Monday, July 11, 2005

Our parasitic "partner" to the south

I know that I have blogged on this before but as long as we are talking about education and all it's largesse, I just have to bring this up again.

Oregon-Mexico Education Partnership
On October 4th, 2004, members of the Mexican Government and the US government joined together to officially announce the beginning of a partnership that has been growing between the Consulate of Mexico, the Oregon Department of Education and Willamette Education Service District.

The Community Plaza's provide literacy education in Spanish, Computer Skills and Accreditation and Certification for grades complete. They are for people interested in:
*Having more education for their life and work
*Improving their home language
*Learning English "the easier way"
*Supporting their children with their own example
*Improving their self-esteem, and pride for the Mexican culture
*Obtaining official educational certificates from Mexico
I care soooo much about improving the self-esteem of criminal aliens and their pride in Mexico...

Senor Manrrique also spoke to the benefits to Mexican citizens in the US federal prison system who can get their education while incarcerated, and leave the prison system with a greater knowledge than before, ready to serve their country with positive contributions.
Mexican citizens in our prison systems? I was positive that they just came here to "work hard."

The Consulate of Mexico has developed a new division, initiated by President Fox, President, named the Institute for Mexicans Abroad. Susan Castillo welcomed the Mexican representatives, and helped them know how happy we are to be working so closely with them for the benefit of the Mexican citizens here in Oregon.
And the clincher: Susan Castillo is happy to work for the benefit of the Mexican citizens here illegaly in Oregon. I'm sorry but HEY SUSAN, ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?!?!?!? How about working for the beneift of American citizens for a couple minutes you worthless excuse for an educator. I am so tired of you, diversity, illegal aliens, and the fact that you all are in bed together and screwing the American people. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

OMEP Project timeline and goals
The Consulate of Mexico represents the interest of the Federal Government of Mexico in its relations with other countries...
Funny, so does Susan Castillo...

*Participates in the design of the administrative politics of the server Oregon-Mexico-E-Plazas

*Will facilitates the process of communication between the educational authorities and the Spanish speaking population residing in Oregon so that both identify options resolve favorably the needs of instruction and education for the life. This infuriates me to no end. It doesn't matter how many times I hear about it or read another page on it. Let me stress, IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO SIMPLY SECURE OUR BORDERS, WE MUST MAKE THE UNITED STATES (AND OREGON) UNFRIENDLY TO ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

It is no surprisee they come here, and that Mexico encourages them to come here, when we give them first class treatmentt that we don't even give our own citizens.

Please, please, tell me this is all just a bad dream. Tell me that America's laws do mean something. Tell me that our politicians haven't sold us out. Tell me that my kids won't have to learn Spanish in order to get a job. Tell me that logic still prevails.

*heals clicking together* "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like America..."

My therapy session is over. See you same time tommorow.


Diesel said...

Enforcing the borders has to start (read: become a priority) for the Bush Administration. Until that day, most other efforts are wasted.

I mean, call it "National Security" and part of the War on Terror. It's still PC to protect your own borders, yeah?

Sailor Republica said...

Beh! I say let's invade Mexico city, take it over, and give the land to the Israelis.

I'm being facetious...of course.

GWB is being a total ass about the illegal immigration issue, and I hearken back for the days of Ronald Reagan.

Diesel said...

Me too! All I cared about during the Reagan Administration was my GI Joes and Heman toys!

Daniel said...

Don't forget that the greatest president of the last century gave anmensty to a good deal of lawbreakers which only encouraged the next wave...

And sorry Don, it is not PC to protect your borders now. Apparently it's "racist."

Daniel said...

And I had Star Wars toys...

Sue K. said...

Why won't Bush even mention the problem of the millions of illegals eroding our country and the lack of border security???? Is he deaf and blind?? We are begging and screaming for help!!! I agree with sailor republica, GWB is being an ass regarding these issues. Can anyone here recall the last time GWB spoke the words "border" or "illegal immigration?" I can't and that is exactly why I am quickly loosing faith in this President. To be honest, I am so angry with him that I can't watch him on tv when he speaks anymore. What will GWB do when (not if) the terrorists bring the fight here and they simply walked across the border. He can't say he wasn't aware of the problem.

Daniel said...

The short answer: Karl Rove. The "strategist" (the same one who told the president to support Arlen Spector in his re-election and bid for chair of the judicial committee and now we are going to get borked again) thinks that illegal aliens are an upcoming Republican constituency.

I for one would rather lose elections than have illegal aliens vote for my candidate.

But don't give up. This WILL be an issue in '08.