Monday, June 27, 2005

They're picking on me... wah

Radical environmentalist fights extradition to U.S., says he's being targeted by FBI
A radical environmentalist who is one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives told an extradition hearing Monday he was being unfairly targeted by the U.S. government and should be allowed to remain in Canada.

Tre Arrow, born Michael Scarpitti, is accused of taking part in the 2001 firebombings of logging and cement trucks in Oregon. The FBI also claims he is associated with the Earth Liberation Front, a group that has claimed responsibility for dozens of acts of destruction over the past few years.

"I am being targeted by the U.S. government and the FBI, not because I am guilty but because I have chosen to challenge the status quo," Arrow, and a Green Party candidate for Congress in 2000, said at his extradition hearing.
Is it because you challenged the "status quo" or all those crimes you committed?

The 30-year-old Arrow – who says the trees told him to change his name – contends he would not get a fair trial in the United States because of the FBI's assertion that his alleged crimes are acts of terrorism.
Further proof that you shouldn't hug trees while smoking pot in the woods...

This scofflaw has become an icon for the granola eating crowd. A conviction in this case is very important because it will send a little bit of reality their way. But who knows what this Canadian judge might do. If "Tre" gets refugee status then it will embolden the fire-starters even further, they will commit their crimes and then flee to that marijuana utopia know as Canada.

I have a feeling that a lot of these losers are sitting in their parents basement, smoking pot, not washing their hair, and watching the fate of Tre Arrow very closely.


Sailor Republica said...

Trust me, he'd be targeted in a different way if he ever got free.

And it wouldn't be the government doing the targeting either.

Anonymous said...

SAILOR: Please call on me for support of any "targeting."

Sailor Republica said... why would I do that? I mean, I'm not saying that *I* necessarily would target...

All I am saying is that he's easy prey for anyone with a .50 caliber. Or, for that matter, a peashooter and a gallon of garlic juice.

Daniel said...

Just follow the smell of unwashed hair...

The Rambling Taoist said...

I know Tre. I cannot fathom that he's guilty of the charges. He's so sensitive that he refuses to swat flies or kill cockroaches. (I have no problem squashing either of them.) He's about the most nonviolent person I've ever met.

I know a lot of you think I'm a #$@*% peacenik, but I pale in comparison to this guy. Yes, he'll climb a tree in protest, but it upsets him if he happens to break a branch or even a twig on his climb.

Causing physical damage to anything -- even things he vehemently opposes -- would be so out-of-character for him.

You folks, however, think he's already guilty. A lot of people agree with you (though none of you know him). For this reason, I think he has a point. How could he get a fair trial?

Daniel said...

He would get to have a jury of his peers (you know, 12 people who think that the trees told them to change their names) just the same as the rest of us. "I can't get a fair trial" is the rallying cry for any high profile case these days and for all people who consider themselves to be victims.

I have never heard Tre say "I didn't do it."

Sailor Republica said...

Just because someone has a problem with himself breaking twigs does not mean he wouldn't wish to demolish machines and/or use his tree friends against the "parasitic human element".

Mr. Scarpitti (I refuse to call him by the name the voices in his head gave him) has a major issue on his hands...and he needs to be brought to trial as a result.

Anonymous said...

What is it about guys who feel the need to rename themselves TRE, TREY?

The Rambling Taoist said...

I don't know why Michael became Tre, but I go by Trey because I'm the 3rd Ralph in my family. Trey (which means 3) is a common nickname for thirds.

He would get to have a jury of his peers (you know, 12 people who think that the trees told them to change their names) just the same as the rest of us.

No he wouldn't. All the people like that would be challenged by the prosecution and excluded from the jury pool.

Daniel said...

I don't know why Michael became Tre

His words: The trees told me to.

And sorry Trey, his accomplices have all fingered him in the crimes. You can be a "character witness" but they will be actual witnesses.

Anonymous said...

We have extradition rights with the Canooks. Its only a matter of time before they ask for something and then he will be ours.

Anonymous said...

I happen to know the guy who owns the logging trucks that were lost.

The hell with a trial, just let the tree hugger go for a ride with this dude who lost the trucks(about 112,000 dollars new)x6) he, "trey" will see some country he has never seen before ...and never will again.