Wednesday, July 20, 2005

PSU teacher resume: I've been arrested... many times

For those of you who missed today's Lars Larson show (you have no excuse) you didn't get to hear a PSU teacher, Amanda Bryon, who teaches "The Art and Consequence of Enemy Making" tell Lars and his listeners that she believes that America is a terrorist nation, terrorists "are people too" and that America has a fascination with making enemies.

She also said that she disagreed with part of my blog that Lars had quoted. This is reassuring because having this lady disagree with you is incontrovertible proof that you are an American patriot.

But, I decided to look at what other offerings that PSU was brainwashing our kids with using taxpayer dollars. Read on...

Tom Hastings is another teacher at PSU who indoctrinates, err, instructs students in various classes like "Nonviolent Response to Personal Attack" (yes, that was his lunch money you took every day) and "Environmental Conflict Resolution" (Burning SUV's isn't technically violence)

On his official PSU bio his personal statement includes this "I've been arrested for nonviolent resistance to militarism many times and have gone to jails and prisons for these convictions. I regard Peace Education as one essential in creating a culture and ecology of peace and justice."

That's right, you saved and scrimped and sacrificed to send your kids to college so that they could be taught by a convicted felon who is proud of his prison time! I'm also not sure if his second sentence is even proper English. But he does have a lovely picture of a man behind bars with a bird (free spirit?) flying outside. Nothing like motivating students to become prison inmates...

Other course titles offered under the "conflict resolution" umbrella:
World for All
Creating a Peace System
Peace Journalism
Multicultural Competence in Organizations
Environmental Conflict Resolution
Red/Blue Values Conflict
Social Liberation

PSU also offers the class Chicano/Latino Studies. Some course titles:
Latinos & the Law
Media Bias & Latinos

Perhaps Latinos have different laws than the rest of us, I'm not sure though, I haven't taken the class.

But my perennial favorite is "Women's Studies". I mean, how much do women have to study cooking, cleaning, laundry and submitting to their husbands? Some course titles:
Theater of the Oppressed
Women, Activism, & Social Change
Lesbian & Gay Literature
Feminist Philosophy
Feminist Analysis
Intro to Queer Studies
History of Sexualities
Global Feminisms
Feminist Theory

For those of you wondering, ecofeminism is the practice of cooking vegetables for your husband while he watches football.

At what point do we cut these people off from their public funding? They don't support "open minds" or "diversity" as they claim, try being a conservative on campus. Try telling your fellow students in your feminist theory class that you oppose abortion. These are institutions designed to indoctrinate our children with the disease of liberalism.

My idea of conflict resolution can be found here:


Sid said...

Further solutions can be found at:

Daniel said...

Thanks, we are always looking for more ways to resolve our conflicts!

Anonymous said...

Hold up here, she makes some good points about our causing Moslems to hate the US.

Don't we have Gay Parades all over the country? Those will drive a moderate Moslem up a wall in short order and a Radical to the Extreme.

Feminism in itself is totally unacceptable in the Moslem world and about half or better of what we see being advertised on TV is in violation of Islamic Law.

In fact her teaching is enough to start their motors.

The list goes on . . .

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything on your list about mens studies or christian rights. What happened to defend your family and country at all costs and with dignity? When I enter P-town I have to remove any pro conservative identity from my car or I get keyed or slashed tires. That is tolerance for you. I am looking to begin Medical trainning and I might have to go to PSU for this. I fear for my Republican straight male life if I have to do this. The anti-straight-male mentality of this school disgusts me. I will have to find a good Christian based school ( = more money) to protect my moral beliefs. Where is the ACLU to protect me and my freedoms?

Leigh M said...

Oleg Volk is just over 30, a college professor himself and has assembled this remarkable website. Enjoy . . . or at least be enlightened!


realpolitiker said...


Are you suggesting that if we just purged our society of gays and lesbians and feminists, this would ease tensions between the muslim world and the west? What do you care of Islamic Law? After all, I thought that was our ultimate goal in the middle east, freeing their poeples from the rigidity of Islamic Law, towards which Afghanistan and Iraq (though this was a secular regime) were first steps.

Anonymous said...

Alas Real, as usual you have missed the point.

The Radical Moslems want to rid the world of those who they see as being in violation of Islamic Law
and the US embracing those people
they see as in greatest violation angers them most.

I didn't say I support Islamic law, but I do know what lights their fuse.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,

When you go to PSU, here are a few rules to follow:

1. Put an NRA sticker on your vehicle. RMEF or OHA also a bonus.

2. Carry a concealed handgun, always.

3. Wear a NASCAR jacket (black leather Dale Earnhardt works best).

4. At every protest, sit-in, hippy bongo drum session in the park blocks; laugh loudly at all of them.

After a few weeks of this, they will all steer clear of you. None of them will have the guts to say a word to you. Worked for me for both years I was there.

R2K said...

Interesting page man!

While I cant ever agree with everything a person says, I do like to hear other ideas!


Josef of Josef's Public Journal said...

A post worthy of being on Orbusmax...

I also have done some blogging on the 7/21 bombing today and linked to this post.

But Daniel - have to ask - when did Amanda Byron get tenure? Had to ask.

Realpolitik said...

Anonymous -- Not sure how I could have missed your point AGAIN when that was the first post i've ever made to this blog (heard about it on Lars).

It was quite clear that you seem to think that you know what makes the muslim world tick. My question pertained to how you might apply that knowledge, say, in terms of a policy recommendation or suggested course of action.

How about a syllogism:
Muslims are enraged by what they perceive as phenomena unique to western liberal culture such as homosexuality and feminism. Radical islamists are largely responsible for recent aggressions against western nations. The US is a western nation and therefore the recent attacks on the US by muslims must be in part caused by the homosexuality and feminism present here.

From your initial post, one could only infer that this is the type of logical structure you were employing. Am I wrong? Further, adding to the syllogism, the next logical step would be: If homosexuality and feminism were purged from the United States, it would no longer draw the ire of radical islamists, and therefore, could avoid further attacks.

Is this possibly a logical extension of your musings in your original post? You see, I'm simply trying to have a discussion here.

Daniel said...

This is an interesting conversation. It continues on the next post where we also have a reply from Tom Hastings, the teacher who has "been arrested... many times."

Terry said...

What's wrong with "Multicultural Competence in Organizations?" As long as we have multiculturals in organizations, wouldn't it be good also to have competence?

Anonymous said...

Shariah, Islamic Law, is very tollerant, and promotes womens rights. It's Wahabism that was caused during world war two when British imperialism interefered in the area that caused extremism as you see today, and in most Islamic nations women are not oppressed. The Iraqi regime was in place because of us, as was the Afghani regime. Before the soviet war Afghan women were not treated poorly, and the government that had been in place was not even afghani.
furthermore, the universal hatered towards the united states is not just a muslim thing, and it is by no means induced by homosexuality. People may look down on the promescuity of the nation, but that has nothing to do with why they wish us ill. It has everything to do with Israeli conflict and US involvment where it shouldn't be.
The united states isn't protecting the people of the middle east by "liberating" it the people from their own morals, it's oppressing them.
Don't look at the news and assume you know what's going on, try talking to people from there, or looking at the whole picture.
guns don't give peace, they cause more hatred.

offended said...

a regular old turner, aren't you?