Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Unable or unwilling?

Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 1:04 PM
To: Oregon DMV
Subject: public records request

To Whom It May Concern:

Pursuant to Oregon's public records laws I am requesting information on whether or not Oregon has issued a drivers license to LUGARDO CHAVEZ-CHAVEZ (D.O.B 10/04/1967)

I am not requesting personal information, just whether or not the individual was issued a license.

Daniel [My last name]

The response:

Mr. [My last name], I was forwarded your request for a response. The Oregon's Public Records Law is not applicable to you request. I responded to previous emails several months ago as a courtesy but am unable to do so anymore. You will need to request the record through the appropriate channel by mailing in a request with payment attached to Oregon DMV, Record Services Unit, 1905 Lana Avenue NE, Salem, OR 97314. Here is a link to our website that provides more information:

Thank you.

Annie P. Weathers
Program Specialist
DMV Records Policy Unit
PH: (503) 945-8906

Miss Weathers was kind enough to respond to many emails previously but is now "unable" to. It had to have been pretty apparent as to what I was doing, I would email lists of names, all Hispanic, and inquire if they had been issued licenses.

With my current requests I had been hoping to compile a list of illegal aliens with DUII's and Failure to Perform the Duties of a Driver charges to demonstrate the patently false claims that giving illegal aliens drivers licenses somehow makes them more responsible drivers.

Rest assured the project will continue. And I am also interested in whether or not Miss Weathers had been directed not to correspond with me anymore.


Anonymous said...

I don't suppose I should waste my time in suggestiing that you . . . not give up?

Keep Pitt Bull'em them Daniel!

Anonymous said...

Lorna Youngs, the head of Oregon DMV, is the LIKELY culprit.

Youngs fired one DMV manager already so the underlings are probably quaking in their boots.

The next Republican Governor, Jason Atkinson, should fire Youngs in the first 5 minutes of his admin.

Go get 'em Daniel!

Daniel said...

In looking back at the emails I have sent I notice that Miss Weathers was not always the person who responded. One respondent was the policy manager, who I assume is above Miss Weathers.

Sometimes finding a helpful (and sympathetic to the cause) worker is what it takes to get good answers.

Anonymous said...

Pay the damn fee if you want your data. You can afford it and so can America. What we can't afford is open borders like we have now.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ORS 192.440
4. The custodian of any public record may furnish copies without charge or at a substantially reduced fee if the custodian determines that the waiver or reduction of fees is in the public interest because making the record available primarily benefits the general public.

Well, this DOES benefit the general public, can't they see that?


5. A person who believes that there has been an unreasonable denial of a fee waiver or fee reduction may petition the Attorney General or the district attorney in the same manner as a person petitions when inspection of a public record is denied under ORS 192.410 to 192.505. The Attorney General, the district attorney and the court have the same authority in instances when a fee waiver or reduction is denied as it has when inspection of a public record is denied. <1973 C.794 S5; 1979 C.548 S4; 1989 C.111 S12; 1989 C.377 S 2; 1989 C.546 S2

Wonder if we got a couple thousand petitions to the Attorney General, Miss Weathers might start doing her job again.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, you do know about the Transportation hearing next week at the Capitol? I hope. Lorna Youngs will be there to talk about inventing an ILLEGAL ALIEN driver's license or drivers privledge card. Gillman pushed for this last year also. Also they are trying to comply,(finally) with the real ID act (which prevents non-citizens from getting a license). I am sure the commie open border nut jobs will be there crying there woes. This info you are digging up would help a lot! Next Tues. @ 3:30 Room F PUBLIC Testimony @ 4
Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

RINO WATCH said...

RinoWatch comments,,,,,

Daniel said...

Thanks to all of you for the info and support!

I had already written Craig Daniels who is the DMV records manager (I assume Miss Weathers boss) and he also denied me and sounded irate that I went to him after asking her. (do they send out memos about me?)

I have responded to him with a request for waiver. If he denies me then I'll appeal.

Let's see if we can get some people to go give public testimony and get a transcript of that "privileges for criminals" nonsense.

Tony said...

How much do they want in fees for your request?

If it is incidental, pay it and get the info.

If it is a lot, object. They can only charge fees that cover the legitimate costs of providing you with the info.

shirley b. said...

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