Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday evening rant

Big news in Oregon, at least to various news outlets, is that the senate passed special rights for gays and people who think they aren't the gender they were born with. How does this affect us? It doesn't. The bill won't even get a hearing in the House. But the gays and transgender sites are all abuzz with this "historic moment for equality." Sure. Could my straight co-worker could get health insurance for his roommate? No.

Bryan over at Gayrightswatch (an Oregon blogger) is absolutely breathless about all this and has been compulsively posting on it all day. Hey Bryan, when reality sets in and the euphoria goes away come see me, people in despair are often more receptive to evangelism. You can't hold out on me forever...

Then we have the op-ed pages of the fishwrapper where editorials and letter writers can't seem to make up their mind whether the bombings in London were because Iraq has nothing to do with terrorism or everything to do with terrorism. But everyone comes to the conclusion that it is Bush's fault. He might as well have lit the fuse. The only place you can find crazier people are places like where they alternate saying that the bombings are justified or the result of some Zionist plot. Uh-huh, I refer you to the Mac Johnson Homepage where you see a DHS map showing marijuana use and the election map side by side...

Kari "the Fishwrapper calls me a media consultant and plugs my blog as often as possible" Christholm of BlueOregon is demanding an "up-or-down vote" from Karen Minnis and the House. There is no hypocrisy here because a bill restricting pay-day loans is much more serious than judges and we'll just forget about the actual rules governing our legislative bodies.

Can't go without mentioning the situation in London: I say they should bomb the shit out of somebody. Really, make a symbolic gesture. "You don't scare us speeches" are nice but you don't give a daily speech to the bully who takes your lunch money telling him how you aren't scared. You punch him in his face. At least that's what I would do...

Another judge has ruled that the partial birth abortion ban is unconstitutional. I often wonder if the next Bill Gates or Louie Pasteur has been killed before they could make their mark on this world. I am considering finding a cute cuddly animal and sucking the brains out of it's unborn baby with a tube to see if I get charged with animal abuse. Or at least sued by PETA...

Almost forgot, Thursday morning (the day of the London public transit bombs) I went past the Sherwood bus area and saw a driver sitting asleep on the bus with his feet on the steering wheel. I almost wanted to head back home for my camera to take a picture of our hardworking government employee but didn't. Only after I got to work and tuned in the morning news (KXL) did I realize the security implications.


Diesel said...

Read that Rep. Bates says being is not a choice. But, what about the people on this website?

Daniel said...

I certainly believe that being gay is a choice. I don't buy the whole "gay gene" theory and I'm not too convince that scientists, who set out to prove a point, are proving much of anything with the fruit flies.

Diesel said...

I agree. Not surprisingly then, I found this quote from the MSNBC story on the fruit flies,

"But it's all for naught, as nature doesn't let the flip-flopped sexual advances proceed to any productive conclusion."

Maybe there is some worthwhile knowledge about homosexulaity in fruit flies after all.

Sailor Republica said...

Someone is not gay because of the way they live their lives. It's because of the choice to put their corncob into someone else's cornhole.

It's that simple. It's a choice, and I do not care what Kari Chislehead says. In fact, I think this small post is more eloquent than anything Mr./Ms./Mrs./IT Chiselhead has said on the pages of BlueOregon.

Consider this a shot across the bow. The next time, it'll sink the ship.

jwalker said...

LOL Sailor!

I think we all have our sins that we deal with on a daily basis. You either give in to the sin, or you give it over to Jesus. Alcoholism, adultery, drug abuse, robbing banks, etc fall into the same catagory.

I'm sure I will catch grief for these comments, but God bless America for freedom of thought and speech. Unless you live in Washington. Take a look at what the judges are doing to talk radio on Orbusmax.

Anonymous said...


"Blogger Bogdanski" worried about a GELATO store in his neighborhood an it's impact. My response:

GEE."Bog" I couldn't resist:

Try your own highly prized, never announced, totally BS, criminally insane group home brought too you courtesy of Diane Lane/lean/Linn, and of course CASCADIA behavioral healthcare.

Your flavor of the month could be 5 people all judged guilty but insane of murder/arson/rape(no child molestors..yet, they promised!

Speaking of a bogging issue, perhaps one of you will defend this as something they want in their neighborhoods..STEP RIGHT UP!

For your information Jack, you might have too move again. There are 300 more loving, kind, and hopefully well drugged, new neighbors coming soon.

So with all the WALMARTS to worry about, just one more stress for you Jack.

Daniel said...

Nice to see you back JWalker! I could have used your help debating don diesel here (also a teacher) on a post a few days back.

Definitely anyone who lives in Washington, or anyone who is facinated by governments voracious appetite for more money, should check out for all the info on the gas-tax repeal.

Hey Sailor, perhaps a coordinated shot from all of us towards Kari "we don't allow conservatives on our website" Christholm would make a good project...

As for that saturday morning rant, it just brought to mind that with the recent supreme court ruling places like Portland may have the power of "eminant domain" to condemn a Wal-Mart and replace it with a sex-offender group home "to better serve society."


jwalker said...

Nice to be back. I've been doing grad school and being a Mommy (baking cookies is harder than it looks you know. Just ask Hillary.)

ANYWAY, I went to the debate you talked about with Don Diesel, and you know, he's right. We either get on the diversity wagon, or our bread and butter is over. There is a lot of pressure to buy into this, and I live in a fairly red-kneck small town area.

Also, I don't really speak of my religious and political persuasions that much around the teacher's room. I really like to get along in my down time, and you never know; one of them might try to get me fired. It's been done.

The gay gene is a bunch of crap by the way.

Daniel said...

The real irony is that the tolerance and diversity garbage has actually made it a hostile work evironment for you.

Our society has real problems when you are afraid to talk about Jesus but the gay teacher can talk about his one night stand last night without fear of reprisal.

Anonymous said...

Our society has real problems when you are afraid to talk about Jesus but the gay teacher can talk about his one night stand last night without fear of reprisal.

We are in deep DODO!

When you feel pressure to report some middle east types taking pictures on Marine Drive next to PDX airport of the airport, then worry about a lawsuit or offending a race, we are in trouble.

Screw them,I called the cops anyway!