Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Our public officials at work: worried about Wal-Mart

Oh no, our public servants have identified a great threat to society. An invasion of sorts. Is it terrorists? Is it meth cooks/dealers/users who spend less time in jail than you do at the DMV? Is it illegal aliens? No, this is something much more sinister.

And like our founding fathers we must take up arms and fight this evil, this despicable entity known as... Wal-Mart.

Yes, Sam Adams is horrified that Big Box Stores that may want to bring jobs and developement to Portland and then provide citizens who choose to shop there with goods and services at a low prices. Always.

Thankfully our fearless leader is opposing the free-market with any and all tools at his disposal. With the residents of The Pearl on his side he will no doubt be able to silence the less affluent who would like to save $1.37 on their laundry detergent.

Read his post where he asks for our "thoughts" on this invasion.
Controlling the Big Box Store Invasion


jwalker said...

If consumers cannot find the deals at Walmart then they are too stupid to shop anyway.

If the people opposed to walmart want different shopping experiences, open a store. Maybe $.60 goes to the OWNERS OF THE STORES, you know, the people who fronted the money in the first place, but $.40 stays here. $.40 that wasn't here before. Again, if you want the money, OPEN A STORE.

Walmart always puts in money of their own to deal with traffic issues and community betterment in their area. If I am thinking of the end of the Burnside bridge, it could use it.

I don't like what Walmart does to our trade with China and other countries, but noone seems to be willing to get off their butts and do something about it.

Anonymous said...

Walmart employees are so underpaid that they have to use $2B in public funds just from the feds. That's enough said. They leech off the community and leave no real benefits to most.

Anonymous said...

I am doing something about the trade issue with China, and you can too. Don't buy junk made in China! That brings us to Wal-Mart... all they sell is crap from China, so they are doing something about it. I say in the name of FAIR trade we keep China-Mart out of our communities. You people need to buy American!

Al said...

once upon a time I earned an income from selling to and providing service to small box, high service retailers who have been replaced by trashtailers like wal-mart.

Costco was bad enough.

Anonymous said...

This Quote is from a defector from China. Keep in mind they own the Panama canal on both sides called the Hutchison Company. (Thanks Jimmy Carter)

"I know that China once got a heavy load of confidential documents from the United States and sent it back to China through the Cosco ship," Chen said, referring to the state-owned China Ocean Shipping Co. The information was "very useful" to China's military and related to "aircraft technology," he added.

PollyAnna said...

If Walmart was so bad,then once it was built in a community that opposed it, the people would boycott it,no one would want to work there and it would not survive.
Hmmmm i havent seen that yet,and I have seen a lot of new Walmarts so far in my lifetime,all over the USA.
Walmart Pays a decent wage for it's employees, they have good benefits and the employee can buy stock.Walmart is very flexible with allowing an employee to work the hours that fit into their schedule.This gives Students a big break and also those who want to work part time in addition to their "regular" jobs.Does Walmart drive out some smaller businesses?
Yes,of course they do! That is called Capitalism.
As for comments on Walmart workers on welfare, that has little to do with Walmart and more to do with those who apply for welfare...and that is another story...
Now for the Naysayers' Comments in the Article, "Controlling the Big Box Invasion" What does that say about Polititians and people who do not want extra jobs,lower consumer prices and money coming into the community? Oh yeah,right they are all "looking out for me" !!NOT!
(tongue in cheek)Some of those new jobs enable the building of all those "Big Box" new homes i see going up all over oregon *S*(smile)..

Anonymous said...

Actually, Costco is good for business. Their workers get avg. $17/hr. and good benefits, so they can leave a decent middle class lifestyle. Walmart on the other hand.

VR said...

China, huh? Lets see... products I buy at Walmart ... Rolaids, Bandaids, Tetra pet supplies, Purina pet food, Folgers coffee, Campbells soup, Cheetoes, Duracell batteries, brand name toiletries and foods, RCA TV, HP Printer ... and all of these come from China? Wow! But they wouldn't come from China if I bought them at other stores??? Not sure I understand...
As for wages and benefits; how many other small and large companies offer minimum wage or slightly above and little to no benefits for entry level jobs? Why single out Walmart? They have better opportunities for advancement then most.
Like any corporation, making money is their goal and they are good at it.

Sailor Republica said...

I will shop at Wal-Mart to spite all.

Anonymous said...

This is a China Ocean Shipping CO. (COSTCO) article. This might be a cross post. But this is a big box store article like Walmart who stocks mainly Chinese garbage.

A while back, a single LA pier had been sold to COSTCO. It is now Chinese territory. They also own miles and miles of land in Southern CAL for their arms factories. (Norinco? name not sure of) This is also Chinese territory. (confirmed by a Customs Agent) An island in the Pacific was also sold and houses one of the most advanced satellite tracking facilities, and its Chinese territory. All thanks to Bill Clinton. Won't go into detail about the nuke technology that went over there.

Daniel said...

Back from vacation!

Ok, first off, anyone who owns a foreign car should not post on this topic if they want to complain about Wal-Mart.

Second, Wal-Mart does not pay minimum wage.

Third, on Wal-Mart's website they list the country of origin for all the items they sell plain as day. And VR, a lot of Tetra products are made in the USA! As are the Remmington firearms sold at Wal-Mart.

Lew Scannon said...

Oooh! Two things made in America, makes me want to just buy an American flag made in China to wrap around myself while I stroll down the aisles of price busting products surrounded by part-timers who will be asked to work a couple of hours off the clock a week so the management can cut labor costs while pledging undying support for, not God, not America, but some dead guy who devised a scheme to exploit the masses looking for more useless crap as they drive local businesses out of business. Viva Capitalism! So help me Sam!

Sailor Republica said...

Looks like the guy above was getting himself brainwashed by the Communist Wahabiis.

When I buy something, there are two reasons I buy it: 1) It is of good quality, or 2) It is cheap enough and it's a good alternative to the more expensive brands.

#1 is especially evident since I drive an old Toyota Corolla that, even if I did not have oil in it, will still run to Canada and back over the longest route possible and over steep grade mountains. In fact, I'll buy any older vehicle over the new plastic-made crap that's being produced EVERYwhere.

#2 is true for Wal-Mart. Today, I went there and bought a good pair of Dr. Scholls shoes for 25 bucks. Why did I go to Wal-mart when I could have gone somewhere else? Because Wal-Mart seems to be the only place that I know of that handles Dr. Scholls shoes and at a good price.

The stock at Wal-mart is much better than Fred Meyer, where they have...Nike. And want 40-50 bucks for them.

As for local businesses...let them go out of business if they cannot compete. It's the nature of man in the competitive spirit.

Damn, how many morons do you have to beat up in order to get a point across?

Daniel said...

Lew Scannon simply doesn't like capitalism.

Maybe Lew just doesn't like poor people and thinks we should all shop at Bridgeport Village.

And the American flag hanging outside my house is made in America.