Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Marching to a different tune...

Welcome to Portland Pride 2005!
Pride Northwest would like to invite you to join us in celebration of Portland's 2005 Pride Festival and Parade on June 18 & 19, 2005 at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Downtown Portland.

Under the banner of "Everyday People" (such as this person) the "LGBTQQI community" or "confused sexual degenerates" as I like to call them, will be displaying their full plumage in Downtown Portland.

As you can see from this picture it is a real family event with no overt acts of sexuality...

With the presence of children though you may still have some questions such as:
Why does Pride Northwest allow women to be topless at the event?
Why are there scantily clad men in the parade?
Why are there kink and leather-oriented people in the parade?

Rest assured that PrideNW will answer all these questions to your satisfaction:
In Portland, it is not illegal for women to go topless in public, so they are free to do so at the Pride events. Pride encourages all of its attendees to express themselves as they choose, and to remind people that we have to be tolerant of one another.

Who will have booths at this event:
Democratic Party of Oreogn (liberals can't even spell Oregon)
Department of Human Services (DHS)
Freedom Socialist Party
Multnomah County Health Department
OHSU / Partnership Project
And a who's who of a private bussiness boycott list!

What won't we be seeing at the parade? A repeat of this! Thank you Measure 36.


Anonymous said...

No but next year we'll see signs saying "I recently created a civil union."

PRIDE YEAH PRIDE WOOH! So they're a bit weird, stuff that is different from you is not bad.

Anonymous said...

I will be there, protesting the evil ones.

Daniel said...

Protests won't accomplish much but I'm glad that you are civic minded. Write a letter to the editor instead.

And these people aren't evil. Just confused.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Daniel, come here and smell and taste the love and the pride!