Thursday, July 20, 2006

2007 legislature watch

This letter went out to 11,000 people: (this copy came courtesy of Doug Miller*)

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The espanol version

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So why was this letter sent out? The short version is: illegal aliens.

"Some out-of-state residents falsely claim an Oregon residence because Oregon law does not require proof of citizenship or legal immigration status to obtain a driver license."

This press release goes on to say "Governor Ted Kulongoski will submit a bill to the 2007 Oregon Legislature to achieve compliance with the federal Real ID Act, which includes a requirement that applicants provide proof of citizenship or legal immigration status in order to obtain a driver license. "

So Teddy is trying to take credit for something that he could change right now if he wanted to. (He obviously doesn't)

So this looks good right? Our 2007 legislature will enact a more illegal alien un-friendly law won't they? Maybe not. From DMV:

Will a customer be able to drive without proof of citizenship or legal immigration status?
The act gives the states the option to issue a “driving privilege only” card, which would be valid as a driver’s license only, and not recognized as an identification card for official federal purposes. The 2007 Oregon Legislature must decide whether Oregon will offer such an option.

This means that it's time to contact the legislators who are up for election to get a commitment from them: NO DRIVING PRIVILEGE CARD FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!

*Not his real name, inside joke here


fish_on said...

In case you all missed it...

SCARY: Illegal Aliens Have Govt. Plates!

By Debbie Schlussel

Received this frightening e-mail, which speaks for itself. America continues to be under attack. (GSA is General Service Administration.)

From: [] Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2006 1:02 PM


Dear GSA Fleet Customer,

We recently were advised of criminal activity involving US Government license plates. The incident involved GSA plates, but may apply to your agency owned vehicles as well.

Schlussel: Drivers With These May Be Illegal Aliens
(Photos from

We received a call from Immigration and Customs Service stating they had two of our GSA plates in their custody. It turns out they got the plates from an illegal immigrant smuggler's vehicle trunk. When questioned, the suspect said immigrant and drug smugglers regularly "borrow" Gov't. plates from parked vehicles, use them to do their business, then return them to the Gov't. vehicles within one or two days (before they are noticed missing by the using agency).

It is not only an issue with smugglers, but also a potential national security threat when Gov't. plates are used for criminal purposes. Therefore, we are asking you again to regularly check your GSA vehicles to ensure both plates are there, and if possible keep vehicles in a secured area. If one or both plates are missing, contact your GSA Fleet Management Center right away and report the loss.

Your diligence in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Some advice: If you're stopped by someone with Govt. plates, ask to see ID and a badge.

RINO WATCH said...

Great work Daniel!

RinoWatch will continue to beat the drum for the OUSTER of Lorna Youngs.

So Far, Ron Saxton refuses to say if he would fire her. RINO speak for Cowardly....

mike said...

i had to show proof of my residence and SSN and everything when I moved back is it that others don't?

doesn't seem right to me.

Scottiebill said...

Hey, Daniel, Do you happen to have numbers on how many of these letters went to the same addresses and to the same SSNs?

Rick Hickey said...

In fact I was at the Capitol last session, when Lorna and other liberals (i.e. ACLU) begged for a seperate priviledge card, because how else would they take their Kids to School or the Doctor or go to work? All of a sudden no push for Busses and Bikes?
This was after Sen. Gillman brought it up, otherwise a secure License was flying through the committee, until he brought up a seperate card at which point,Rep. Thatcher put a stop to it, thank god.
They will try again, OFIR will be there, will you folks?

RINO WATCH said...

George Gilman is full fledged RINO

He's a Rep not a Senator

Rep. Thatcher is the Best!!!

Daniel said...

Note: These letters are not going out to any "SSN" or for the purpose of establishing citizenship, they are only going out to establish residency.

You could get this letter and go back to the DMV and say "here I am, I am an illegal alien but here is my school report card that says I live in Oregon" and they will accept that.

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