Thursday, June 02, 2005

Save the salmon... with artwork

Current Opportunities for Public Artists
Hatchery Research Center, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
Budget $39,000

The Art Selection Committee for the Hatchery Research Center seeks artists interested in the design and fabrication of Kiosk structures to be situated along the interpretive trails at the Center. The committee imagines that budget constraints will drive the use of modest construction materials in both expected and unexpected ways. The Panel is only interested in reviewing artists' past work. A short list of finalists will be invited to submit detailed proposals for which they will be paid a design fee.

I'm not sure if the fee from my fishing license is paying for this or my tax dollars through the 1% for public art program are. All I know is that $39,000 could be much better spent towards fish, fish habitat, and fishing programs rather than what will probably be some rusty fish statue.

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