Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Lemme think... NO!

Do You Approve Of The Way President Bush Is Handling Immigration?

Go to and sound off!


Shaky Louie said...

Great Photoshop!
ROFLMAO, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant. Maybe next time you venture to write something in spanish, you could get it correct. It is Estados Unidos, not "Unio Estado".

Soon enough you will be speaking, reading and writing in spanish. You'll learn.

cincinatus said...

Ah, the taunting, telling, and empty bravado spilled out in response to a photo.

But there is more than a photo.

Bush is cracking as the hearings on illegal immigration going on across this great Nation reveal a prairie fire of revulsion against his amnesty policy and the disgraceful U.S. Senate bill, the stench of which still drifts above our Nation's Capitol.

The situation is fluid, but those forces, who care nothing for sovereignty, are finding the citizens of America care about sovereignty and reject the open borders strategy of corporatist elites and leftists who disrespect the working man and Law and Order.

I will not be speaking, reading and writing in Spanish. I will be working to defeat threats to our sovereignty at the BALLOT BOX! What I have seen and heard informs me, the forces of unprincipled banditry are heading for a fall over the cliff of political defeat.

Daniel said...

Oh yeah cincinatus, your side really carries political weight, that's why NO ONE will call it amnesty and NO ONE will suggest that our national anthem should be sung in Spanish let alone that we should all learn Spanish.

But hey, as long as you are giving me lessons, how do you say "Have fun back in that dung-heap of a country, I won't miss you" in Spanish?

cincinatus said...

Dear Sir, I appreciate all you do. Yes, you carry alot more weight than I do with all your good work. I only add when I can. Keep up the good work.

Sincerly, your obediate servant,