Monday, January 16, 2006

Words escape me...

All I can say is... DON'T DO DRUGS!

If you do drugs then you will end up hanging out with the "legalize it" crowd at OregonNORML and put together a comic strip like this very disturbing piece:

The Adventures of MOTA, the Oregon NORML Roach

For those of you who don't know, "mota" is Spanish for marijuana. (The irony of the Mexican connection here has not escaped me...)

NOTE: There is a Quicktime element to this but I chose not to install it and listen to the theme song by "smoke dogg" (marijuana use causes the misspelling of simple words like "dog")

Notice how the roach, right before he uh, has intercourse with the joint, talks about how Oregon is the only state where you can posses a pound and a half of weed. Yes, only in Oregon...


Anonymous said...

If you've ever seen the NORML crowd on cable access you'll have some idea what long term pot use can do to you.

Every one of them has bad hair and bad skin, two leading indicators of overall health.

I would suggest that if you're trying to keep your kids from smoking dope you sit them down in front of the TV and say "Keep smoking pot and this is what you'll look like when you're 40." That should be enough to make them run away screaming in terror at the sight of a bong.

Daniel said...

These people have a cable access show? Scary. The fact that their political clout is such that they have been able to persuade legislators to pass the "pound and a half" law that voters rejected is downright terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Well Daniel, based on many of their legislative records I'd bet they were concerned about making sure they could maintain an adequate personal supply.

Who in the hell needs 1-1/2 pounds of dope for personal use? Even when I was in college and a daily weed smoker it would have taken me FOUR YEARS at my average rate of consumption to go through 24 ounces of pot.

White Devil said...

Potheads make regular appearances on public access television in Portland Oregon? Say it aint so!

This is "scary"? Weed smokers possessing large quantities of marijuana is "downright terrifying"? Pull yourself together, man!

BTW, some of these awful cable programs can be hilarious, though the comedy is unintentional. You can't write this stuff.