Monday, June 20, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

Liberal Losers Conduct a Fool's Hearing

Yes, one of the hallmarks of leaches, losers, bums, stoners, halfwits, and leftists is that they tend to live in a beautiful delusion in which nothing is really wrong with them, they just need a break -- a magic event that will solve all their problems at once and effortlessly elevate them to their proper status in life. One day they’ll get that record contract, or win that Power-ball, or find that willpower-free path to weight loss -- or even find that “smoking gun” memo that will, in one fell swoop, prove that George W. Bush really is worse than Hitler, Stalin, or Pol-Pot, and magically, instantly make everybody love and vote for them again.

It’s easier than self-examination and hard work.

Mac Johnson on The Downing Street Memo and the "hearings" held recently.

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