Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New Mac Johnson column

A Quiet Turning Point in Iraq?
The “Association of Muslim Scholars” is the most-quoted voice of Iraq’s Sunni Arab population. Since the “Iraqi insurgency” is almost exclusively composed of Sunni Arabs, fighting to maintain their traditional place as the masters of Iraq, the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) generally serves as a mouthpiece and apologist for the insurgency, playing Sinn Fein to the terrorists’ Irish Republican Army, so to speak.

But this week the AMS finally had enough of terrorism, calling for an investigation into a shallow mass grave found outside Baghdad containing the bodies of 20 men, killed execution-style. Why the change of heart? The men in the grave are believed to be Sunni Arabs – and it wasn’t the American “infidels” that put them in the ground. The violence that the Sunni Arab Terrorists have visited upon the Shiites and Kurds is, increasingly, being reciprocated. It is tempting to speculate that a turning point has quietly been reached in Iraq.

Consider just one recent example of how the Sunni Arab insurgents are making sure that fellow Iraqis get deadly serious in fighting them. This weekend, the insurgents tried –and failed – to kill the leader of Iraq’s special forces, General Rashid Flaiyeh – by mortar-bombing his mother’s funeral. Now I’m no psychologist, but I have to believe that Gen. Flaiyeh has a very short “To-Do” list for the upcoming decade or so.

A compelling case demonstrating the Iraqi population's increasing frustration with the terrorists in their midst.


Anonymous said...

Turning point?

Two words, Danny boy: Kirkuk KABOOM!

Now, if only W and Dark Dick had the "stones" to fight, well, we would have WON by now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, if you support the war so much Daniel, SUIT UP! Your country needs you. People who supported Vietnam suited up, why won't you, you chickenhawk?

Vet said...

If only Daniel and his ilk had the balls to fight, I'd actually respect this war.

demographer said...


I honestly hope you're right, but am so far from actually believing it. Blame it on the media, liberals, whatever.

I'd like to hear your thoughts. What if it doesn't get better, but gets worse? Do we send more troops? If not, do we pull out and let the place fall into civil war? And then, is it our responsibility for finding Sunni refugees a new country in which to live, or do we just throw caution to the wind and hope the Shiites will dig deep within themselves for the strength of collective character to resist genocidal urgings that spring from years of living on the wrong side of a dictatorship? If we do opt to help refugees flee the country, where do they go? The U.S.? Britian? Seems a threat to national security to bring in a foreign population that we have recently ousted from power. So then where? France? Germany? Italy? And who is going to pull off that bit of diplomatic gymnastics?

Anonymous said...