Monday, July 25, 2005

You mean bussiness doesn't like high taxes?

Oregon loses bid for $3B Intel plant to Arizona
In a blow to Oregon, the state's largest employer Intel Corp. said Monday it will spend $3 billion to build a factory in Arizona and another $105 million to convert an inactive Arizona plant into a temporary test facility.

There was no immediate comment Monday from Oregon leaders on Intel's decision to build in Arizona. Intel currently employs 9,000 people in Arizona.

The Arizona Legislature this year enacted a tax relief measure that was intended to entice the new Intel plant and other major business investments in new or existing plants.

State Rep. Steve Huffman, a Tucson Republican who championed the tax measure in the Arizona Legislature, said the change was "absolutely critical" to Intel's selection of the Arizona site though not the only factor.

"When you make intelligent decisions to encourage business investment, it pays off every time," he said.

This is the polar opposite of Oregon where we make the "intelligent" decision to regulate, tax, regulate, attempt to forcibliy incorporate into city property, regulate, tax, then impose draconian land use rules, then have legislators insist that the bussiness isn't doing "their fair share."

Congrats to intel for having the plant in America though. And they are a great Oregon employer. All my computers have intel chips and will continue to in the future.


Al said...

Anybody have an idea how much Intel dropped in the Hillsboro remodel?

Does it top the AZ spend?

Daniel said...

I'm not sure, but I don't think that the dollar amount is the point.

Intel is headquartered here so obviously this would be a conveniant place for expansion in that respect. Obviously something (I would suggest government) made it inconveniant.

I would love additional capitol spending in Oregon and additional jobs. Plus I'm proud that intel is known as an Oregon company and I would hate to see us lose that identity.

Anonymous said...


WRONG, Intel is HQed in Santa Clara, CA. Intel just has a massive operation in OR but in the US alone they have over 10 different localities with offices, not to mention dozens around the world.

dogfaceblogger said...

Oregon politicians have once again shown why they are thought of as so ineffective by most Oregonians. Did anyone expect anything different?

Daniel said...


Are we talking about corporate headquarters? Their largest operation is in Oregon.

Thanks for the factcheck though.

Al said...

Only Intel's Oregon operation is headquartered in Oregon.

The print folks have falsely created the illusion their main
base is here and it aintz.

We do different here.

I am Coyote said...

I bet they were scared that some Oregon municipality would use eminent domain to forcibly take over their operation like Portland tried to do with PGE.

Well maybe not, but those kinds of actions sure do not help.

Anonymous said...

You spelled 'business' wrong... twice.

Anonymous said...

Can you say Boeeiiiingg!!!!

jwalker said...

I don't suppose this looks good for oil refineries and a gas pipeline in the future either. I mean, if we can't make the simplest of moves that is good for our economy, how can we make even more difficult decisions. I love Oregon, but as usual, on every level of government, we have our heads up our rear-ends.