Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cornelius Protest: Part quatro

Once again, if you are new to the thread please start at the beginning. (four posts down at this point) and then head on over to Greg's site and see his post on today's events.

What did I do today? I hung out with illegal aliens!

(Click to enlarge)

The play by play left off at Part Dos. (Part Tres was a divergence from the script)

After going back to the front of El Centro Criminal we stood in front of the building wondering what was the best way to cause the criminals inside to be nervous and make the point that we weren't going to go away.

A woman got the city manager on the phone and I asked him about an alley that ran adjacent to the building and was as close to the front door as you could get without being on the property. He informed me that this was a public right-of-way so we rushed on.

This cause much concern amongst the consulate and they quickly huddled a group together to try to figure out what to do about us. This was because now their criminal customers weren't comforable coming out the front door only to run into our cameras.

Quick question: When you feel guilty what does that mean? It means you're doing something wrong! It was a beautiful site to see these people acting like the criminals that they are.

We decided to get scientific and two tactics were then employed: If they hurried past us without making eye contact they got their picture taken.

Notice this fine scientific specimen: criminlus wonttalktodanielus
You will note the plumage they exibit at the end of their upper appendages. It closely resembles that of an official Oregon logo. This diplay helps the specimen camoflouge better if foreign environments. It's like evolution except it's more of a mutation since the state plays a Dr. Jekyl type character in the whole proccess.

If eye contact was made I would attempt to engage the specimen in conversation. (Greg was operating the camera at this point) Like in hunting, various calls were used to attract different species. (basically I would use "proper" spanish or slang spanish) After an intial spanish phrase I would then experiment to see if the specimen spoke any English.

Once a light-hearted conversation about the lack of rain or such I would then attempt to corner my prey by asking about their matricula and if they would take pictures with me.

Thus you end up with never before seen in-the-wild pictures of me with a fine specimen of illegala butwilltalktodaniela. Several of these were encountered throughout the safari. They can be easily idenfied by their good-natured smile that says "it doesn't matter if I'm illegal, there's nothing you can do." Or you can identify them by their Matricula card...

Certainly my least favorite of the species was one of the most common: the dreaded actualcitizen butigoresdaniellikeasmallandimmaturechildwould. This is a very dangeous species. While not belonging to the parasite family illegala or criminalus they form a sort of symbiotic relationship with those two species. In my scientific opinion this is because they share the same fur color, nothing more. Clearly this is a primitive species to rely on such racist, err,
superficial identifyers.

Photos of these speciments include:

This was one of the dominant males a worksus foraforeigngovernus. Or in laymans terms, the Consul General. I have encountered this precise specimen multiple times before and he has since shied away from human contact after our first encounter during which my nature calls seem to have made him uncomforable. This animal is very territorial and will often appear agitated in my presence.

The Consular General specimen was usually in a head-bent-down position so as not to make eye contact as he wandered back and forth attmepting to establish his "territory." No word on whether or not he peed on any trees to accomplish this goal. It was very clear that we were higher on the food chain and were not going to reliquish the territory we had established as our own.

A subspecies of the acualcitizen genus is the imastaworkersaurus butiwillstillingorus. The curious thing about these creatures is that they depend on us for their very survival but treat us with the utmost disrespect.
The females of this species can be idenfied by the short fur on top of their head. They are not know to procreate so they are constantly hiring, err, bringing new specimens into their herd.

This is the exact vehicle that the above pictured specimen uses to roam her vast territory.

I realize that I kind of got off track with my whole safari theme here... well, next post will be the entire gallery of the woman who says she will sue me if I post her picture. (I hope that you are reading this squinty eyes, I'm sooo sure that your lawyer is on retainer and just itching for the chance to... I'm not sure what, or maybe you have a law license yourself? Do you squinty? You seem smart. In fact, I'm sure that you are a lawyer yourself. Harvard Law right? Yeah, it shows. I'll keep you waiting a little bit though)


Jeff said...


When is the next event for illegals? I think I should get my matricula card or whatever it's called. My name is Pablo Escobar and I'd like my Oregon drivers license please.

any idea how I make an appointment?

Jeff said...

another time I'd like to join you and I'll also hire some 'day works' to protest with us. These poor folks who are just trying to support their families (back in Mexico) wouldn't possibly turn down a CASH paying job...would they?

Steffan said...

The tales of your safari bring tears to my eyes...tears of laughter!
The Cheezer and I went there this morning to help give support but did not see you on safari.
We thought it had been moved or canceled at the last minute?
We expected to see a large crowd of your supporters, but did not.
We did a few "drive by's" and looked for you.
Each time we slowed down to view the "Day Workers", we were almost rushed.
Maybe we were too late and you had already bagged your limit and headed home?
Let us know next time you go on safari,We want to bag us some bolg trophies too.

beakeer said...

you need a hobby daniel....see you at work monday.....

Scott said...

How far ahead do we know about these Carna-evils ?
If I know soon enughe I can be there.

P.S. never mind my spleeing...:)

RINO WATCH said...

We have our work cut out.

These parasites won't give up until the politicians that allow them to flourish are kicked out office.

Are ya listnin' Teddy, Billy, Pete, Kate, & you too Lorna Youngs.........

Cornelius January 21
Eugene February 4
Salem February 25
Ashland March 11
Astoria April 1
Woodburn April 22
Bend May 13
Klamath Falls May 27
Hood River June 10
Nyssa June 24
Madras July 8
Newport July 22
Medford August 5
Hermiston August 19
Woodburn September 9
Roseburg September 30
Springfield October 21
Independence November 18
Salem December 9

Allen said...

Who has answers?

Do you think they would allow us to install another sign below the Day Labor posting? Something like "Remember the IRS" or "Is the IRS Watching You" or "Is your worksite OSHA safe" or "Save Now, Suffer Later?"

Whose sign is that anyway? It looks as a City public works effort.

Is that legal to promote a known Cash Underground Economy and one that deprives the City of their income source?

Does the Cornelius City Hall look as good as the Cultural Center?

What Cultures are supported by the tax supported Cultural Center?

What do new Volvos sell for today?

Did all the poor starving Farm Workers all arrive on a flatbed truck?

Anonymous said...

OFIR will be at the Eugene (2/04/06) Carnival of Crime.
The Media will be contacted and I will be on the Richard Sturm Radio Show (1120 am, Sat. 8-9 am) in that City to get more to come. We will not know the location until the week before. ICE will be contacted again, this time with photos (thanks to Daniel)for more proof of Government malfeasence.
I have already started contacting Lou Dobbs, Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity & Lars & Taft. We must embarrass the state to get them to STOP this ILLEGAL activity.
Thank You all for your efforts, it is not going unnoticed by the politicians, they are worried.
NO GUEST WORKER PROGRAM! In the meantime please contact Smith & Wyden and tell them the above, please. Build a Wall & Enforce the Law!
Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

Anonymous said...

Daniel, Here is where you learn who has your back.

Ask a rep. from each newspaper you can think of,(I can think of one big one)to look at your time spent out in "LATINOVILLE" and then do a story on what you reported.

Then let us know which paper and who you talked with, and hopefully Lars, an Victoria will send that statewide.

If the apathetic voters don't come around's time to buy some high ground in Montana before it's all gone.

PS.Ask for comments from all the electeds from Oregon in DC too, that will be really good to know as well.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a bunch of whinners. You want the cheap produce and you don't want to pay a livable wage,but you whine. I guess I don't understand the mentality of the redneck very well.

Have you ever wondered why the anti-immigrant push isn't going anywhere? Take a look at how many corporations and big business are on your side, or at least speaking out against illegals coming over the border to work. NONE. Even politicians notice the pitfall in anti-immigrant rhetoric. Forget Bruce dim-Star. He actually will hurt your cause as the majority of Oregonians see him as a complete ninny.

As long as your fight exists only at the redneck and minuteman (made up predominatly of aryan nations and skin heads) your battle is all for naught. You would have a better time getting some of your brethran off welfare into those picking, landscaping and manufacturing jobs. Oh I almost forgot, and those jobs at WALMART, too.

Good Luck!

Bruce said...


Who needs a Hobby when they have a cause and purpose as Daniel?

Join us as the future is a terrible thing to lose.

Any questions you need only visit the real Mexico and not just the vacation spots.

Then look for those signs of decay in or near your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

As long as your fight exists only at the redneck and minuteman (made up predominatly of aryan nations and skin heads) your battle is all for naught.

Dear A-HOLE:

As long as this type of message you post exists, this country will die as sure as A-HOLES like you think diversity rules.

Bet you think also we had it coming on 911 too.

Anonymous said...

Most of us would rather see all our American brothers and sisters being paid an American 2006 wage. College educated or not. If you think you are not unfairly competing with this 3rd world option for your Paycheck, your Health Care, etc. you are too stupid to be on this blog. Please go to the AOL chat rooms immediately.

Jeff said...

We need a new rule for comments..... no ANONYMOUS posts!

Get some friggin balls and put your name!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"American brothers and sisters"

Glad you said the above, but let's go one step more.

Glad we are born here, and not taking advantage of the loophole that exists for "anchor babies".

If the parents are legal,they don't need someome to translate for them....WELCOME!

Otherwise, we have another war front to fight, and if you don't think that is the way it is...get off the blog here, get out of my country, get off my planet!

Anonymous said...

Jeff said post your name..lets all do that Jeff SMITH, BROWN, BLACK, BLUE.

I post on another issue of community safety, but all I ever got was threats from people who think I'm the nut for thinking 5 criminally insane people in a group home next to a school and loose for 90 minutes is just fine with them, but these people have DOGS for kids,(the 4 legged kind)and do not live where I do, nor will they ask for such a place next to them.

So here is that bottomline, I RESPECT Daniel more each day, but I want him as I think he does...know the risks of "walking point!" I SURE DO. Jack Peek

Polish Immigrant said...

Cheap salad? That salad is more expensive than you think.

The same is true about our schools and criminal system.

Look, if we had sales tax in Oregon instead of income tax, I would not be complaining as much.

Thank God our property taxes are capped.

MAX Redline said...

"You want the cheap produce and you don't want to pay a livable wage,but you whine. I guess I don't understand the mentality of the redneck very well."

Probably because you are one, and we aren't. We don't understand your mentality - or lack thereof - either, "anonymouse".

If you'd bothered to read the thread - you do know how to read, I assume? - you'd have noticed that our man Ron the day laborer is looking for construction work, not agriculture.

And how the heck do you know what I want, when it comes to produce, anyway?

Anonymous said...

I'll have a Hispanic friend go in and give a different name so he can get all the paperwork and bring it out. They won't know if he's legal or not since no checks are done.

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Anonymous said...

Daniel you are the worst specimen of any kind and should be iliminated from the world. I hope you get what is coming to you. What comes around goes around and pay back is a Bitch. You will be punished for your harmful activities

Anonymous said...

Daniel is an Asshole and Daniel is wrong

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