Thursday, June 30, 2005

ODOT to the rescue

Oregon Coast Ranks Worst In U.S. For Bottlenecks
Millions of people are expected to hit the road this Fourth of July weekend. The Oregon Coast has earned a nationwide reputation for having sandy beaches, eclectic shopping and the worst traffic bottlenecks in the country.

The entire Oregon Coast is No. 1 on the list of the worst vacation bottlenecks in the country.

But don't you worry, ODOT is springing into action:

Oregon Department Of Transportation's Improves Services, Adds New Travel Information
After a very busy five years in service, is upgrading its image and enhancing its services. is ODOT's traveler information web site offering road conditions, construction updates, and incident reports.

Several new features will make the site even more valuable to users, including:

  • an "Alert!" box, offering a quick view of high impact events such as highway closures and severe winter weather (an example is Portland's ice storm last January);
  • an Announcements section, informing visitors of important news about TripCheck (such as new services);
  • a new Travel Center section, containing information about roadside restaurants, lodging, attractions, scenic byways, Sno-Parks, and more;
  • default page capability, allowing users to designate their most viewed page as a home page; and
  • the ability to choose up to ten different camera shots on a customized page.

For some strange reason "improve traffic conditions" isn't on this list. But thankfully they have duplicated information that you can get from other sources (the radio, mapquest) and offer an "Anouncements section" where ODOT can tell you what other worthless (and not very innovative) ideas they will add to their website with your tax dollars.

Galen McGill, manager of ODOT's Intelligent Transportation Systems (an serious oxymoron) is very excited about these updates. So, tommorow before you leave for your vacation at the coast, make sure you check on ODOT's 150+ "road cams" so that you can see, in real time, that yes, the traffic is bad.

A show of weakness

Al-Jazzera Poll:
Is Donald Rumsfeld's acknowledgment of talks between the US and Iraqi fighters an admission of defeat?

Yes: 42%

Partially: 18%

No: 35%

Unsure: 5%

At least 60% of the people (mostly Arabs) polled by Al-Jazeera think that any "talking" with the "fighters" (read: terrorists) is at least a partial admission of defeat.

We can stand strong, show resolve, and win or we can worry about their Korans in the toilet at Gitmo and negotiate with the enemy. America should never negotiate with people who have attacked our military/citizens/country.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Probably coming to take jobs that the Americans won't do...

Mexico Nabs 2 Iraqis Near U.S. Border
Mexican agents in Tecate captured two Iraqis who had hoped to sneak into U.S. territory without proper documents.

Federal authorities say Samir and Munir Yousif Shana (search) told investigators they were contacted by a person in their hometown of Baghdad, who said he could smuggle them into San Diego.

The Iraqis have relatives in the US but who is to say what their intentions were. And these two are not the issue, the issue is that foreigners can walk into our country with no effort and simply disapear. Or if they prefer, appear plain as day, asking for a drivers license, medical care, or even a job working for ex-Mayor of Portland, Vera Katz.

By all acounts the Border Patrol is barely a deterrent so I would say that there are only two things keeping the terrorists out of this country:
(1) Iraq, which has become the battlefield for the nuts due to it's close proximity and the fact that terrorists would hate to see freedom there and
(2) Camels are not capable of trans-Atlantic travel.

New Mac Johnson column

Taxes: All the Good the Public Needs
The value of people can now be determined, it seems, by how much money they can provide government.

After the City of New London’s victory in this case, governments may now use eminent domain to cultivate taxpayers like some sort of revenue garden. Those crops that don’t produce can simply be weeded out and re-planted with a higher yielding taxpayer –or the mayor’s brother-in-law, whichever suits the powerful at the time.

Cases such as this –which are about preserving the Constitutional rights of ordinary individuals, rather than finding new rights for criminals, promoting social causes from the bench, or expanding the power of government—are precisely why it is important that conservatives fight for new Justices that believe in the clear limitations placed on government by the original intent of the Constitution and its amendments.

Mac Johnson's final analysis is right on. Read it now!

Mac Johnson Homepage

We left that country but can we have a say in how it's run?

Mexicans in Oregon eager for vote
Mexican citizens living in Oregon won the right Tuesday to vote for the leader of the country they left behind.

Mexico's lawmakers approved a law allowing millions of Mexicans living abroad to vote by mail in next year's presidential election.

Salem businessman Pedro Rosales, who holds dual nationality with the United States and Mexico, said he plans to participate in the historic vote.
The Statesmen Urinal would have you believe that this change is aimed at people with dual citizenship. *Laugh*

"They have risked themselves and continue to fight challenges," he said of emigrants. "It's only fair that they have the opportunity to vote for the leadership of the country."

"Quite frankly, when the issue was brought up, I thought, 'This is pie in the sky.'" Salinas said. "It makes sense because, after all, the Mexican immigrants in the United States now represent the first and second economy for Mexico."

Mexico receives an estimated $14 billion each year from remittances sent home from workers in the United States.

So we allow lawbreakers to keep Mexico afloat at the expense of our own economy and citizenry. Will anyone argue that (an estimated) $14 billion would not make a difference in the economic situation in America if it stayed in the local economy?

It really bothers me that didn't feel the need to even mention that a majority of these "Mexicans living abroad" are illegal aliens and that the "remittances" they send home are ill-gotten gains made from violating our employment laws and taking jobs from Americans. No elephant in this room.

And why should anyone who doesn't think enough of their country to live there be able to have any say in it's leadership? "I'm really interested in the direction that Mexico is going, that's why I left..." Hmmm.

Another activist link

Allstate fires manager for Christian beliefs concerning homosexuality
Allstate has sent a message to all their agents: If you are a Christian and believe the Bible's teaching on homosexuality, you will be fired. Send Allstate Chairman Edward M. Liddy an email to register your complaint demanding both a public apology and reinstatement for Mr. Barber with back pay.

Your email letter will be sent to Allstate Chairman Edward M. Liddy, the Board of Directors, and 2 other key corporate executives.

Click the above story link to go to AFA's action alert page where you can send a form letter (or write your own) and all you have to do is add your name.

Here is the story:
Allstate terminates manager over homosexuality column
A former manager with Allstate has sued the insurance giant, alleging the company, which financially supports homosexual advocacy groups, fired him solely because he wrote a column posted on several websites that was critical of same-sex marriage and espoused his Christian beliefs.

"I explained to Allstate that the article was a reflection of my personal Christian beliefs, and that I had every right to both write it and to have it published," Barber told WND. "I further explained that I had written the article while at home on my own time, that I never mentioned Allstate's name and that I neither directly nor indirectly suggested that Allstate shared my Christian beliefs or my views on same-sex marriage."

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We fund abortions but you have to pay for your second amendment

Senate Pushing Big Fee Increases For Gun Owners
A bill which will dramatically increase fees for firearms purchase background checks and fingerprinting for concealed handgun licenses is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow(Wednesday June 29th) at 1pm.

This bill would raise the fees you must pay for a firearms background check 150% and raise the fees for CHL fingerprints from $15.00 to $22.00, an almost 50% increase.

Not only does the Senate demand that you subject yourself to invasive checks simply to exercise a "right," but it also wants to increase the fees for these checks exorbitantly .

Please contact the members of the subcommittee as soon as possible and tell them to vote NO on any fee increases for gun owners.

Sub Committee Membership:
Senator Avel Gordly, Chair
Phone: 503-986-1723 Email:

Senator Richard Devlin
Phone: 503-986-1719 Email:

enator Jackie Winters
Phone 503-986-1710 Email:

Sample e-mail follows:

Dear Senator,

I strongly urge you to vote against ANY bill that includes fee increases for gun owners. The "service" provided by the State Police is not one gun owners have asked for or desire.Please don't use these gun owners as a funding mechanism for government.

Very truly yours,

This alert is courtesy of the Oregon Firearms Federation

Hint: Just copy and paste the email three times. Takes about 30 seconds to send a letter to all three.

The "cover up" that the media won't mention

White House covered up immigration study?
Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., the most outspoken member of Congress on the issue of illegal immigration, wants an investigation into why a study of aliens crossing the border was discontinued by the Bush administration after initial results indicated the president's proposed "temporary worker proposal" plan encourages illegals to enter the U.S.

The survey asked illegal aliens whether they had heard of a U.S. government amnesty plan for illegal aliens (61 percent had) and whether the amnesty plan influenced their decision to cross the border (45 percent answered that it did).

Surprise, surprise. If you build it, they will come...

America is the field of dreams. Unfortunately, the country of Mexico wants to hit us with a baseball bat and steal our balls. (double entendre intended) Our president, who I praised in the last post for his good speech tonight, needs to get his head on straight with this issue. Not put out garbage like this:

Three weeks later, however, a memo apparently from a Border Patrol source (titled "Casa Blanca Additional Info") said the survey was producing only 38 percent "positive responses." The survey was stopped days later, Tancredo notes, and Department of Homeland Security spokespersons received a memo titled "White House Approved Talking Points" that instructed them "not [to] talk about amnesty" or about the president's proposal.

"Do not talk about amnesty, increase in apprehensions, or give comparisons of past immigration reform proposals. Do not provide statistics on apprehension spikes or past amnesty data," Border Patrol agents were told in the memo, according to Judicial Watch.

Absolute garbage. Who wants to bet me $5 dollars that we don't read about this in tomorrow's Daily Dead Fishwrapper though? The disconnect between the average American and the politicians is just incredible. We want the letter of the law respected, the jobs to go to American citizens, and our society to be a safe one. The politicians just want a nanny and someone to mow their lawns.

we can do it VS no we can't

Bush Defends Iraq Policy
"Iraq is the latest battlefield in this war. Many terrorists who kill innocent men, women, and children on the streets of Baghdad are followers of the same murderous ideology that took the lives of our citizens in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. There is only one course of action against them: to defeat them abroad before they attack us at home," he said.

As part of the PR campaign, Bush encouraged Americans to show their support for the military by flying the flag on the Fourth of July, sending letters to military members and helping military families. He also announced a new Department of Defense Web site:
Democrats encouraged "Americans" or "Whatever culture you consider yourself," to show their support by burning a flag or writing preemtive surrender treaties.

"He spoke with confidence and an unwavering resolve to stay the course and to achieve the goals on which we've set out," Warner said, adding that it's essential for the Iraqis to stay on a timeline in developing a constitution and holding elections.

The president outlined a very simple plan: we win, the terrorists lose. He said that America is exceptional, courageous, and willing to take on the hard work. The Iraqi army and police received praise for their courage and commitment to defend their country. The president said that we won't give up, gave examples of the progress that has been made and laid out the steps for the future.

This is in total contradistinction to the democrats plan: unilateral surrender to the terrorists, admit that America is chickenshit and squeamish at the sight of blood, and treat the courageous Iraqi soldiers as a joke.

NBC had Nancy Pelosi (who, as always, looked like she participates in the needle exchange programs that she is so fond of) with her rebuttal which can be summed up like this: Bush is a liar.

The Dems have been hoping for us to lose every war since their glory days in Vietnam. They insisted that we couldn't win the Cold War, (we should do unilateral arms reductions) media outlets like the NY Times were calling Afghanistan a "quagmire" just two weeks in, (that was right on the mark) and you and they are just hoping against hope that a ragtag bunch of wackos will beat us by blowing up civilians in crowded marketplaces. Let me say this clearly: Liberals hate America.

Transcript: Bush Speech on Iraq

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sign the petition

If you are OUTRAGED by the Supreme Court's actions striking ablow at the Ten Commandments and undermining your propertyrights, click here:

By banning a Kentucky display (while upholding a Texas display),the Court has further confused this important issue and seriouslydamaged our rights to publicly acknowledge God.

This STOP JUDICIAL TYRANNY petition calls for an end to therunaway Court that is undermining our Constitution and ourrights to publicly acknowledge God!

Courtesy of the Center for Reclaiming America

They're picking on me... wah

Radical environmentalist fights extradition to U.S., says he's being targeted by FBI
A radical environmentalist who is one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives told an extradition hearing Monday he was being unfairly targeted by the U.S. government and should be allowed to remain in Canada.

Tre Arrow, born Michael Scarpitti, is accused of taking part in the 2001 firebombings of logging and cement trucks in Oregon. The FBI also claims he is associated with the Earth Liberation Front, a group that has claimed responsibility for dozens of acts of destruction over the past few years.

"I am being targeted by the U.S. government and the FBI, not because I am guilty but because I have chosen to challenge the status quo," Arrow, and a Green Party candidate for Congress in 2000, said at his extradition hearing.
Is it because you challenged the "status quo" or all those crimes you committed?

The 30-year-old Arrow – who says the trees told him to change his name – contends he would not get a fair trial in the United States because of the FBI's assertion that his alleged crimes are acts of terrorism.
Further proof that you shouldn't hug trees while smoking pot in the woods...

This scofflaw has become an icon for the granola eating crowd. A conviction in this case is very important because it will send a little bit of reality their way. But who knows what this Canadian judge might do. If "Tre" gets refugee status then it will embolden the fire-starters even further, they will commit their crimes and then flee to that marijuana utopia know as Canada.

I have a feeling that a lot of these losers are sitting in their parents basement, smoking pot, not washing their hair, and watching the fate of Tre Arrow very closely.

We should probably consult with the Mexican constitution

Politicians Want Gun Buyers Checked, Not Illegal Aliens
( - Dozens of U.S. House members who sponsored the nationwide instant background check system for gun buyers in 1993 or backed the expansion of that system in 2002, have shown no support for a similar database intended to identify illegal aliens trying to find work in the U.S.

Now: (illegal aliens)
A database this large is likely to contain many errors," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) during a May 12 hearing on the Illegal Immigration Enforcement and Social Security Protection Act (H.R. 98). "

Then: (guns)
"I strongly support this legislation," Jackson Lee said during the Oct. 15, 2002 consideration of the Our Lady of Peace Act. "A major problem with the instant check system has been the incomplete records of state and local governments."

Erich Pratt, communications director for Gun Owners of America (GOA), said opposition to the attempts to identify illegal immigrants, amounts to "hypocrisy," considering those same members' support for the gun control measure.

"Evidently for this gaggle of congressional gun-haters, the Constitution only applies to illegal aliens, not American citizens," Pratt said. "It seems that some people are 'more equal' than others."

While some politicians are willing to come out and just say "I love illegal aliens", many are too cowardly to state their real position and oppose or support legislation based on the most asinine reasoning possible.

A simple check to make sure that someone registering to vote can lawfully do so: opposed by Oregon Democrats because "it would make it difficult for legal citizens to register to vote."

We don't increase the amount of agents on the border because it is called "pointless" and "expensive."

It is argued that if we don't allow illegal aliens to get a state issued drivers license then they might "drive uninsured." (as opposed to how they are currently driving, which is drunk)

And now our illustrious House members who would be willing to store the name, social security number, picture, and shoe size of every gun owner in America opposes a database that would allow employers to make sure that they are hiring legal workers because "a database is likely to contain errors."

Our politicians want to have it both ways. (kind of like how the media portrays illegals as being "exploited" on one day and the next they are paying "more than their fair share" of taxes the next)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm a violent rapist, can I go to the women's prison?

City debates anti-discrimination code
A public hearing was held Tuesday for community members to share their opinions regarding a proposal to add transgender identity to Eugene’s anti-discrimination code. The current city law protects against discrimination for the “actual or perceived” identity of a heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual individual.

The revision would add to the law transgender identity, which the City of Eugene Human Rights Commission defines in their Transgender Issues Packet as “anyone who exhibits characteristics of a gender that does not match their apparent or actual physical sex.”

Mayor Jim Torrey’s concerns for privacy in public facilities and the potential costs of transgender accommodations in bathrooms, showers and locker rooms remained prevalent for many of the speakers at Tuesday’s hearing.

Besides the restroom and locker room issues, the commission’s packet lists several other problems the transgender community faces, including employment, dress codes, prisons, passports, name changes and pronouns, bias crimes and violence.

Is this really where we are headed? Seriously? Can a freak who insists he is a woman be able to use the women's locker room with the cities support? The "transgender community" is simply a group of people with a mental disorder, not an opressed minority.

Our gradual acceptance of this freakshow will have devastating affects on our children and grandchildren. Imagine a world with no gender roles, (we are almost there already) no defined boundaries between sexes, and "perception" overrules biological fact.

I for one will never allow a 40 year old man to follow my wife or daughter into a bathroom/changing room/locker room. And if I was ever on a jury where a father was accused of a "hate crime" for stopping a deranged individual from doing the same, my vote will be "not guilty!"

My Bush bash two-fer

State GOP chief defends Bush policy
State Republican Party Chairman Bob Martinez on Wednesday called on Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo and other lawmakers to "back off" of their criticism of President Bush's immigration policy.

"Ninety-nine percent of the Mexicans that cross that border are not coming across the border with the intent to kill anyone," Martinez said. "I'm defending the president's position. That's all I'm doing."

So if 99% of drug addicts don't have the "intent to kill anyone" should we just leave them alone? The presiden't position on this issue is indefensible and anyone who tries to looks like a moron.

McClellan: 'Respect' Supreme Court decision
At today's White House news briefing, WND asked presidential press secretary Scott McClellan about the landmark Supreme Court decision yesterday allowing local government to seize a home or business against the owner's will for the purpose of private development.

McCLELLAN: Les, I think the president has made his views clear when it comes to private property rights. In terms of Supreme Court decisions, we obviously have to respect the decisions of the Supreme Court.

WND: Does the president feel as strongly about that lady in New London, Conn., who will be forced out of her home where she was born and has lived for 87 years [as a result of the high-court decision], does he feel as strong as Justice O'Connor feels, and does he believe this decision will help with his nomination of new justices?

McCLELLAN: Les, we just haven't talked about it, but the president is always concerned about the American people and their well being.

WND: He really is concerned about this lady, isn't he?

I don't respect the decision. The president could come out and say that comrade Stevens and company have radically changed America and that he will push for a constitutional amendment that will rectify this situation. No leadership here.

Friday, June 24, 2005

The real Mexican flag

Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez: "I've got an American flag hanging in my office, not the Mexican chicken-and-worm or whatever it is."

As an elected official, there are many challenges to be faced. None, however, are more important than a secure state. If America does not secure her national borders, then there will be no government to deal with. Loss of national soverignty is quickly followed by the loss of national identity, culture and values. America's very existence hangs in the balance of illegal immigration overwhelming our social and economic resources.

If we are proud to be American, we must be willing to take a stand and demand the defense of America.

Support Mr. Vasquez for Idaho's 1st congressional district!

An American who knows he is American

Pol of Mexican Heritage Aims at Immigrants
He is a grandson of Mexican immigrants who has been called a traitor to his people for building his political career on attacks against illegal immigration.

Canyon County Commissioner Robert Vasquez entered the race for Congress earlier this month, and did it in characteristically provocative fashion, making the announcement at a Mexican restaurant that shares a building with the Idaho Migrant Council — one of his more vocal opponents.

"My people — as I'm often accused of turning my back on them — my people are American. I've got an American flag hanging in my office, not the Mexican chicken-and-worm or whatever it is," Vasquez said in a swipe at the eagle-and-snake emblem on the Mexican flag.

Vasquez said he is not betraying his heritage. Yes, he said, his grandfather came to this country from Mexico. But "it was legal immigration, and it was years ago when there was actually some control over the borders," he said, "not an invasion of hundreds of thousands of aliens every year that demand a separate culture and language just for themselves."

I may have to move to Idaho just to vote for this man!

It is very disturbing to me that we have several generations of Americans who identify themselves as Mexicans. They feel a loyalty to Mexico rather than their own country and in some cases actually despise America.

Here is a hispanic who understands that he is not turning his back on "his people" because "his people" are Americans! "His people" don't just have one skin color, one ethnicity, or one heritage. His people are the "melting pot" known as America!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

National Council for "The Race"

Philadelphia, PA - Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-ny), the Secretary of Commerce Carlos Gutierrez, the Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings, the Treasurer of the U.S.A. Ana Cabral, the President of DNC Howard Dean, the President of RNC Ken Mehlman, the Governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell, the Mayor of Philadelphia John Street, the Governor of Puerto Rico Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, the financial expert Suze Orman, the member of the Congress Bob Menendez (D-nj), ÓBrien Solitude presenter of Cnn, Maria Elena Saline presenter of Univision and Marc Morial President of the National Urban League is between the oradores of the Conference Annual of 2005 of the National Council of the Race (NCLR, by its abbreviations in English), the Latin organization of civil rights and more important law of the nation, that one will take I finish from the 16 to the 19 of July in the Convention center of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.
Note: This is a google translation.

So the National Council of the Race (NCLR) is holding it's annual conference. What public figures would dare attend an event that is dedicated to only one, in fact the, race? Why that would be Hillary Clinton, Margaret Spelling, (why don't we have Rod Paige anymore?!?!) RNC chief Ken Melmen, (it is very important to Karl Rove that the Republican party be friendly to illegal aliens) DNC chief Howard Dean, (it's not a white Christian event, it's a brown Catholic one) and Suze Orman. (I hope you declare bankruptcy next month, Bob Brinker is smarter than you any day of the week)

"Dora the Explorer" of Nickelodeon will help to open Latin Expo the USA of the 2005 with... information on how to pack your backpack for the trip across the border. Can you say backpack? *song* backpack, backpack, bring lot's of water... backpack, backpack, watch out for la migra... *song*

But what are some NCLR positions:
NCLR Position
NCLR strongly opposes the CLEAR Act and HSEA. State and local law enforcement agencies should not enforce federal immigration laws, and these bills would be detrimental to the Latino community. They would erode the relationship between immigrant communities and law enforcement officers, would mean that fewer people report crimes, and would take scarce resources away from other police functions, leaving entire communities less safe. This type of legislation would also likely result in increased racial profiling and civil rights violations by state and local police officers.
Law enforcement should not enforce laws as it will be "detrimental to the Latino community."

NCLR Position
NCLR criminal justice policy agenda advocates for comprehensive alternatives to incarceration, especially for youth and nonviolent offenders. NCLR’s juvenile justice portfolio has four focal points: Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) and differential treatment of Latino youth in the justice system; “adultification” and “criminalization” of Latino youth in the justice system; the impact of anti-gang laws on Latino youth; and advocating at the federal and state levels for increased funding for prevention and treatment programs, as well as implementation of rational and effective research-based juvenile justice policies.
While the rest of the community is worried about "the impact of anti-gang laws" on gang members, the NCLR is worried about "the impact of anti-gang laws on Latino youth."

I just love how the NCLR spells out it's full name as "National Council of La Raza" when writing in English but atranslationaslation of a Spanish page reveals it for what it is: National Council of the Race.

The fact that groups like this can entertain high profile guests is a testamenthypocrisyypocrasy and double standard on race in this country.

New Ann Coulter column

Guantanamo Loses Five-Star Rating
In the interests of helping my country, I have devised a compact set of torture guidelines for Guantanamo.

It's not torture if:
The same acts performed on a live stage have been favorably reviewed by Frank Rich of The New York Times.
Andrew Sullivan has ever solicited it from total strangers on the Internet.
You can pay someone in New York to do it to you.
Karen Finley ever got a federal grant to do it.
It's comparable to the treatment U.S. troops received in basic training.
It's no worse than the way airlines treat little girls in pigtails flying to see Grandma.

Ann Coulter understands a simple truth: Liberals hate America.

I don't think we're in America anymore Toto

High Court Expands Reach of Eminent Domain
WASHINGTON - Cities may bulldoze people's homes to make way for shopping malls or other private development, a divided Supreme Court (search) ruled Thursday, giving local governments broad power to seize private property to generate tax revenue.

Justice John Paul Stevens, writing for the majority, said New London could pursue private development under the Fifth Amendment, which allows governments to take private property if the land is for public use, since the project the city has in mind promises to bring more jobs and revenue.

"Promoting economic development is a traditional and long accepted function of government," Stevens wrote, adding that local officials are better positioned than federal judges to decide what's best for a community.

He was joined in his opinion by other members of the court's liberal wing - David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer, as well as Reagan appointee Justice Anthony Kennedy, in noting that states are free to pass additional protections if they see fit.
The usual jackasses.

"It's a little shocking to believe you can lose your home in this country," said resident Bill Von Winkle, who said he would keep fighting the bulldozers in his working-class neighborhood. "I won't be going anywhere. Not my house. This is definitely not the last word."

This is un-American. Men died to protect our rights as individuals and now 5 lawyers, 5 social engineers, have erased a huge part of what America stands for.

I hope that Mr. Winkle and all property owners are willing to stand up to this tyranny. This is a fight that we must take on if America, as intended, is to survive. Obviously the same media who cheers for the hippie who chains himself to a tree will sneer at a working American who stands in the way of a bulldozer about to raze his house. The bloodsucking citcommissionersrs whose salary is paid for by our work will demand that we relent our property so that they may have more money for needle exchange programs, public artwork, free abortions and benefits for illegal aliens.

Is that what the founders of this great country intended? Are we so apathetic that we would allow government elites to decide what constitutes "public good?" We know what government thinks is "good" for the public: more power, more influence, more interference, more functions, more involvement, more programs, more more more more!

Who decides what is good for you? Will you let commissionon tell you that there is a better use for your property? Will you let commissionon or a judge decide what "just compensation" for your property is? Maybe the commission thinks the public would be better served if you local church was an abortion clinic. Maybe they think the public would be better served if the local gun range was an art gallery.

This is a turning point for America and we should all be outraged.

Amendment V
No person shall be...deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

Karl Marx
In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property

Charlton Heston
From my cold, dead hands.

On a completely unrelated note, I highly recommend for all your armed resistance needs.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stop your Social Security from going to Illegal Aliens retiring to Mexico!
CONGRESS IS VOTING THIS WEEK to BLOCK SENDING SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS to millions of illegal aliens from Mexico. If the current government plan is not blocked, it will entice millions more people to become illegal aliens. It also would drain huge sums from our Social Security fund at a time when it is already vulnerable.

Contact your representative and tell him to stop this plan to reward illegal aliens!


Religion of Peace update

Thai man beheaded during lunch hour
BANGKOK, Thailand (AP) - Suspected Islamic separatists beheaded a man at a teashop Wednesday and then left his head in a sack on the side of the road, the latest in a series of bold attacks across southern Thailand defying government attempts to restore peace.

In separate incidents also attributed to suspected Islamic militants, two bombs were detonated in Narathiwat province, injuring eight people, including two Buddhist monks.

It was the fifth beheading in just over two weeks.

No condemnations came from the US Senate due to the fact that the victim was not made to stay in a room with the air conditioning off, pee himself, or have his Koran flushed down the toilet.

Seriously though, when you think about the multiple global conflicts right now, how many of them involve Muslims? Why can't these people get along with their neighbors or fellow countrymen? Whether you think about nations like India-Pakistan or the genocide being commited by Muslims in Africa, it sure seems to me like the religion of peace isn't as peaceful as PBS would like us to believe. What is really amazing is how the media refuses to admit this. Terms like "Chechen rebels" are used with no indication that these rebels are Muslim extremists.

Table 1. Ongoing Conflicts (Part 1)
Table 1. Ongoing Conflicts (Part 2)

PETA demanding that the cougar be able to finish it's meal

Seaside boy ‘dive-bombed’ by mountain lion
SEASIDE — Drew Weil’s comment to his father was succinct and sensational.

“I just got attacked by a mountain lion!” the nine-year-old told his father, Joe Weil.

Drew had been walking around the next-door neighbor’s house at 1565 N. Wahanna Road when he came face to face with a mountain lion at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

The big cat leapt toward him, slobbering on his shorts and grazing his left leg with two teeth before it ran off.

Mountain lions – also called cougars, panthers, pumas or catamounts – roam through much of Oregon, but are rarely seen on the North Coast, said Herman Biederbeck, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist for the North Coast.

At this point, animal control officials have no plans to do anything about the mountain lion on Wahanna.

“A cougar is a game mammal, and it’s protected except during the authorized hunting season,” Biederbeck said. Mountain lions can be killed when they threaten humans or damage crops or livestock, Biederbeck said.

The Weils, who do not believe in guns, are re-evaluating those beliefs.
How can you "not believe" in guns? They do exist you know. Closing your eyes doesn't make them go away. But hey, looks like we have some new second amendment supporters here.

Several children had been hearing growls in the days leading up to the incident, Lena Weil said. Drew, who heard the mountain lion growl as it ran away, said it was “sortof like a puppy’s voice, but really dark and louder.”

So now we have a neighborhood that won't let kids play outside this summer because the animal is "protected" except during hunting season. Apparently no one told the cougar that children can only be hunted during the school year and you needed a human child tag from ODFW to legally take one.

I love how government official's solution to this is "don't act like a deer" and say that the animal was "probably running away." I say it's time for this neighborhood to get the dogs and the guns, form a posse and protect their children.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Angry? Oregon does it all the time!

officials angry about Mexican consulate's presence at fair
ESCONDIDO ---- The presence of the Mexican Consulate at a recent public event has a City Council member and a school board president fuming that the city is promoting illegal immigration, and they are demanding to know who invited the agency.

Councilwoman Marie Waldron has called on Escondido officials to determine who invited the consulate to the city's Civic Faire, a community event held at Grant Middle School on May 21 to highlight available city and social services to the mostly Latino community along East Mission Avenue.

A mobile consulate unit set up at the fair allowed Mexican nationals to apply for an identification card known as a matricula consular. Many banks and other businesses accept the cards in lieu of a California driver's license or other identification.

Waldron's request came after Escondido Union School District President Joan Gardner addressed the entire council with her concerns last week.

Waldron said Monday that the city should cut off funding the annual event if organizers are going to allow the consulate to participate.

"Here the taxpayers of the city of Escondido are funding a foreign entity on public property," Waldron said. "I don't want to fund this again if it's going to become an avenue to assist illegal immigration."

"I think it's inappropriate for the school district to tacitly endorse lawbreaking by allowing (the consulate) to have a presence on our campus," Gardner said Monday. "We should not provide a service to lawbreakers."

Wow, public representatives who are actually representing the American public! In California no less. We have the mobile Mexican consulate come to school and county events in Oregon and DMV, DHS, Dept of Revenue, Attorney General, and the employment office join them!

Kudos to those officials who have taken a stand! How sad that I consider it "taking a stand" when all they are doing is asking government agencies to enforce the law. But living in Oregon I guess that is exceptional.

In Oregon our state government advertises the Mobile Consulate on the state web site:

Carousel of Information
As you can see the next fradulent ID fest is June 25 & 26 at the Nyssa School District.

Here is the flier for this event. Unfortunately it is in Spanish but you can see the government agencies who will be, in the words of California officials, "tacitly endorse lawbreaking" by these individuals.

Unlike Oregon, the Mexican government does not give us the courtesy of offering it's Portland Mexican Consulate web site in English but you can do a google translation.

Their website does in fact state that to get
Consular Documentation
you need the following:
Mexican birth certificate
Mexican passport
Declaration of Mexican nationality
Mexican naturalization paper

So unless you have dual citizenship everyone who gets a consular is not a US citizen.

How sad. According to the Mexican web site the
is all booked up for the June 25 and 26th.

All booked up but we don't have a problem with illegal aliens...

Funniest thing ever!!


...the Presidential election of 2004 is entirely explained by two simple maps. The top image shows county-by-county results of the election. Counties won by Kerry shown in Blue, while those won by Bush are shown in Red. The bottom map shows the results of a recent study by the Department of Health and Human Services, quantifying marijuana use by region, each region composed of one to several counties. Those regions in which more people are stoned are shown in pinky red. The scientific results are undeniable: Democrats are all on drugs.

Commented Howard Dean upon hearing of the study, "Republicans are pretty much an uptight, Sober Party" who are "not very friendly to stoned folks." Adding "These results purposely neglect the growing importance of medical marijuana in our society, which as a Doctor and someone who is --at this very moment-- stoned out of my freakin' mind, I resent."

You must see these two maps side by side! It is amazing how the "blue counties" on the election map coincide almost perfectly with the "high percentage of marijuana use" areas on the Department of Health and Human Services map. Hilarious!

Monday, June 20, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Liberal Losers Conduct a Fool's Hearing

Yes, one of the hallmarks of leaches, losers, bums, stoners, halfwits, and leftists is that they tend to live in a beautiful delusion in which nothing is really wrong with them, they just need a break -- a magic event that will solve all their problems at once and effortlessly elevate them to their proper status in life. One day they’ll get that record contract, or win that Power-ball, or find that willpower-free path to weight loss -- or even find that “smoking gun” memo that will, in one fell swoop, prove that George W. Bush really is worse than Hitler, Stalin, or Pol-Pot, and magically, instantly make everybody love and vote for them again.

It’s easier than self-examination and hard work.

Mac Johnson on The Downing Street Memo and the "hearings" held recently.

Tolerant statement of the year!

Queer Prom generates safe, fun environment
On Saturday night, the LGBTQA held this year's Queer Prom at the Red Lion Hotel with the theme "Rainbow Royalty."

"The point is to promote diversity," Hill said. "This is a big issue and I think events like this one do a good job of telling people we're here."

Good, a freshman at Lane Community College, said there's more diversity in Eugene compared to his hometown of Roseburg.

"Roseburg is a cesspool of ignorance and arrogance," he said. "It's full of people who can't just accept people who are born the way they are. It's awful."

Good and Hill talked about the difference between Eugene and Roseburg.

"Let me put it this way, in Roseburg, Luke or I would never have gone out in heels," Hill said, referring to Good's strappy high heel shoes.

"We wouldn't have even thought about it," Good said.

You know what I hate: those idiots who are always calling other people names! What kind of moron has to insult someone else to make themselves feel better? People who go 5 minutes without calling names are ignorant clowns.

BTW, thank goodness for Roseburg!

Helping the local economy...

Debate grows on whether Mexico overestimates money sent home by migrants
Remittances usually refer to money sent home by migrants to help their families survive while their breadwinners are abroad. But what the government lists as "Family Remittances" may in fact be counting business payments between individuals as well.

When narrowly defined, remittances may amount to only about US$9.65 (euro7.97) billion annually, much less than the US$16.6 (euro13.7) billion the government reported for 2004, said Rodolfo Tuiran, an official of the Social Development Secretariat who helped carry out a study that yielded the lower figure.

Only $9.65 billion?!?!?! Much less that the (more accurate) $16.6 billion!

Mexico's central bank had reported a 24-percent increase in remittances from 2003 to 2004, surpassing tourism revenues as the country's second-largest source of foreign currency after oil sales.

Remittances continued to grow at a 20-percent clip in the first quarter of 2005, the Bank of Mexico reported.

Simple math: More illegals = more money!

Of the nearly 11 million people born in Mexico living abroad, 98 percent of them reside in the United States.

So a Mexican official made up a study that showed a lower number. So what? I could make a study that shows a higher number, especially if I could do it on government time and with government resources.

The bottom line is that an astonishing amount of money that should be kept in the local economy leaves this country for Mexico every year. Even better let's imagine this scenario:

Juan comes to this country illegaly, (law violation #1) he brings his wife and three children whom are enrolled in public school, ($30,000 a year education) he gets a job, (law violation #2) with the help of a false SSN, (law violation #3) or he gets an ITIN. (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, the SSA is kind enough to assist illegal aliens in commision of their crimes)

Now Juan only makes $20,000 a year so he pays absolutely no federal income tax. Now with his ITIN he files his taxes and claims his wife and 3 kids as dependents. The federal government then sends him a tax rebate (remember, he paid $0 dollars in federal taxes) of around $3,000 which he promptly sends to Mexico.

Gosh, I wonder why Vicente Fox keeps encouraging the invasion of our country...

It's how you say it

Senate funds governor's environmental intitiatives in DEQ budget
The Senate approved a measure Monday restoring two of Gov. Ted Kulongoski's environmental initiatives that the House stripped last week in passing its version of the Department of Environmental Quality budget.

The Senate, run by Democrats, passed its DEQ spending measure 16-13 and sent it to the Republican-controlled House, which has yet to act on it.

The House and Senate environmental budgets differ in two areas: whether to prohibit California's auto emissions standards and whether to fund a plan to clean up the Willamette River.

Kulongoski favors California's stricter auto emissions standards already in place in about a dozen other states. Washington says it will adopt them if Oregon does.

Notice the wording chosen by AP writer Niki Sullivan: "whether to prohibit California's auto emissions standards". She could have said "whether to adopt California's strict emissoin standards" or "whether to follow California in enacting tougher emission standards" but no, this sounds as if Oregon is somehow affecting California's emission rules. (Which we can't, but apparently Washington, the "me too" state, can be affected by our decision)

Noticing word choice is something that people who don't believe in the media bias do not do. But the way we say things can make all the difference. Imagine if the writer had said "whether to add $3000 to the cost of owning a new car," you would have come away with a very different impression of this bill.

Try some others:

"Find a new source of revenue"
"Raise your taxes"

"Land use planning"
"Restrict home building and access"

"Affirmative action"
"Race based promotion"

"A 3% budget cut"
"The budget went up 6% but we wanted 9%"

Obviously you must read between the lines anytime you open up your local fishwrapper, watch word choice, what is omitted, and extraneous details that are really an editorial in the middle of a news article.

Oh, and Senate Bill 5536 should be opposed. Write your House rep.

The Great Compromise

Senate Inaction Could Lead to Recess Appointment for Bolton
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is keeping open the possibility that President Bush will bypass the Senate to get John R. Bolton (search) installed as U.N. ambassador temporarily if Democrats persist in holding up a confirmation vote.

Rice, on a trip to the Middle East and Europe, commented in a round of television interviews Sunday as Democrats defended their attempt to block a vote on Bolton's nomination. They said the administration's refusal to turn over information they seek is delaying an up-or-down decision.

To determine whether Bolton improperly used intelligence to intimidate officials who didn't agree with his views, Democrats say they want to check a list of 36 U.S. officials against names -- initially blacked out -- that Bolton requested and received from national security intercepts he reviewed. They rejected a list of seven names offered last week by Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Roberts and Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., the lead Democrat on the committee, previously were briefed on the intercept issue and said there was no indication Bolton acted improperly.

Where are the mavericks now? I thought that they were the problem solvers. That without them the Senate would be doomed. I thought that thanks to their courageous action the Senate's bussiness would go on. I thought that no "Nucleur Option" was neccessary to obtain an up-or-down vote on nominees.

Really, I want to hear McCain come out and say it: Bolton is too "extreme." These worthless can't make up their minds mavericks made a "compormise" based on the premise that all nominees would get a vote unless there were "extreme circumstances." Bolton is not getting his vote and I want to hear these "courageous and free thinking" individuals stand up and say something. If those 7 Republicrats don't think that Bolton is "too extreme" then they should feel like asses right about now. They have been made into fools. We all knew it would happen.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

We demand fraudulent elections!

Hispanic group objects to voter bill
Oregon's largest Hispanic group, labor activists and state election officials are opposing a Republican-backed plan to require people registering to vote for the first time to show proof of citizenship...
Stop right there. Read that again. A bill that simply requires people to show that they can lawfully participate in our elections is being opposed by "Oregon's largest Hispanic group, the Unions, and PERS receiving elections officials.

Ramirez and other opponents hope to kill the measure in the Democrat-controlled Senate. They argue that there's little or no evidence that such fraud is occurring and that the bill would create needless barriers to voting.
Demonstrating eligibility is definitely a "needless barrier." I demand that we start using that standard for everthing. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to comandeer a submarine.

Under the bill passed by the Oregon House, first-time registrants would be required to produce evidence of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, naturalization papers or a passport.

The latest estimate is that as many as 150,000 illegal immigrants are living in Oregon, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, although Ludwick thinks the number is higher.
And yet some strawberries remain unpicked...

The GOP's voter registration bill is being opposed by the Oregon AFL-CIO on grounds that it would discourage voting by putting unnecessary burdens on citizens who might have problems locating birth records or other documents.
This is another example that shows us that Democrat voters are stupid people. The AFL-CIO isn't worried about Republicans not being able to register, just Democrats who are to stupid to know where their documents are. I don't want people like that voting anyways.

"I don't see a problem out there" with undocumented aliens attempting to register, the Portland Democrat said. "We're clean and fraud-free in our elections, and this seems like it's a solution in search of a problem."
Thank goodness Kate Brown says that we are "fraud-free." No she has no data to back up that assertion but who cares. She said it so it must be true!

I am always amazed at the voter groups that Democrats seem so worried about. The homeless (who by definition do not have a "county of residence" to register in) the felons, and the illegal aliens are demographics that just the liberal political party seems to want voting.

The Statement Journal even editorialized in favor of this bill:
Voters should have proof of citizenship
This bill would require proof of citizenship to register to vote for the first time.

That seems rather noncontroversial, but no Democrat voted for the bill. What possible reason could there be for not wanting proof of citizenship to vote?

Because I don't live in Portland...

Statistics On The Homosexual Lifestyle (.pdf)

As many of you know, hopefully from my ealier post, yesterday and today was the PrideNW gay march through downtown Holland, err Portland. As of this moment no pictures, speeches, or details from this weekends "family event" (which includes "topless women" "scantily clad men" "kink" and "leather) are up on the website. So since I can't make a mockery of this disgusting display I will just summarize TVC's "statistics on the homosexual lifestyle." If you want to see the footnotes then go to the .pdf link.

High Rates Of Sexual Promiscuity
42.9% of homosexual men in Shoreland had more than 60 sexual partners; 18.4% had between 31 and 60 partners. 61.3% of the area’s homosexual males had more than 30 partners.
Not looking for commitment? Good! Looking for STD's? Even better!

High Rates Of HIV Infection
In November, 2003, the CDC stated that HIV infection rates had risen in 29 states. There are an estimated 40,000 new HIV infections yearly with 70% of these being among men. Of those men who are infected, 60% are infected through homosexual sex; 25% through IV drug abuse; and 15% through heterosexual sex.
Apparently the gay men are even less responsible than the drug addicts!

High Rates Of Substance Abuse
In his telephone survey of nearly 3,000 homosexuals, he found that during the previous six months:
90% had used alcohol
50% had smoked marijuana
Nearly 20% had used cocaine
10% had used crack cocaine
10% had used methamphetamine
Nearly 1% were intravenous drug users.
Perhaps this coincides with the fact that they have mental health issues...

High Rates Of Mental Health Problems
Gay men and bisexual men were more likely than heterosexual males to be diagnosed with at lest one of five mental health disorders. Lesbian-bisexual women were more likely than heterosexual women to report mental health-related problems in the year prior to being interviewed.
It is very clear that men who think they are women have a "mental health problem." Think about it for a second if you are a man. Could you go to work tommorow dressed in heals and skirt? Then after work go to the doctor for some surgery down there... I don't think so.

High Rates Of Domestic Violence
A 1998 study revealed that of those surveyed, 62% had been threatened with a weapon and 85% had experienced significant property or financial loss from an angry partner. In addition, 39% had been forced to have sex against their will by a homosexual partner.
This is what happens when men live with other men.

Given the grim realities of the homosexual lifestyle, it is unwise to promote this behavior in our schools; allow homosexual couples to adopt children or become foster parents; or legalize homosexual marriage.
But can we hold "family events" where the city leaders of Portland and Multnomah county are exalted for breaking the law?

Saturday, June 18, 2005

We didn't do our job... can we have a raise?


Minimum Instructional Contact Hrs = 946

Total Instructional Hours Student Contact:
Benson = 940.8
Cleveland = 896.63
Franklin = 897.83
Grant = 931
Jefferson = 860.88 (85.12 hours short!)

The list goes on and on. Not a single Porland Public High School met the minimun neccessary instructional contact hours. Not one. Are these days that the teachers are at home or are just the kids?

2004-2005 District Calendar
(ok, this calendar does not match the year for the above report but I can't find a coresponding calendar for that year and I can't find the instructional hours report for the most recent year, but the point remains...)
Sep 1 :Staff Development
Sep 2:District Teacher Orientation/School-Based Preparation
Sep 29:Staff Development
Oct 12:Staff Development
Nov 10:Staff Development
Dec 22:Staff Development
Jan 14:Staff Development
Jan 18:Staff Development
Mar 16:Staff Development
May 11:Staff Development
May 27:Staff Development
May 31:Staff Development
Jun 20:Last Student Day; School-Based Closure
Jun 21:School-Based Closure; Staff Development

I don't neccessarily disagree that meetings are sometimes needed but I wonder what "staff development" really means. Are these the days when teachers learn how to be more sensitive to the illegal aliens? Are these the days when teachers are marching in Salem for more money? Those are a lot of potential instructional contact hours there, I'm just wondering if they could be better used.
Salary: $15.71 - $19.32 hourly
Location: Various Locations, Oregon

The Multnomah County Library is seeking permanent and on-call Bilingual Spanish Library Assistant candidates from diverse backgrounds to enhance service to our multicultural community. The list created from this announcement will be used to fill future vacancies and on-call positions.

These positions are part of the Library Outreach in Spanish (LIBROS) program dedicated to enhancing and increasing the library's bilingual services to Spanish-speaking customers. The best candidate will be able to provide culturally appropriate services to Latino community members of all ages in the neighborhood surrounding a particular branch library.

LIBROS web site (Google translation)

It's very reasurring that Multnomah County will not ask someone if they are an illegal alien, not lock up an illegal alien drug dealer due to overcrowding, but they will make sure that the illegal aliens have an enjoyable experience at the library!

They will feel right at home, the security at the library is similar to the security at our borders: non-existent.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I'm a boy, no I'm a girl, no wait...

Appeals Court Reverses Radical Judge's Gender-Bending Ruling
A precedent-setting case in Florida has ended with a court order annulling the marriage between a transsexual who was born female and a biological mother of two children. One pro-family legal expert believes the court's action will have major repercussions.

The Florida case involved transsexual Michael Kantaras (born Margo Kantaras), who had married a woman (Linda Kantaras) with two biological children of her own. Linda Kantaras later became a Christian and sought to annul the marriage. However, a child custody dispute between the estranged couple had to be resolved in court.

Judge O'Brien ruled that the Kantarases' transsexual marriage was legal, and he granted custody of the 11-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son to Michael (Margo) Kantaras. But that decision was overturned last year by a Florida appellate court, and last week, a court-approved settlement returned the two children to the primary care of their biological mother.

What kind of nutty judge awards custody of two kids to a transsexual over the Christian biological birth mother? Where are these kids going to be better off? Thankfully this crazyness has been fixed and it sounds as if this could be a landmark ruling that keeps the whole "gender identity" nonsense in check.

Wah wah wah

Short end of the pick
What does increased vigilance along the U.S.-Mexico border have to do with rotting Oregon strawberries?

A lot, say labor contractors in the Willamette Valley who are pleading with state officials to help recruit more workers to harvest the crop.

Traditional seasonal workers from south of the border have not shown up this year, said Daniel Quiñones, the migrant seasonal farmworkers representative from the Oregon Employment Department.
The employment department has an illegal alien representative?

"There's just not as many people," he said. "There's fear about crossing the border and insecurity because of the Minuteman Project."
It sounds like less people breaking the law is a bad thing according to our public servant here.

As of Wednesday, agents had made 844,300 arrests of people illegally entering the country from Mexico, said Mario Villarreal, spokesman for the Border Patrol in Washington, D.C. That figure is slightly above last year's apprehension numbers of 830,460.

Those who rely on Oregon's strawberry crop may understand that but are still angry about the impact.
I'm soooo angry...

Watching workers Wednesday in the middle of a 12-acre strawberry field near Monitor, independent labor contractor Arnulfo Sandoval Perez blasted the U.S. government's inability to craft a temporary-worker program.

He estimates that some strawberry farmers are losing $10,000 per day.
Why do we put "estimates" about money in our newspaper from people whose job involves breaking the law? Put me on record as "estimating" that they are losing no money, how about that.

But aren't these folks already taking jobs away from American citizens?

"That's a lie," Sandoval said in a sharp tone. "I assure you, most people wouldn't last two days out here."
Ohhhh, a sharp tone.

Although he expressed empathy for farmers, Jim Ludwick, president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, said the situation does not justify more immigration to the state.

Instead of clamoring for the cheap labor, farmers should be lobbying Oregon legislators to remove the restrictions on children working the fields, Ludwick said.

"A number of years ago, those strawberries would have been picked by Oregon school children," he said.
Now there's a solution that doesn't involve breaking any laws.

"There's no sense of having to work for your school clothes," Quiñones said. "But, more than anything, it's hard work."
We sure don't want to teach kids about hard work and the value of a dollar these days.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Guess the news agency

The following are excerpts from two "news" articles from the mainstream press and an editorial from the terrorist news agency, Al-Jazeera. Can you guess which ones are which?

Iraq-Vietnam comparison inevitable
It has been two years now since the first signs became evident that the US occupation of Iraq would become a bloody fiasco.

Military commanders admitted that US troops were experiencing an increase in hostile engagements, but the Pentagon dismissed these as "acts of desperation by Saddam loyalists".

By early 2004, once it became clear that America was involved in a protracted guerrilla war, the comparison of Iraq to the US experience in Vietnam could no longer be logically denied.

It is hoped that by December of this year the Iraqi police force and army will be sufficiently trained and equipped so as to enable the US military to begin withdrawing the majority of their occupation forces.

However, the Iraqi Security Forces have yet to display any consistency in combat against insurgents and their loyalty has often been called into question.

Next one:

Limited successes stand against a backdrop of U.S. disappointment with many of the Iraqi army units, whose effectiveness is crucial to a future U.S. troop withdrawal. Despite the Bush administration's insistent optimism, Americans working with the Iraqis in the field think it could be several years, at least, before the new Iraqi forces will be ready to stand alone against the insurgents.

And this one:

An Insider's Troubling Account of the U.S. Role in Iraq
The failures of the Bush administration to prepare adequately for the postwar period in Iraq are by now well known, underscored by the revelation this week that a briefing paper, prepared for Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain eight months before the invasion, warned that "a postwar occupation of Iraq could lead to a protracted and costly nation-building exercise" and that "little thought" had been given by the United States to "the aftermath and how to shape it." It is a subject explicated in chilling - and often scathing - detail by "Squandered Victory," a new book by Larry Diamond, a former senior adviser to the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad and a leading American scholar on democracy and democratic movements.

How pathetic is it that they all sound so similair. Why does our media sound just like the terrorist advocacy media?

A one track mind

For first time in six years, dropout numbers are on the rise
More than one in eight teenagers who entered an Oregon high school four years ago dropped out before graduation, state education officials said Thursday.

State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo singled out the rising dropout rate among Hispanic students as an especial concern. Their dropout rate, already the highest in the state among ethnic groups, rose from 9.1 percent to 9.6 percent in 2003-04, even as the rate among black students fell a full percentage point, to 8 percent.

She pegged the slide to the see-saw in public school funding that has prevailed in Oregon over the past few years, as income tax receipts have fallen, making less money available for schools and other government services.

"We've seen achievement scores flatten out, and now we're seeing a turnaround in the progress we've made in the dropout rate," she said in a news release. "These are the direct results of the disinvestment in our public schools."

But educators who work with high school students — and the students themselves — blamed other reasons for the dropout rate, from the spread of drug and alcohol abuse to family pressures. According to surveys the students fill out before leaving high school, the top three reasons for leaving school early include:
• Too far behind in credits to catch up.
• Lack of parental support for education.
• Working more than 15 hours per week.

Are you stupid Ms. Castillo? Do you think about anything other than money? Do you care about what the kids really need or who cares a long as there is more money? Do you honestly believe that a 16 year old drug addict says to himself "I would really like to stay in school but with the current lack of funding I guess I will just drop out and smoke crack instead..."

This is a perfect example of a public school administrator who thinks that "more money for schools" is the solution for any problem. I'm sure that if you ask Ms. Castillo how the additional money would help keep students from dropping out she would prattle on about various "services" that have nothing to do with education, teaching, or learning but instead are "lifestyle enablers" that are designed to ensure that there are no consequences for bad behavior.

I for one am not interested in dragging kids, especially ones who don't want to learn, through school with incentives, alternatives, and crutches.

"Billy, you were fighting with Tommy in school so now we will send you to an 'alternative school' with smaller class sizes where you will get that extra attention you need. The well behaved kids who are here to learn will stay in this classroom."

I think that if Billy has demonstrated that he doesn't care about his education and is interested in hurting other students then we should not be spending extra time, money and effort to help him feel comfortable. Certainly not more so than kids who do want to learn.

I'm sure that Ms. Castillo would refer to Billy as "vulnerable" and that he comes from a "high risk" socioeconomic background. Fortunately in the real world no one cares. If you have a job and you can't perform then you are fired. Billy's boss doesn't care about his "high risk" background, he cares if he is a productive worker and if he's not then he can go sleep under a bridge.

How many of these "alternative programs" do you think there are?

Alternative Education Programs (.DOC)

I can't believe how many there are! Why do we spend so much on the behavior problems? Why don't we give them a real life lesson:

You cause problems then you're out. If you want back in then you work forDemonstratetrate the willingness to learn and follow rules.

You got pregnant: You're out. Marry the father. But this learning environment is disrupted by teenage motherhood and we won't tolerate it. If you want to finish school then don't get pregnant. (It is 100% preventable)

You use drugs: You're out. People who use drugs lose interest in learning and can't focus. We won't have you bringing everyone else down with you. If you want back in demonstratetrate that you are clean and sober.

Or I guess we could just go with Ms. Castillo's idea: More money for PERS benefits!

New Ann Coulter column

Losing Their Heads Over Gitmo
Let's also pause to ponder the image of the middle-of-the-road, "centrist" Jihadist who could be "recruited" to Jihad by reports about abuse at Guantanamo. You know—the kind of guy who watches al Jazeera just for the sports and hits the "mute" button whenever they start in about the Jews again, already.

Liberals want us to believe such a person exists and that he is perusing newspaper articles about Guantanamo trying to decide whether to finish his coffee and head off to work or to place a backpack filled with dynamite near a preschool.

Coulter's reaction to the "abuse" charges at Guantanamo is the same as most American's: That's not abuse, but I wish they would abuse those murdering savages.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I don't suppose they would let the American Family Association teach the class

Eugene Parent Urges Citizen Action Against Planned Parenthood In Eugene Schools
Something very disturbing is taking place at schools throughout the 4J School District. Beginning in 5th grade, Planned Parenthood is allowed to co-present the health education curriculum in the classroom.

Letter from a parent to The Oregon Conservative

Spencer Butte Middle School website confirms this.

The double standard: It never fails that anything that liberals don't agree with gets the label "controversial." Just look at recent newspaper articles talking about "controversial judicial nominees" or "controversial interogation techniques." But it would never occur to liberals that Planned Parenthood could be called a "controversial group" and that their placement in charge of educating children could be a "controversial move."

Making a contribution to society

Lane County Adult Corrections: Inmate Population

The following inmates have an INS hold and are currently lodged in the Lane County Jail. These illegal aliens are selling drugs, abusing children, etc etc. These people came to our country hoping for an opportunity... to rob our society blind and then enjoy our posh jails.

Different format this time: Click on the inmates name for detailed information, I will provide a brief summary i.e. drug dealer rather than list all the charges. This is just a sampling of the illegal aliens in custody. INS doesn't put a hold on every illegal the is in jail, they are frequently released pending trial, put on probabtion or just released into the community. Also a good number of people have "federal holds" that aren't specific to INS but that I suspect are illegal aliens. I did not list those people.

Drug dealer, child abuser

More rape charges than I can count

Federal offense

Arrested by INS, federal offense hold

Driving drunk and didn't show up to court (suprise suprise)

Driving drunk and also didn't feel the need to show up for court

Federal offense

Drug dealer (what meth problem?)

Beats his wife

Federal offense

Serious assault, measure 11

Several assaults, doesn't seem to like court much

The feds want him and so does INS


Attempted rape and attempted murder

Arrested by INS for federal crimes

Assaults people

Workers comp for the illegal aliens

(Assistant Ombudsman - Bilingual, Spanish)
$2673 - $3705 Monthly
(This salary includes a 5% bilingual differential.)

The office of the Ombudsman for Injured Workers (OIW) functions as an independent advocate for injured workers by: 1) informing, training and educating workers and others about the rights, benefits and due process to which injured workers are entitled under Oregon's workers' compensation system

This must be the greatest job in the world! Educating illegal aliens on their rights in the workplace? I can do that right now:

1: You are not allowed to work in America
2: If you are injured while working please refer back to number one.
3: If you didn't get paid for hours worked then please refer back to number one.

The 5% pay differential ($133.65 - $185.25 a month) could sure be put to better use than making sure we have a Spanish speaker helping out the illegal aliens with their worker's comp claims.

Re-education camps

Clemens decries ‘activism' by OSU
The Clemens Foundation won't restore its tuition grants for students attending Oregon State University, and said that OSU is using public education "to target, bombard and coerce students" to adopt a liberal political ideology, according to a news release.

Among the incidents was a reportedly racially charged fight at a local bar, where an OSU football player allegedly hit National Guardsman Gabriel Sapp, who was on leave from Iraq. Sapp, of Alsea, is a member of a logging family, and one of his relatives works for the Clemens Foundation. Joe Rudulph eventually pleaded guilty to fourth-degree assault in the case.

The writer of this piece, Kyle Odegard, apparently doesn't realized that the "alleged" charge stopped being "alledged" and became fact one Rudulph plead guilty to it. I'm constantly amazed that an incident where a black man punches a white man because his girlfriend is black sparks no outcry (it's "reportedly" racially charged fight, and no mention that it was the black man who was the offender) while an editorial that opposes criminals (illegal aliens) sparks protests and tolerance marches.

I'm glad that the Clemens Foundation won't be supporting this re-education camp.