Sunday, June 19, 2005

Because I don't live in Portland...

Statistics On The Homosexual Lifestyle (.pdf)

As many of you know, hopefully from my ealier post, yesterday and today was the PrideNW gay march through downtown Holland, err Portland. As of this moment no pictures, speeches, or details from this weekends "family event" (which includes "topless women" "scantily clad men" "kink" and "leather) are up on the website. So since I can't make a mockery of this disgusting display I will just summarize TVC's "statistics on the homosexual lifestyle." If you want to see the footnotes then go to the .pdf link.

High Rates Of Sexual Promiscuity
42.9% of homosexual men in Shoreland had more than 60 sexual partners; 18.4% had between 31 and 60 partners. 61.3% of the area’s homosexual males had more than 30 partners.
Not looking for commitment? Good! Looking for STD's? Even better!

High Rates Of HIV Infection
In November, 2003, the CDC stated that HIV infection rates had risen in 29 states. There are an estimated 40,000 new HIV infections yearly with 70% of these being among men. Of those men who are infected, 60% are infected through homosexual sex; 25% through IV drug abuse; and 15% through heterosexual sex.
Apparently the gay men are even less responsible than the drug addicts!

High Rates Of Substance Abuse
In his telephone survey of nearly 3,000 homosexuals, he found that during the previous six months:
90% had used alcohol
50% had smoked marijuana
Nearly 20% had used cocaine
10% had used crack cocaine
10% had used methamphetamine
Nearly 1% were intravenous drug users.
Perhaps this coincides with the fact that they have mental health issues...

High Rates Of Mental Health Problems
Gay men and bisexual men were more likely than heterosexual males to be diagnosed with at lest one of five mental health disorders. Lesbian-bisexual women were more likely than heterosexual women to report mental health-related problems in the year prior to being interviewed.
It is very clear that men who think they are women have a "mental health problem." Think about it for a second if you are a man. Could you go to work tommorow dressed in heals and skirt? Then after work go to the doctor for some surgery down there... I don't think so.

High Rates Of Domestic Violence
A 1998 study revealed that of those surveyed, 62% had been threatened with a weapon and 85% had experienced significant property or financial loss from an angry partner. In addition, 39% had been forced to have sex against their will by a homosexual partner.
This is what happens when men live with other men.

Given the grim realities of the homosexual lifestyle, it is unwise to promote this behavior in our schools; allow homosexual couples to adopt children or become foster parents; or legalize homosexual marriage.
But can we hold "family events" where the city leaders of Portland and Multnomah county are exalted for breaking the law?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, something from a group like that is so convincing you hate merchant. Btw, the fastest growing group (in percentage terms) for HIV is.....heterosexual girls, so don't blame the GLBT community for that one.

Sailor Republica said...

Aids is a problem for everyone, but the people that don't seem to be doing anything about it are the radical homosexual lobby...who want it all with no consequences.

And please note that I used the term radical, which means it's 5% of the GL population (which in turn is about 3% of the US Population.)

Daniel said...

TVC just compiled a list of various surveys. The footnotes are there. Sorry if you don't like the results.

The Rambling Taoist said...

The problem with your use of statistics in this post is that they should be juxtaposed to similar survey data for heterosexuals.

For example, if a survey had been conducted of straight men in Shoreland (btw, where is Shoreland?) that showed that only 10% of such men had 60 or more sexual partners, then the 42.9% figure would hold some meaning.

Unfortunately, you don't include any stats on heterosexuals, so these figures -- which look high -- may actually be comparable or even low.

Robin said...

I went to that event last Saturday, I am not gay, not that that matters, but I have some friends who are and they asked me if I would like to tag a long. I was curious and had nothing else exciting to do, so I went.

I only saw a very small percentage of the people there that were dressed in leather and other stereotypical gay garb. The majority were dressed the same as you and I would be.

Overall, it was a very pleasant and clean atmosphere. As a precaution and for the safety of all, there was security to take care of people that were rowdy (both gay and straight), and during the time that I was there, if anything happened, I didn't see it.

The show was well organized and the march was peaceful. No instances occurred that I'm aware of.

I was very surprised of the numerous vendors that had booths there, everything from major corporations to the Portland Police Department..

So whether you agree with the gay lifestyle or not is unimportant, in my opinion, the event last Saturday was pleasant, well-organized and the food was good. By the way, I only saw one woman not wearing a top, and to my understanding that is not illegal in the city of

GayRightsWatch said...

Daniel, I'm not sure what else to do but laugh at you and your complete ignorance.

First of all (and I know you have 'addressed this') look at who picked and chose the pieces for this study and from what sources these 'studies' are from. It's a joke. As other people have commented as well, put this side by side to a straight 'study'.

Also in the section about substance abuse - compare that to the straight population here in Oregon. It'd be awfully frightening when you got those results back - I have a damn good feeling heterosexuals would kick our a$$ and far surpass us.