Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Imunity from the law

Is Your Security Guard an Illegal Alien?
Is the private security guard watching over your home or office an illegal alien? If so, is the government doing enough to fix the problem?

These questions must be asked because the inspector general (IG) of the Social Security Administration has discovered that a California-based security guard company employed 4,321 people in 2001 whom the company did not correctly identify on W-2 forms, often an indicator that a worker is an illegal alien.

The IG’s office, however, believes current law prevents it from identifying this company not only to the public but also to the Department of Homeland Security and the State of California.

In Oregon we had a company who, between 1997 and 2001, filed 18,228 W-2's that could not be matched to SSA records. The amount of earnings reported on these W-2's was $68,088,754. Obviously those jobs must have been ones that "Americans wouldn't do."

Why our government protects this company, who probably knows at this point that it is employing illegal aliens, from public disclosure and penalties is beyond me.


Anonymous said...

I congratulate them on working hard for the money, so hard for the money.

Daniel said...

Money that was sent down to Mexico rather than spent in the local economy.

Anonymous said...

How do ya know that D? Could you be WRONG?

Daniel said...

No, I'm never wrong.