Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"IF" I would like to comment?

If you would like to send written comments concerning citizenship eligibility for benefits administered by the Department of Human Services, your comments on that and other DHS issues are being welcomed. Information on the Task Force, taken from its website (http://www.leg.state.or.us/dhs_review), is inserted below after the Revised Agenda of its Jan. 11 Hearing.

Please click on an area of interest below, then give us the benefit of your input. Your confidentiality will be respected.
Alcohol & Drug Treatment (A&D)
Children, Adults and Families (CAF)
DHS Management, Structure, Forecasting & Accounting (ADMIN)
Oregon Health Plan & Health Services (OHP & HS)
Seniors and People with Disabilities (SPD)

I know that I have some input for this group. Please send them your comments as well.

This is Rep Richardson's group so I believe that your comments won't be thrown straight into the trash. Let's show them were public opinion stands on benefits for illegal aliens.


Anonymous said...


From Text of Gov. Napolitano's (AZ) State of the State address, 1/9/06:

"Second, we will strengthen the border with the people and equipment we need to fight crime and increase border security for lawful commerce, tourism and legal immigration.

The federal government has promised more border patrol agents for Arizona.

But, until they are here, I have asked Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to invoke article 32 of the federal code, which allows the federal government to pay for us to station the National Guard at our border. That financial support would allow the Guard to expand its presence and become even more involved in enforcing the rule of law at the border."

All I can say is...it's about time!!!

: JustaDog said...

If you think it's bad now just wait and see what happens if former (worthless) Gov. John Kitzhaber's proposal for providing government-paid health care to all Oregonians becomes law.

Every scumbag every illegal alien will find their way to Oregon.

Do liberals have no brains or what?

ass2006 said...

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Anonymous said...

Amazing what Politicians will say to get re-elected. Janet N. is the SAME Gov. who campaigned against Prop. 200 (denial of services to illegal aliens) and after her efforts failed, She then shopped it to every Lawyer to get every provision thrown out on a technicallity. She only said this because she is a Demoncrat and will never stop making Bush look bad for not enforcing our laws on immigration and anyone that knows what she really intends won't fall for it and kick her out!

Daniel said...

The issue with Napolitano is this: whatever her reason for doing this act, it is bringing the issue to the forefront yet again.

The more this is in the public eye the better it is for our side, more awareness is our greatest tool.

Anonymous said...

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