Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes

Several callers to Lars' show today referred to a day labor sign in Cornelius. This is it: (yes, I had a mustache then)

And this is the license plate of a blue Dodge that came to pick up workers while myself and several other protestors were in the area:

And these are Bush's workers of tomorrow:

For the narratives and more pictures of this event see these links:

How a few Americans struck fear into a foreign government
Cornelius consulate visit
Beautiful downtown Cornelius
Cornelius protest: Part tres (great pic)
Cornelius Protest: Part quatro (sometimes I think I'm funny, this was my safari narrative with pictures)

You can also check the sidebar links at these posts to see parts uno, dos, etc. This is what we have been fighting against and we finally won this victory!


MAX Redline said...

LOL! I took that photo with your camera; nice to see it again. You still look great.

We need to stay alert, though. You won a solid victory, but it needs to be monitored continually.

And you've shown the level that it takes.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- why would you not just report that license plate to whatever agency you would report this sort of thing to yourself, rather than posting it on a blog for god-knows-who to see and do god-knows-what with it?