Saturday, July 09, 2005

Saturday night rant

Does everyone remember how not too long ago the House passed an abortion restriction bill that we all knew was symbolic because it would never even get a hearing in the Senate? Remember how The Daily Dead Fishwrapper did a front page story, including a hug picture, with our legislators hugging each other and celebrating their entirely symbolic victory because they passed a bill that they believed in? I don't remember that either.

But somehow the equally symbolic civil "we don't call it gay marriage" unions bill got a front page, above the fold, headline.

The Fishwrapper did not redeem itself but did give me a chuckle when it documented Dianne "above the law" Linn's bungling of the new Blazers coach, Nate McMillan. Lars played the audio on Friday and it was pretty funny.

Washington Dems spin various conspiracy theories on how Bush and his "cronies" have conspired with Saudi Arabia (and probably various Zionists) to make you pay more for gas but at the same time have fallen in love with a gas tax. An obsessive love at that. I mean, they call every 5 minutes, send love notes all the time, tattoo it's name on their arms... or at least defend it to it's death. Orbusmax has excellent coverage.

This story, Judge: Government canĂ‚’t fund Boy Scouts event is absolutely nuts. The ACLU is worried that young men might grow up with some values and is attacking the Boy Scouts with everything they have. In unrelated news, a lesscontroversiall group, NAMBLA (North American man-boy love association) may ask the DOD if they can use the space previously reserved for the scouts. The ACLU wholeheartedly supports this.

In the wonderful forms that government has produced with your tax dollars category tonight we have the:


This is for those illegal aliens who are timid aboutcommittingg ID theft and forgery. I only wish they had found that healthy respect for the law before they came hereillegallyy...


Diesel said...

When an illegal alien fills out the "Statement of No SSN" form, do they get a little symbol on their license that states they are illegal? You know, like the symbol you get for having to wear corrective lenses?

Just a thought. This would be great for when all those illegals register to vote :)

Diesel said...

Daniel, no rant about the front page of the Statesman Journal today?

Sue K. said...

In the Albany Democrat Herald newspaper (Local/State section) is an article "January trial set for 12 charged." This is about the huge meth bust that happened in Brownsville in May. Most of those arrested were "mexican citizens" (illegals). A few thoughts come to mind: It is now July. These "mexican citizens" sit in jail at taxpayer expense until January 2006 and beyond!! Those who cannot afford an attorney (all of them) will be appointed one. Again at taxpayer expense. If convicted, the confiscated property will be forfeited by those arrested. There were numerous weapons, ammo, over $162,000 cash and a 1999 Lincoln Navigator. Maybe the cash and the sale of the other property could go towards what it costs to jail, defend and ultimately DEPORT these "alleged" meth making/selling mexican citizens (illegals)!!! Also interesting was to see how many AKA's a couple of these guys had. This was my Saturday night rant.

Daniel said...

Great idea Don! They have an "B" for corrective lenses, a "D" for donor, and may I suggest a "G" (as in Get the hell out of my country) for illegal aliens!

Didn't see the Statemens Urinal, is it along the same lines as The Oregononian?

Sue, it never ceases to amaze me how our mainstream media has all these "meth watch" segments but rarely covers the illegal alien aspect of the story. Their solution: restrict access to cold pills...

BTW, I think that they will destroy the firearms rather than sell them. I'm going to have to check on that one though.

Diesel said...

Daniel, below the fold headline in Statesman,

"One in 10 U.S. births are to illegal immigrants".

Won't find it in the online Statesman (go figure!).

Link to the study is on my blog.

jwalker said...

Daniel, read the headline online at NWCN about the bridge that won't happen without the gas tax. I wonder if NWCN will have to claim their site as a campaign donation.

Sailor Republica said...


It looks like your blog is the repository for all things illegal immigration in Oregon...

Sue K. said...

The guns and ammo from the meth bust probably should be destroyed unless, of course, they were stolen and could be returned to their owners. The Lincoln Navigator and over $160,000 in cash would at least make a dent in repaying taxpayers for the cost of keeping the "mexican citizens" in jail and providing them with an attorney during the trial. They will probably argue that the money and Navigator were gotten legally and was going to be sent to Mexico to help support their families. Yeah, right!!

Rick Legal said...

A Bill to deny Driving Licenses to non-citizens has been sitting at the Capitol in Salem since Feb.
Sen. Gilman wanted a special symbol for illegals, until he realised that the illegals in Utah didn't like it. Our group helped Rep. Jeff Kropf get the Bill in.
It is still sitting in a committee.
There is another Bill (Seen much Press on this?) to require photo ID to register, it is sitting on someones desk in Salem.
Democrats don't want anyone to prove that they are who they say they are, Why Not?

Daniel said...

The media gives those bills no press because they would have popular support among us neanderthals. Thankfully the media knows soooo much better than we do what is good for us and therefore shields us from these "racist" pieces of legislation.

The Dems don't like these bill because they see illegal aliens as constituents, just like they see drug addicts, felons, and terrorists as constituents.