Wednesday, June 29, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Taxes: All the Good the Public Needs
The value of people can now be determined, it seems, by how much money they can provide government.

After the City of New London’s victory in this case, governments may now use eminent domain to cultivate taxpayers like some sort of revenue garden. Those crops that don’t produce can simply be weeded out and re-planted with a higher yielding taxpayer –or the mayor’s brother-in-law, whichever suits the powerful at the time.

Cases such as this –which are about preserving the Constitutional rights of ordinary individuals, rather than finding new rights for criminals, promoting social causes from the bench, or expanding the power of government—are precisely why it is important that conservatives fight for new Justices that believe in the clear limitations placed on government by the original intent of the Constitution and its amendments.

Mac Johnson's final analysis is right on. Read it now!

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