Monday, June 27, 2005

We should probably consult with the Mexican constitution

Politicians Want Gun Buyers Checked, Not Illegal Aliens
( - Dozens of U.S. House members who sponsored the nationwide instant background check system for gun buyers in 1993 or backed the expansion of that system in 2002, have shown no support for a similar database intended to identify illegal aliens trying to find work in the U.S.

Now: (illegal aliens)
A database this large is likely to contain many errors," said Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) during a May 12 hearing on the Illegal Immigration Enforcement and Social Security Protection Act (H.R. 98). "

Then: (guns)
"I strongly support this legislation," Jackson Lee said during the Oct. 15, 2002 consideration of the Our Lady of Peace Act. "A major problem with the instant check system has been the incomplete records of state and local governments."

Erich Pratt, communications director for Gun Owners of America (GOA), said opposition to the attempts to identify illegal immigrants, amounts to "hypocrisy," considering those same members' support for the gun control measure.

"Evidently for this gaggle of congressional gun-haters, the Constitution only applies to illegal aliens, not American citizens," Pratt said. "It seems that some people are 'more equal' than others."

While some politicians are willing to come out and just say "I love illegal aliens", many are too cowardly to state their real position and oppose or support legislation based on the most asinine reasoning possible.

A simple check to make sure that someone registering to vote can lawfully do so: opposed by Oregon Democrats because "it would make it difficult for legal citizens to register to vote."

We don't increase the amount of agents on the border because it is called "pointless" and "expensive."

It is argued that if we don't allow illegal aliens to get a state issued drivers license then they might "drive uninsured." (as opposed to how they are currently driving, which is drunk)

And now our illustrious House members who would be willing to store the name, social security number, picture, and shoe size of every gun owner in America opposes a database that would allow employers to make sure that they are hiring legal workers because "a database is likely to contain errors."

Our politicians want to have it both ways. (kind of like how the media portrays illegals as being "exploited" on one day and the next they are paying "more than their fair share" of taxes the next)


Gullyborg said...

I'd like to include this in the next Carnival of Cordite.

Daniel said...

That would be great Gully!

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