Friday, January 06, 2006

Multiple deportations

Old news release: (11-14-02)

Rapist Arrested by Clackamas County Sheriffs Detectives
Jesus Del Carmen Gomez-Rodriguez, a transient and illegal alien from Mexico, will be booked into the Clackamas County jail on charges of Rape I, Burglary I and Assault IV.

The INS has deported him three times in the past. The INS last deported him in August of this year from Portland. Prior to his last deportation, he had been arrested in Clackamas County for charges stemming from several incidents of assault-both felony and misdemeanor, theft, criminal mischief, giving false information, and unlawful entry of a motor vehicle.

In the theme of We Need A Fence I think that I will continue to highlight some egregious examples of illegal aliens being deported and then walking right back across the border to commit further crimes.

This three-time deportee wasn't even gone 3 months since his last deportation before he was back in Oregon and raping women.


Allen said...

I say we deport him again, right after his two surgical wounds heal and he can walk easily.

the barber said...

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The Cheezer said...

I just saw an ad for this on channel 8
Are we going to be there?

The Cheezer said...

I failed to tell you, this is
"Latino Career Fair"
In other words, criminals looking for jobs!

Robin said...

we can always implant GPS chips in to repeat offenders.

John said...

We need to get these guys out of our country. Great blog. Check mine out at

MAX Redline said...

It is refreshing, however, to see a media report that refers to him correctly: a transient illegal alien from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Old news release: (11-14-02)

Back in the days when they told Old Fashioned News.

Daniel said...

Cheezer, they don't let "whitey" into the Latino career fair. It's a racial thing. I would also point out that not all Latino's are criminals.

And yeah, it was interesting to see a news release refer to someone as an illegal alien, but things have gotten a lot more PC since then.

Anonymous said...

Reading this horrid blog and the ridiculous comments makes me ill.