Tuesday, June 28, 2005

We fund abortions but you have to pay for your second amendment

Senate Pushing Big Fee Increases For Gun Owners
A bill which will dramatically increase fees for firearms purchase background checks and fingerprinting for concealed handgun licenses is scheduled for a hearing tomorrow(Wednesday June 29th) at 1pm.

This bill would raise the fees you must pay for a firearms background check 150% and raise the fees for CHL fingerprints from $15.00 to $22.00, an almost 50% increase.

Not only does the Senate demand that you subject yourself to invasive checks simply to exercise a "right," but it also wants to increase the fees for these checks exorbitantly .

Please contact the members of the subcommittee as soon as possible and tell them to vote NO on any fee increases for gun owners.

Sub Committee Membership:
Senator Avel Gordly, Chair
Phone: 503-986-1723 Email:

Senator Richard Devlin
Phone: 503-986-1719 Email:

enator Jackie Winters
Phone 503-986-1710 Email:

Sample e-mail follows:

Dear Senator,

I strongly urge you to vote against ANY bill that includes fee increases for gun owners. The "service" provided by the State Police is not one gun owners have asked for or desire.Please don't use these gun owners as a funding mechanism for government.

Very truly yours,

This alert is courtesy of the Oregon Firearms Federation

Hint: Just copy and paste the email three times. Takes about 30 seconds to send a letter to all three.

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