Monday, July 31, 2006

Dear Mohammed

From the desk of Abu Mohammed Saud
RE: Continuing Jihad

My fellow Jihadists, praise Allah. All over the world you see our work. Deaths in America, Israel, Australia, India, Britain and many many more. Praise Allah for our good work.

Unfortunately brothers I have some discouraging news and our jihad may be at an end. It seems that the ultimate power will be used against us and the time for our surrender is here.

Yes, that ultimate power: a strongly worded UN resolution.

I know my brothers, none of us thought that it would come to these extremes. (Note that the resolution will be strongly worded to show their seriousness)

Now I understand that some of you may want to continue jihad against the infidels but I must advise against that my brothers. Our continuing aggression will most certainly bring the wrath of a follow up resolution only this time it will have unspecified consequences!

Even Allah himself trembles at the thought. All the roadside bombs in the world will not prevent this resolution from passing and then where we will be?

Yes my brothers, it is time to come out from the Hospitals and schools, step out from behind the women and children and give up our arms. I know that when you woke up this morning your only thoughts were of murdering the infidels, that you were willing to give your children to the cause or even die yourself but now we must take a different path. (Perhaps we could form a book club...)

Praise Allah to the hard liners who continue the jihad but I fear that you only invite a UN resolution that will demand action at a much later date and this time it will include possible specific sanctions!!!! (NOTE: While they say "possible" we can't take the chance that they won't follow through)

So I for one have killed my last infidel. We have been beaten. While we may have been able to resist action we certainly can't stand up against a prolonged campaign of tough talk and possible threats.

Hanging up my suicide vest,
Abu Mohammed Saud

p.s. I was thinking Anne of Green Gables for our first book club meeting. I will bring the salad.

50 cuts: Day 4

It's a touching story. A touching story about a man. A man... who helps illegal aliens with your tax dollars.

DHS seeks to improve migrant workers' health
When a co-worker shared the job announcement with him, Alberto Moreno immediately knew that being DHS migrant health coordinator would be a perfect fit.

This little story of Moreno and how he came to waste your tax dollars includes his boyhood experience where it would seem (I am assuming) that his father broke our immigration laws to get money and the fact that he is upset about missionaries, who do the work the Mexican economy won't, went to his country and didn't speak the language. (Italics added for irony)

The DHS Migrant Health Coordinator position should be eliminated.

We have all heard about the rules regarding illegal aliens and health care but Alberto Moreno doesn't seem to think that the laws apply to him. A while ago he encouraged my imaginary illegal alien friend to seek taxpayer funded health services.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Migrant facilities > Jails

No doubt you have seen the news coverage of the fire burning along with the state of emergency declared by our lame duck governor who can barely contain the smiles that he is getting on all the news channels during an election cycle.

So what does a "state of emergency" declaration mean?

At eco-devo it means that you can build "essential community facilities" such as "...facilities for migrant farm workers; food banks; police stations; jails; juvenile justice centers;..."

I'm not kidding. They put the migrant farm worker facilities before the jails.

No doubt that Oregon will need to build some illegal alien facilities with public grants to house the illegal aliens who fight our forest fires.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

We need tax credits for [fill in the blank]

3 Salem groups get cultural trust grants
Three Salem nonprofit groups are among the 54 recipients of $1.1 million in Oregon Cultural Trust grants announced this week, and one of them is a first-time recipient.

An additional $17,564 will be redistributed through the Marion County Cultural Development and $7,731 through the Polk County Cultural Coalition.

This is your tax dollars at work. (NOTE: If you get a tax credit for "donating" $100 then it is $100 in tax revenue that isn't there for roads, prisons, etc)

So what do these cultural groups do with them?

These guys got $1000 from the Polk County Cultural Coalition:
Mexican Independence Day Fiesta
An annual festival that provides live music, traditional Latino dance and culturally oriented activities to preserve and promote Latino’s cultural contributions to Polk County.

I think that it's time that the Cultural Trust was completely funded by private dollars. That or we need tax credits for our purchases of [fill in the blank item of your choice].

Friday, July 28, 2006

Illegal aliens in Hillsboro

Oregon-Mexico Education Partnership (OMEP) Useful Websites
OMEP is a partnership between the Willamette Educational Services District, the Mexican Consulate, and the Oregon Department of Education. “The Oregon Mexico Education Partnership agreement makes Mexico’s educational programs (their national curriculum) available to 6 regions in Oregon by providing centralized computer servers loaded with Mexico’s curriculum resources. and information from INEA programs in all states of Mexico. Great for exchanging information about students and getting transcripts. Also great to contact teachers when students return to Mexico. online courses and resources for Mexicanos, resources organized by groups by race, language, and/or occupation, rights, and endless supply of useful information for Mexicanos living in USA and/or Canada.

So great that the Hillsboro school district provides these helpful items to our resident lawbreakers. I'm sure that some of these children were born here (see story below) but their parents should be deported and the kids need to go with them.

Here to work hard

6 + 4 = 1 Tenuous Existence
An illegal immigrant couple with six children were already living in poverty. Then the quadruplets arrived. They're still in a daze.

Heard about this today on the radio, had to read it for myself.

50 cuts: Day 3

Yet another state agency that we could live without once Ron Saxton becomes governor:

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Their goals:

Provide optimal revenue in support of state and local governments.

Promote Commission employee growth through creating and nourishing a rich environment.

So government like to make money of alcohol sales and one of their goals is to further their own existance, kind of like a parasite.

So how many state employees does it take to make money off of liquor sales? (Get your mouse wheel ready for some scrolling)

OLCC Employee List

Now if you had a stated goal or reducing drunk driving and $5 million dollars (a made up number) would you invest that money in:

(a) more state police to patrol the roads
(b) a bunch of regulatory bureaucrats

Especially considering that the police patrol for people drunk on beer/wine/cough syrup that isn't covered by the regulatory bureaucrats, I think that I am going to go with A.

While I don't think a single Oregonian (other than the employees) would miss the OLCC if it went away tommorow this is really a no-brainer for conservatives. It would save taxpayer dollars, reduce the size of government and create a more free market for liquor sales.

Please Ron Saxton, keep governments hands off of our bottles!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Too funny

Instant Mexicans!
Every year, millions of American children waste their potential on education. Lord knows I wasted mine that way. Americans once believed that education was the path to personal success and national economic advancement. But as any supporter of illegal immigration will tell you, the real bedrock of the American economy is actually the uneducated, unskilled “migrant worker.”

Yet despite the critical national need for illiterate labor, America still remains addicted to foreign toil. It is therefore critical that America seek domestic toil alternatives immediately. We must become peon-energy independent in the 21st Century!

Too dependent on foreign toil, that is just priceless. (Actually the price is rampant disrespect for the law, raped children and puppies, drugs, ID theft and bankrupted schools)

Reason for hope

Oregon employers use program to screen immigrants
Oregon employers are using a federal program to increase their efforts to verify the immigration status of workers.

The Basic Pilot Program lets employers verify documents supplied by job applicants by checking the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security databases.

Enforcing our current laws, rather than passing amnesty bills, will solve the illegal alien problem. Once they can't get work, can't get drivers licences, can't get taxpayer services, and can't rent an apartment then they will go home. (And Daniel will do a little dance)

NOTE: This program does not screen "immigrants" as the headline suggests, it screen work eligibility. You and I would both be screened if our employers use this program. It is for everyone who wants to work.

50 cuts: Day 2

A state agency that we will be able to live without:

Oregon Pedestrian and Bicycle Program
The Oregon Pedestrian and Bicycle Program provides direction to ODOT in establishing pedestrian and bicycle facilities on state highways.

It's a matter of priorities. Almost everybody gets to work by car. Every bussiness trasports their goods with motor vehicles. Nobody buys a new tv and hauls it home on their bike.

Yet we spend a disproportionate amount of resources on non-motor "transportation" rather than improving the infrastructure for the majority.

I get very tired of hearing the traffic report say "normal slowing" on an interstate highway. And for some bizzare reason people seem to have accepted that going 15 mph on a road that says 55 mph is normal.

We can laugh at the old soviet union and how they had to stand in line for bread but look at us, we pay for the roads, government diverts the money and we "stand in line" to go to work and go back home.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

This is why Al Gore invented the internet

The time you can waste on the internet. I saw this one a few weeks ago and apparently the 10 o'clock news last night called it the "#1 video on the net."

So here it is: Shakira: My hips don't lie (spoof)

50 cuts: Day 1

As part of my suggested "50 cuts in 50 day" (see below post) I am suggesting that the state of Oregon eliminate the job classification of...


1. Clothing and Linen Repair. Typical tasks: mends, patches, and repairs all garments and linen which are repairable; mends rips and torn seams in clothing; applies patches to worn clothing;

Salary: $1465 - $1999/monthly

This job is especially ridiculous as these workers are sewing patches on clothing for inmates. If I had to think of a group of people with too much time on their hands who could probably sew their own clothes I would initially think prison inmates.

According to the state classification listings this job is


but we don't need to wait for a "study" to determine that this classification can be eliminated. And let's be honest, they probably hired 10 people for this "study" and one of them is going to realize that hey, my cousin Earl could use a job...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

50 cuts in 50 days

The statement "I'll cut government waste by 10%" doesn't cut it. The newspaper editorial board will mock you for not being specific. The uninformed morons ignore this as something that all politicians say. (Even democrats say this so we know it has no validity) And conservatives have nothing concrete to hold you to.

So Mr. Saxton, I'm suggesting some very specific cuts to be made. Sure, DHS Diversity Manager Marita Baragli isn't going to vote for you whe you say that you would eliminate her position but she wasn't going to vote for you anyway. And you can bet that the general taxpaying public will like the idea of putting her salary + benefits towards something that actually matters.

So please stay tuned Mr. Saxton. Every day, an agency, a commission, a job classification or a specific position will be suggested for elimination. (Yes Alberto Moreno, you will be on this list)

Also, everyone feel free to offer your own suggestions for cuts, just please provide a link so we have something concrete to look at.

Oregon... looking for undocumented populations?

Great news! I was doing an Oregon government document search and came up with this stuff:

"We will continue checking existing populations and searching for undocumented populations."

"Additional undocumented populations probably inhabit..."

Unfortunately they are talking about a fish. Yeah, we really care about undocumented fish but not criminal aliens. Nice priorities.

Today's cut

I'm going to continue to point out state agencies that could be cut/people whose jobs could be eliminated every day in the hopes that someone somewhere in the Saxton campaign will pick up on the idea that naming these specifics will sound a lot better than "I'll cut 10% by eliminating government beuaracracy." He could do a "50 cuts in 50 days" kind of thing. A daily press release with a running tally of how much money the taxpayers would save.

Today's agency to be eliminated:

Office of Multicultural Health
Improving the health status of under-served and under-represented populations in Oregon through multicultural and culturally- competent approaches that influence how services are delivered.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Your tax dollars help pay for this site

In the spirit of a new people that is conscious not only of its proud historical heritage but also of the brutal "gringo" invasion of our territories, we, the Chicano inhabitants and civilizers of the northern land of Aztlán from whence came our forefathers, reclaiming the land of their birth and consecrating the determination of our people of the sun, declare that the call of our blood is our power, our responsibility, and our inevitable destiny.

Your destiny: to be deported.

Brave new world at K - 12

I went to school and learned math and spelling. Kids today get all this thanks to a society that has experimented with liberal policies and attitudes.

How about stick to teaching and leave the parenting to the parents huh?

Portland residents: Get your $5 back

By the numbers Oregon ranks 47th in the nation for public state funding of the arts, investing only 16 cents a person.
Local public funding for the arts and culture is considerably higher within the Portland tri-county metropolitan area, breaking down to about $2.84 a person.

The city of Portland spends nearly $5 a person on arts and culture. That is about average among U.S. cities, but low for the West Coast.

28 days of gray, 2001
temporary RACC In Situ installation
Tom McCall Waterfront Park, Portland, OR

I know what you are thinking: first, where can I get my five dollars back; and second, it's a good thing that scrap metal "art" was done in 2001 because today the meth addicts would have stolen it for drug money; and last, can I somehow have my $5 go towards opening the Wapato jail instead of artwork?

And since we are in an election cycle I think that it's prudent to metion how our current [failure of a] governor feels about metal plates and poles sticking out of the ground at Waterfront Park:

We were the first state to finance public art for every public building.
-April 4, 2003

“This has been a very important and successful year for art and culture in Oregon. In spite of a very tight budget, we were able to preserve the state’s two leading public voices for art and culture - the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust.
-December 23, 2003

I'm hoping that my $2.84 went to this great sculpture...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Department of being disgusted with huge government

Daniel's list of state agencies that he would disband/defund/publicly ridicule if he were governor:

Asian Affairs, Commission on
Athletic Trainers, Board of
Black Affairs, Commission on
Body Piercing Licensing Program
Brand Oregon
Cosmetology, Board of
Denture Technology, Board of
Electrologists, Permanent Color, Tattoo Artists
Hearing Aids, Advisory Council on
Hispanic Affairs Commission
Invasive Species Council, Oregon
Land Conservation/Develop Dept
Landscape Architect Board
Landscape Contractors Board
Land Use Board of Appeals
Liquor Control Commission
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Massage Therapists, Board Of
Mortuary And Cemetery Board
Oregon Film and Video Office
Physical Therapist Licensing Board
Racing Commission
State Interoperability Executive Council
Veterinary Examiners
Women, Commission For
Worksource Oregon

Ok, you can see the complete list of A-Z agencies here for your own ideas but this is my for-sure list. I skipped over some that I would probably cut and some of these the libertarian in me told me to list them.

Some of these are clearly throwbacks to failed liberal movements such as the Commission on [fill in the blank minority] affairs. As if [fill in the blank minority]'s have different affairs than everyone else.

Then you have to wonder about body piercing licensing, tattoos, dentures etc. My position is that these industries would immediately set to regulating themselves and developing adequate standards once these agencies were disbanded. The NRA is not a government agency yet it is the absolute authority on firearms training, you must take an NRA certified class for your concealed carry permit. The National Tattoo Association or the Oregon Tattoo Association would form and license tattoo parlors and tattoo artists.

Next time you hear about government "needing money for the schools" just remember that they seem to have plenty of money for the Board of Massage Therapists!

"The Board of Massage Therapists regulates the practice of massage. This is accomplished by licensing, establishing continuing education requirements, promoting education, administering tests to establish minimum competency to practice and enforcing professional behavior and standards."

Tax money trasfers

Immigration hurt money transfer business
Controversy over illegal immigration hurt Western Union's business in the second quarter, as immigrants in the United States became less willing to send money to their families in Mexico, the chief executive of Western Union's parent company, First Data Corp., said Friday.

"In May and June, more than 2,000 migrants were arrested across the United States," he said. "You can imagine the ripple effect that these arrests are having on the community... It's inconceivable that these developments would not have an impact on money transfer industry."

Boohoo. Can you imagine a bussiness journal writing a story about how a crackdown on drug cartels was hurting the bottom line of some company? How did we get the the place where so many people seem to think that it is ok to profit off of certain crimes?

I am going to ask state legislators to introduce a bill to tax all money wire transfers out of this country. Now this will be the one tax that democrats won't like so to make it even funnier when they vote against it we should specify that the tax revenue be dedicated to bike paths, public art, queer resource centers and "the children."

Friday, July 21, 2006

Friends forever

[Continued from post below]

From Indymedia: "We are all Lebanese" and "Please show up tomorrow at Pioneer Square tomorrow at 5pm, and let's salvage the once proud Little Beirut moniker this town earned a long time ago"

Oh yes, the Portland crowd and their "friends" are really going to get along...

Portland crowd...

Their new "friends"...

Oh yes, this is going to work well. Make sure that you Portland liberals ask for things like "Queer resource centers" and let them know that they can't say "Allah" in public schools.

I'll pay for your plane ticket...

The folks over at Indymedia, who are sorely lacking jobs, have yet another protest planned:

Dear friends,
Please consider joining the Palestine Arab-American Association (PAA), Americans United for Palestinian Human Rights(AUPHR), PPRC and other local organizations this Friday for an action calling for an end to the Israeli attacks on Lebanon and Gaza.

But I'm encouraged by their eternal activism and love for the terrorist savages, I mean peace loving Muslims, of Hamas and Hezollah. So much so that I think they should not have to protest from the distant location of Pioneer Courthouse Square (Portland's living room... of a meth house) but they should go tell their "friends" in the middle east in person how much they support them.

Now Indy boys, make sure to where your fishnet stockings and "Anarchy" t-shirts. And Indy girls, don't forget the 3,000 piercings and your "I [heart] abortion" shirts. I'm sure that you and your "friends" that you support will get along just fine.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

2007 legislature watch

This letter went out to 11,000 people: (this copy came courtesy of Doug Miller*)

Click to enlarge

The espanol version

Click to enlarge

So why was this letter sent out? The short version is: illegal aliens.

"Some out-of-state residents falsely claim an Oregon residence because Oregon law does not require proof of citizenship or legal immigration status to obtain a driver license."

This press release goes on to say "Governor Ted Kulongoski will submit a bill to the 2007 Oregon Legislature to achieve compliance with the federal Real ID Act, which includes a requirement that applicants provide proof of citizenship or legal immigration status in order to obtain a driver license. "

So Teddy is trying to take credit for something that he could change right now if he wanted to. (He obviously doesn't)

So this looks good right? Our 2007 legislature will enact a more illegal alien un-friendly law won't they? Maybe not. From DMV:

Will a customer be able to drive without proof of citizenship or legal immigration status?
The act gives the states the option to issue a “driving privilege only” card, which would be valid as a driver’s license only, and not recognized as an identification card for official federal purposes. The 2007 Oregon Legislature must decide whether Oregon will offer such an option.

This means that it's time to contact the legislators who are up for election to get a commitment from them: NO DRIVING PRIVILEGE CARD FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!

*Not his real name, inside joke here

No habla security senator Smith?

Why exists:

Amendment No: S. Amendment 4659 to HR 5441
(Dept of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007)

Purpose: To appropriate an additional $1,829,400,000 to construct double-layered fencing and vehicle barriers along the Southwest border and to offset such increase by reducing all otherdiscretionary amounts on a pro-rata basis

Smith (R-OR), Nay

Amendment No: S. Amendment 4660 to HR 5441
(Dept of Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007)

Purpose: To appropriate an additional $85,670,000 to enable the Secretary of Homeland Security to hire 800 additional full-time active duty investigators to investigate immigration laws violators and to offset such increase on a pro-rata basis.

Smith (R-OR), Nay

So what can we spend our money on if not to protect our borders and enforce our laws? Check out the Citizens Against Government Waste page on Oregon's 2006 pork spending.

Those missed columnists

During my brief internet outage (yes, I'm still bitter) I missed all things internet, including reading my favorite columnists. Here are two good ones:

Liberals: Born to Run
Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean says that "what's going on in the Middle East today" wouldn't be happening if the Democrats were in power. Yes, if the Democrats were running things, our cities would be ash heaps and the state of Israel would have been wiped off the map by now.

But according to Dean, the Democrats would have the "moral authority that Bill Clinton had" -- no wait! keep reading -- "when he brought together the Israelis and Palestinians." Clinton really brokered a Peace in Our Time with that deal -- "our time" being a reference to that five-minute span during which he announced it. Yasser Arafat immediately backed out on all his promises and launched the second intifada.

The War on Bush
To see what I mean, just look at the coverage of last week’s ridiculous Supreme Court decision overturning the planned military tribunals for the terrorists held at Guantanamo. This decision has profound implications for the status of these prisoners, affording them protections legitimately due only to uniformed military personnel captured while in the service of a recognized national government and conducting themselves in accordance with the established rules of war.

If any major media source made a serious reference to whether or not the decision would help or hinder the nation’s fight against terrorism, I missed it. No, the news and analysis was all about George W. Bush, his image, his popularity, his effectiveness, and his defeat.

Bush unable to sell us out this year

US immigration reform unlikely before election
Mexican President Vicente Fox revealed that Bush spoke to him about the Immigration Reform bill currently being debated by Congress when the two leaders met at the G-8 summit in Russia at the weekend.

Both men are advocates of reform but Bush cautioned that time was against them in this term.

"So the chance of the immigration issue reaching approval in the House of Representatives and reaching joint approval isn't very high."

This is great news. We don't need immigration "reform" we need enforcement. And Americans want it NOW! Thankfully this means that while the RINO's like Senator Smith at the national level are willing to sell us out in hopes that we will forget by the time they are up for re-election, local politicians around the country are doing something about this problem.

Editorial pages get slapped with a dueling glove

Oregon Newspaper Editorialists Tongue-Tied About Hezbollah War On Israel - Hypocrisy On Display
As the ultra-left editorialists at Oregon's newsrags continue tanning their wintered-pink Oregon bodies during 2006's summer in the real geopolitical world, Islamic fascists have been engaged in the World War III killing of Americans, Jews and other "infidels". Oregon's verbose liberal editorialists don't appear to have sufficient backbone, or adequate principles, to condemn the Islamic terrorists. Mum's the word.

These totally foundation-less, normally loud-mouthed, prose writers don't seem to have a clue. And, they don't seem to have balls enough to throw their editorial commentary into the fray on Israel's side.

Mr. Becklin is my favorite editorial writer hands down. He's the publisher of several online newspapers and always calls it like it is.

With regard to the editors at The Oregonian and their lack of male genitalia: did anyone think that a guy who hyphenates his last name *cough* Michael Arrieta-Walden *cough* had balls anyways?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So... don't wave foreign flags while marching in the street?

Warden Notice Regarding Demonstrations in Mexico
The U.S. Embassy advises its citizens in Mexico to avoid demonstrations that may be held in support or protest of labor disputes, election results or other causes in Mexico. U.S. citizens are encouraged to avoid any large crowds during active demonstrations. Also, U.S. citizens should avoid participating in demonstrations and other activities that might be deemed political by the Mexican authorities. The Mexican Constitution prohibits political activities by foreigners, and such actions may result in detention and/or deportation.

Just in case anyone forgot...

Foreign nationals demanding that our government not enforce the law.

Telling American citizens that we are the law breakers.

I think that this is just a group of illegal alien men who heard that there was a sixteen year old girl with self esteem problems down this road...

Credit where credit is due: Heard about this embassy advisory from a caller to the Lars Larson show.

Daniel: With a vengence

Did you hear that? That was the sound of 12 - 20 million illegal aliens trembling because I am back in action.

Long story short: it was Verizon's fault, they fixed it, I've been compensated.

Before I get into politics/news/offending people let me just say how much Al Gore's invention has meant to my life. Being without the internet was like being without electricity. I had a shower stop working and I couldn't look up info on how to repair it, couldn't look up the phone number for George Morlan, couldn't find the hard-to-find part that I was looking for at some specialty internet shop, couldn't do anything. (Fixed the shower myself, pat myself on the back)

I pay all my bills online, research online, get directions online, play online and communicate with the outside world online. (I have yet to open Outlook, that will not be fun) I'm guessing that the reason the middle east is full of terrorists is because the average Mohammed doesn't have broadband internet. If he did he would be too busy looking at useless video's such as the Numa Numa guy to go to Jihad.

As for the argument in my last post about whether or not Americans want amnesty: how come no politician will come within 1000 feet of that word? They have to call it something else. Anything else. But not amnesty.

If I say I am "pro-gun" then I am talking about guns. I don't need to say "I'm pro defending yourself" or "I believe in a homeowners right to choose."

The honest politicians say they oppose amnesty and are for deportations. The liars say they oppose anmesty and support "guest workers" or "earned citizenship" or some other euphamism.

I have a lot of stuff built up, stay tuned for lot's of goodies. (someone brought me a copy of the letter DMV is sending out from the Robleto brother's fraud scheme)

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Technical difficulties

Due to a vast left-wing conspiracy that has been out to get me since I started blogging, my DSL modem has died. Unfortunately I have to wait until Monday to get a new one sent to me.

This is just a brief post from a library computer. (I knew that I paid property taxes for a reason)

Rest assured I have not gone away. I will be back with a vengence next week and will be getting back to my mission of putting Halliburton in charge of everything, opressing indigenous people around the world, raising gas prices through some loophole in the free market that economists can't seem to explain and forcing women to live their lives barefoot and pregnant.

Until then I guess I will have to spend some time outdoors or with my family... man I miss the internet already!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

America & Israel VS Radical Islam

There is no better blog coverage on the conflict between Israel and radical Islam than Little Green Footballs.

This is the madness that Israel and America are up against:

Kids taught to attack Israeli towns.

Only the kids don't get masks.

Yes, peace. She would gladly walk into Berkley holding up the peace sign and then blow herself and all you good peace-loving liberals sky high.

Now hiring

City of Portland Announces An Open Recruitment for: Police Desk Clerk
Police Desk Clerks provide specialized services in support of the Police Bureau; incumbents are required to pass an in-depth background investigation. Specialized services may include, but are not limited to, receiving graphic emails, satisfying your supervisor, being a "good listener" when it comes to classfied department info and not suing us.

Applicants must possess the following:

Ability to establish and maintain effective communication with a diversity of others, both in person and over the phone

Ability to learn rules, regulations, and procedures related to providing support to the Police Bureau

Must love chocolate

Ability and willingness to delete incriminating emails on a regular basis

Ability to work "under" your supervisor without complaining

To Apply

Send a clean STD check and a sample dirty email to Commander Derrick Foxworth...

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let them all know at once

I Support Enforcement First or Enforcement Only at the Border is holding a virtual hearing on immigration reform. Write a letter to Your State and Federal Leaders Sharing Your Views.

This link will let you email everyone at once.

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes

Several callers to Lars' show today referred to a day labor sign in Cornelius. This is it: (yes, I had a mustache then)

And this is the license plate of a blue Dodge that came to pick up workers while myself and several other protestors were in the area:

And these are Bush's workers of tomorrow:

For the narratives and more pictures of this event see these links:

How a few Americans struck fear into a foreign government
Cornelius consulate visit
Beautiful downtown Cornelius
Cornelius protest: Part tres (great pic)
Cornelius Protest: Part quatro (sometimes I think I'm funny, this was my safari narrative with pictures)

You can also check the sidebar links at these posts to see parts uno, dos, etc. This is what we have been fighting against and we finally won this victory!

The "Tan Klan"

Rove tells Latino leaders US facing critical moment
Karl Rove, U.S. President George W. Bush's senior political advisor, on Tuesday took the administration's message on immigration reform to Latino leaders, saying the country was approaching a "critical moment" in the debate.

Speaking at the annual convention of leading Latino civic group the National Council of La Raza, Rove said Bush would work with Republicans and Democrats in coming weeks to push through reform legislation that has bitterly divided Congress, the Republican Party and the nation.

For my feelings on this see my post about this from last Friday.

Worth repeating:

Click here to view a video of other NCLR conferences where Bush says, in Spanish, that he is going to "build bridges, not walls." Bush senior says "keep up the good work for La Raza" which means to keep up the good work for the race. Of course, they are joined by John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

Fishwrap speak: Oregonians = Illegal Aliens

Oregonians get brief reprieve from Medicaid rules
It will be a few more weeks before Oregon fully enforces a new federal law that requires Medicaid applicants to prove they are U.S. citizens, according to the state Department of Human Services.

The federal law, which is aimed at preventing illegal immigrants from receiving state- and federal-paid benefits, was supposed to take effect July 1

The headline bothered me, DHS director Bruce Goldberg bothered me, but the kicker came here:

Responding to similar concerns across the nation, the Bush administration recently announced that Medicaid recipients who also receive Medicare or Supplemental Security Income benefits would be exempt from the documentation requirement.

Bush considered making anyone who speaks Spanish excempt from the rules but then decided that was a little too on the nose.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Spanish version coming soon

Sent to me by Allen of Salem:

A little map to help Mexicans understand things better...

Is Saxton for civil-unions? No.

Heard Mary Starret say that Saxton was for civil unions today on Lars' show. A quick search however reveals this:

Saxton opposes basic equal treatment for GLBT Oregonians and our families. Forget about equal marriage rights: Saxton opposes even civil unions. [KGW GOP Primary Debate 4/24/06; Statesman Journal, 4/23/06]

Saxton doesn't seem to have any problem with anti-GLBT discrimination. He opposes adding sexual orientation and gender identity to anti-discrimination statutes. "I'm not convinced that it needs to be there," he said [WB's "Outlook Portland," 4/2/06] and has vowed to veto any bill like Senate Bill 1000 should it pass in the next legislative session.

That's from the Special Rights Oregon website.

Hope that settles the record. And for my two cents: civil unions are marriage by another name and would prove to be a destructive force for our society. (whether or not they are limited to people who choose to be gay or are available to everyone)

To hear Lars' interview with Mary Starret go HERE. (The third hour of today 7/11/06) You will here her suggest that if she were governor, she would not allow Oregon National Guard soldiers to serve outside of Oregon!

Disagree with us and it's "hate"

The thing I love most about liberals is that when they can't win an argument on merit they revert to name-calling. According to them, 57% of Oregonians are all hate-mongers. (Measure 36)

At the recently held 2006 Oregon Hate Crimes Conference we have some interesting workshop titles that show us that liberals aren't worried so much about the "crime" aspect of so-called "hate-crimes," they are worried that they won't be able to turn this country into Holland unless they smear people that disagree with them.

Climate of Hate: How Oregon's Anti-Gay Ballot Issues Promote Hate and Violence
No crime here.

When Hate Stops Short of Crime: Addressing Hate-Based harassment in Housing, the Workplace and Public Places
Harassment is a crime but apparently it is "stopping short" here.

Enriching the Community by Embracing the Latino Culture
According to the Mexican consul their culture includes rape.

Bias and Hate Associated with US Immigration Policy
As opposed to bias and hate associated with Mexico's immigration policy. And don't even mention the unofficial policies which include rape and robbery. (See Embracing Latino Culture above)

Silent Victims of Hate: Migrant Workers
Silent criminals: Illegal migrant workers.

Practical Tips for community Members in Responding Effectively to Hate/Bias Incidents
It's gone from "hate-crime" to bias incident. Bias incidents are sure to include things like "teaching your Children that homosexuality is wrong" and "enforcing our immigration laws."

Confronting the Religious Roots of Anti-Gay Bias
This is what they have as a caption: If churches, mosques and synagogues were either silent about gay people or supportive in rhetoric and action, the political climate of our nation would shift. Pretty telling. If they can just silence us then they will get their way.

The New White Nationalism: Countering the Anti-Immigrant Movement and Advancing Immigrant Rights
No irony that in a conference that is supposed to be about "crime" that these people will smear those of us who suggest that law-breakers should not be rewarded.

So it's not about punishing criminals, (because if it were then liberals would oppose it) it's about shaming people into "staying silent" or supporting liberal causes.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Conflict of interest?

Elder Suicide Prevention Program
PROMOTE AWARENESS that suicide in older adults is a public health problem that is preventable.

Develop Broad-Based Support for elder suicide prevention.

Promote efforts to REDUCE ACCESS to lethal means and methods of self-harm by older adults.


Oh wait, that last one was from a different page. But it's strange, you may go to the DHS website looking for information on a suicide prevention hotline because you aren't feeling so well but when going in alphabetical order you will hit "O" (Oregon Death With Dignity) and "P" (Physician-Assisted Suicide) before you get to "S" for the suicide prevention.

It's a "public health problem" but we'll let you do it if you ask first.

What fraud? Where? I didn't see anything.

DMV seeks residency proof for some test-takers
Oregon DMV is sending letters to about 11,000 people who took driving tests from two private companies in 2003, asking them to provide proof that they are residents.

An investigation into what authorities called the largest immigration fraud case in Oregon history determined that some customers of the two companies, Catt's Testing, and Drive Master Education, provided false Oregon addresses to obtain driver's licenses.

I'd love to know, are they sending the letters in Spanish?

What I find very telling is that the various Fishwrapper articles leave out a very important sentence from the DMV press release:

"Some out-of-state residents falsely claim an Oregon residence because Oregon law does not require proof of citizenship or legal immigration status to obtain a driver license. "

Why did The Oregonian, The Statesmen Journal and others leave that out of the story? Covering the who, what, when, and where was easy. Why this happened was just as important. We are a magnet state for illegal aliens to commit fraud because Governor Kulongoski is a failure. There is your "why."

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The room for "The Race"

(Old News)
OSU to dedicate La Raza Conference Room
Oregon State University will dedicate the La Raza Conference Room in the campus Memorial Union at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 29.

La raza is a Spanish term meaning the race or ethnic group, said Ines Ruiz-Huston, an OSU master's candidate from Portland.

But don't worry, George Bush thinks "La Raza" is just peachy.

They come in peace

It just screams "I am coming to your country to work hard" doesn't it?

Another classic email

Important Announcement!

President Vincente Fox has announced that Mexico will not participate in the next Summer Olympics.

He announced that, "Anyone who can run, jump, or swim has already left the country."

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I took it down yesterday

Until yesterday this was displayed above my desk. I had it up there since the day after the election. But I took it down. I could no longer take it. Why? Bush's speech yesterday. I have heard his lies, his falsehoods and his disgusting rhetoric one too many times now.

"But in order to enforce this border, we've got to have a rational way that recognizes there are people sneaking across to do work Americans aren't doing. They're doing jobs Americans are not filling. And my attitude is this: When you find a willing worker and a willing employer, there ought to be a legal way to let somebody come here to work on a temporary basis."

By "temporary" he means "let them come here, establish themselves, get a few women pregnant and then ignore any go home orders that would probably never be issued anyways."

"It takes pressure off the border. When you got people sneaking across to do work, it puts pressure on a border. If somebody can come in on a legal way, it's going to make it easier for our Border Patrol agents to do their job."

This is the libertarian argument for drug legalization. "Prisons won't be so crowded if we would just make things legal." You know, enforcing our burglary laws "puts pressure" on our police and our jails. Maybe we should provide a way that people can "obtain things that aren't theirs on a temporary basis."

"But one way to do is if you have a temporary worker program, say, here's a tamper-proof card that will enable our employers to be able to verify whether someone is here legally to do work on a temporary basis, and enable the government to hold people to account for hiring illegal workers."

Did anyone not hear Lars Larson tear up Sec of Commerce Gutierrez on this? Absolutely shut him down. This is a big lie. Who will have this "tamper proof card?" Everyone? Or just people with brown skin? Either everyone has to have it or no one has to have it. This card is a lie. There will be no verification.

Another lie:

"People in this country expect us to secure the border, and we will."

Notice how it's future tense, not "we are." He isn't interested in securing the border now, only after he gets his amnesty will he pretend to secure the border.

I could go on and on but the bottom line is, If I am polled asking if I approve of our president, I will say NO. I believe that what he is doing is so damaging to our country, so damaging to our children's future that I'm here to say, no Mr. President, F**K you!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Some Republicans are racists

2006 NCLR Annual Conference

NCLR = National Council of "The Race"

Clinton, Rove, Villagerosa. That's the speaker lineup. I, for one, am proud to have been calling Rove names for quite some time now. Of course, this is just another of Bush's boys who have a love-fest with the Brown version of the Aryan Nation.

From my AG Gonzales Bashing days:
On March 8, 2005 Gonzales gave a speech to his "people" at the National Council of 'The Race" Capitol Awards Gala. During this speech Gonzales said that "I am humbled and grateful to stand on the shoulders of groups like La Raza." (La Raza = The Race) At this same event Chairwomen Janet Murguia said that: "We are going to put our people first."

So while Rove is "putting [the race] first" I guess that means that those of us with the wrong skin color sit in the back of the bus. No word on whether or not I can ride my wife's brown coattails to the front of the bus with the rest of the privileged.

*Barf bag needed alert*
Click here to view a video of other NCLR conferences where Bush says, in Spanish, that he is going to "build bridges, not walls." Bush senior says "keep up the good work for La Raza" which means to keep up the good work for the race. Of course, they are joined by John Kerry, Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

No word on whether or not the event, Latinas Brunch: Young, Fabulous and Latina will allow white folks to sit at the same lunch counter as the brown folks.

From NCLR:
Corporations such as PepsiCo, Bank of America, State Farm Insurance Companies, UPS, and Johnson & Johnson believe that partnering with NCLR – the largest, most influential Hispanic advocacy organization in the U.S. – expands their engagement with the Hispanic community and gives them a direct way to support vital programs that serve the community.

On the same page:
The U.S. Latino population remits billions of dollars to Latin America: $45.8 billion in 2004.

A big "go to Hell" to all the companies that support a racist group that brags about how much money leaves the American economy each year. I hope that your stock tanks, your CEO's are imprisoned and your companies dissolved.

As for our "Republicans" who attend these Klan meetings, I hope that your political lives are over, your influence gone and that when people see you in the street they look at you with disgust.

Meager little Daniel feels the same way

43 leaders oppose 'amnesty' candidates
A group of 43 influential opinion leaders – including Alan Keyes, Phyllis Schlafly, David Horowitz and Swiftboat activist John O'Neill – have signed a declaration pledging to withhold support for any candidate, Democrat or Republican, who votes for legislation providing "amnesty" or a guest-worker program for illegal aliens.

Yet Bush keeps saying the same stupid things...

Steer the party

Oregon Republican Assembly meeting
Saturday 2 PM, July 8
@ the Garden Way Church
231 Garden Way Dr.,
Eugene, OR
Special guest: Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party
Vance Day
A chance to voice you opinion. Suggest that the Oregon Republican party take a strong stance on illegal immigration.

Immigration: 0 - 60 mph

What was once an issue that many of us begged them media to talk about (to no avail) has now become so popular that FOXNews has an entire sections of their website dedicated to just immigration stories.

To put it in perspective, the other categories are things such as "world," "sports," and "national."

FOXNews Immigration Section

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Stopping thievery by giving it away

Our resident RINO in the Senate, Gordon Smith, is asking for some financial support. A couple of grand in support. Now why should you fork over your hard earned dollars? (NOTE: You already fork over your hard earned dollars for Smith's salary and for him to spend on embryonic stem cell research programs but these dollars he wants are for his re-election so you can continue to pay his salary and fund his programs.)

Gordon Smith Fundraising letter

I need your help - can I count on you to help me by sending $1,000 or $2,000 to further our efforts and fight for the values we share?

The same story rings true when we provide plans to defend our borders from illegal immigration. The liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill tell the American people that the fight is already lost and any attempt to protect our border is rooted in intolerance.

That's just wrong.

So instead of a democrat who wants open borders for "tolerance" we get a Republican who wants open borders for "commerce." And defending against illegal immigration by making it legal isn't much of a "fight" in my book.

It's like saying that "I will stop being an illegal drug user when you legalize drugs."

Smith voted for amnesty. 61% of Republicans voted against S. 2511, Smith joined the 90% of democrats who voted for it.

So you feel free to respond to Smith's fundraising letter with an explanation that an illegal alien has taken your job so perhaps his letter should be in Spanish and adressed to Juan instead.

Words of wisdom

From an email that is going around:


1. An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
2. A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.
3. Colt: The original point and click interface.
4. Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.
5. If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?
6. If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.
7. "Free" men do not ask permission to bear arms.
8. If you don't know your rights you don't have any.
9. Those who trade liberty for security have neither.
10. The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights reserved.
11. What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?
12. The Second Amendment is in place in case the politicians ignore the others.
13. 64,999,987 firearms owners killed no one yesterday.
14. Guns only have two enemies: rust and politicians.
15. Know guns, know peace, know safety. No guns, no peace, no safety.
16. You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive
17. 911 - government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.
18. Assault is a behavior, not a device.
19. Criminals love gun control -- it makes their jobs safer.
20. If guns cause crime, then matches cause arson.
21. Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.
22. You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.
23. Enforce the "gun control laws" we ALREADY have, don't make more.
24. When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.
25. The American Revolution would never have happened with gun control.
26. "A government of the people, by the people, for the people..."

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Trickle down billing?

Yet another medical bill arrived today from a hospital visit my daughter had months ago. They just seem to trickle in. It really helps how they send me an invoice that isn't a bill, then my insurance sends me something that isn't a bill, then, if I'm lucky (or unlucky I guess) the actual bill arrives.

Al Gore should be complaining about all the trees they cut down for medical billing. Anyways, I have no idea what I am even paying for at this point. They could just be sending me random bills for random amounts and I couldn't tell.

So all this got me thinking, do I need better insurance? And what would the platinum standard be? Then it hit me:

DOC Health Services
Record Keeping
Mental Health

They even brag "One of our institutions won the national “Facility of the Year” award for health care in 1994."

Hot dog.

liberal policies = drug use

Crackheads Gone Wild

This guy interviews crackheads and gets them to act like morons on camera for $5. Needless to say, some people are complaining that the crackheads are being "exploited."

FOXNews has an interview with the creator and a complainer in their videos section.

Lemme think... NO!

Do You Approve Of The Way President Bush Is Handling Immigration?

Go to and sound off!

I'm not an expert in foreign policy but...

North Korea Test Fires Seventh Missile Amid International Uproar
North Korea test-fired another missile Wednesday, intensifying the furor ignited when the reclusive regime launched at least six missiles, including a long-range Taepodong, earlier in the day.

The political reaction was swift. The White House called the tests a "provocation," while the U.N. Security Council scheduled an emergency meeting for Wednesday and Tokyo warned of economic sanctions against the impoverished, communist country.

The U.N. Security council scheduled an "emergency" meeting where they sat around and talked like they do every time and then left for lunch "agreeing to disagree."

How about we just drop some big bombs on North Korea and show tin-pot dictators everywhere *cough* Hugo Chavez *cough* that we really mean what we say.

"He tried to shoot me but he missed so it's ok" is not something that is going to come from my mouth.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


A revolution was started on this day in 1776. A just revolution. Some things to ponder when you look at the current state of our union:

Thomas Jefferson:
"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. It is its natural manure."

Abraham Lincoln:
"This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or exercise their revolutionary right to overthrow it."

John F. Kennedy:
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

From the Declaration of Independence:
Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

Right of Revolution:
The "right of revolution" is a fundamental right. It is the foundation of consent of the governed. It is the guarantee that you can take matters into your own hands if you must.

Independence Day

Declaration of Independence
When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness...

Monday, July 03, 2006

Mark you calendar

Healthy Kids Learn Better Summer Institute 2006

Things to be discussed:

Because there is nothing healthy about being American.

Implementing Comprehensive, Research-based Sexuality Education...step by step!
By "research based" they mean that they will include things like "fisting" in their presentation while excluding abstinence. (Because talking about abstinence somehow "promotes" religion)

Strategic Planning for Suicide Prevention Training
Until they are sick and want the states help to kill themselves.

Effective and Sustainable Outreach for a Diverse Population
Goodies for illegals and possibly gays who have AIDS but AIDS isn't a gay disease. It isn't. Really.

Engaging Immigrant Families
How to habla the spanish.

Queer Youth in the Schools: a practical approach to working with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, queer and questioning youth
The new term they are using now is "gender variant youth" to describe freaks who think they are ugly members of the opposite sex.

Because if the taxpayers don't fund it, who will?

Oregon Congressman Smith: Stem Cell Research Breakthrough In
"We are doing a great service to those who hope for a cure," Smith said. "We cannot ask scientists to deliver cures for today's worst diseases when they are working with yesterday's capabilities. Stem cell research is a rapidly advancing field of modern medicine. Senate approval of this package will move us one step closer to finding the breakthroughs we know are in reach. Scientists need us to act so they can fully utilize this cutting edge medical research."

NOTE: He doesn't specify whether or not these are embryonic stem cells or not but if you look at S. 471 (which this press release says Smith sponsored) you see that it is titled:

To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for human embryonic stem cell research.

and sposored by Kennedy and Feinstein among others. I just think it's dishonest to not specify what type of "research" (harvesting dead babies is "research" much like what the Nazis did was "research") he is applauding.

If embryonic stem cell research is "rapidly advancing" then why do they need government funding? If there was even a slight possibility that you could cure some horrible disease with this "cutting edge" research then why wouldn't Pfizer fund it? Imagine what they could sell a cure for Parkinson's for.

This is just an excuse to desecrate human life. Embryonic stem cells have not been successful at curing any disease or ailment.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

You don't say

County spending millions on illegal immigrants
San Bernardino County is spending an estimated $38 million annually on health, child care and legal services for illegal immigrants, according to the county grand jury’s new report.

The final report, released on Friday, calls for the Board of Supervisors to require all county departments and agencies to begin tracking and publishing the cost of providing services to illegal immigrants.

No mention of how many cherries are able to be picked with the stem still on them to counteract all the costs to the taxpayer. (Here is your ice cream sundae with cherry on top, that will be $7,835 please)

Seriously, how was this grand jury convened? We can't even have an auditor of the Portland School district because the superintendent keeps "interfering" with the auditor's work. (For good reasons like "we are trying to pass another new tax" and it doesn't help if you are showing wasted money)

Not only did this grand jury identify the costs, they also provided solutions. It sure would be nice to have that kind of problem solving here.