Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Workers comp for the illegal aliens

(Assistant Ombudsman - Bilingual, Spanish)
$2673 - $3705 Monthly
(This salary includes a 5% bilingual differential.)

The office of the Ombudsman for Injured Workers (OIW) functions as an independent advocate for injured workers by: 1) informing, training and educating workers and others about the rights, benefits and due process to which injured workers are entitled under Oregon's workers' compensation system

This must be the greatest job in the world! Educating illegal aliens on their rights in the workplace? I can do that right now:

1: You are not allowed to work in America
2: If you are injured while working please refer back to number one.
3: If you didn't get paid for hours worked then please refer back to number one.

The 5% pay differential ($133.65 - $185.25 a month) could sure be put to better use than making sure we have a Spanish speaker helping out the illegal aliens with their worker's comp claims.


Anonymous said...

Not all or even most workers who can speak mostly Spanish are illegal but most of them do need to know their workers comp rights as they do not generally do so.

Daniel said...

Follow this logic:
If you can't speak English by the time you are of working age then you weren't born here. If you came here on a work visa then you obviously know how the "system" works and you know your rights and responsibilities.

While not every person who speaks no English in the workplace is an illegal alien I would certainly be willing to walk around with you and gamble on who is and who isn't.