chance. I wrote letters to HR, managers and even the CEO. After being a temp for 6 years with this utility, I was finally let go. 6 years! If I was a poor employee, they could have let me go at any point because there was no contract. I received several merit raises. But after 6 years I started to make a stink and let my views known about the hiring practices. I was fired. Officially on my “public” file it states completion of temp position. But when I was let go, the director of the department I worked for told me I was fired. Think they would have fired me if I had more pigment in my skin of had sex with my A**? Lane County has been a breeding ground for discrimination for many years. Thank God I got out.