Thursday, June 09, 2005

What won't they tax?

Help stop Portland's cell phone tax!
Wireless consumers like you can still stop this outrageous new tax proposal! Contact the Portland City Council today and tell your Commissioners to VOTE NO on new wireless taxes. As a wireless consumer, you already pay your fair share in taxes. It’s outrageous to load more taxes on wireless service, when the Commissioners don’t even know where the new funds would go!! Tell them to say NO to new taxes on your wireless service!



Anonymous said...

You don't live in Portland and you disdain it, so shut the f up. CUT HIS MIKE!

Anonymous said...

Just like lars, he also hate P-town and no longer lives here. The same shut the f up. CUT HIS MIKE!

Daniel said...

I choose not to live in Portland but unfortunately that city seems to set a good deal of policy for the rest of the state.

But thanks for your incoherent rant.