Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jessica's Law

Jessica's Law. So named because of the child victim of a vicious sexual predator in Florida.

What it does:

Protect Oregon children by putting violent sexual predator behind bars for a minimum of 25 years. It further protects the public by requiring lifetime monitoring of the predator once released from prison.

Many states have a Jessica's Law on the books. Oregon does not. This can be attributed to Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown who, you can infer, does not want child sex predators to serve long sentences.

Now we have a citizens initiative in the works. The coalition leading the effort is

You can find out how to help with the campaign at their website.


Anonymous said...

Daniel....Don't get me started on Kate Brown.

In the quest to find how to somehow remove, or at best restrict the siting of the criminally insane PSRB patients being released from the state hospital, I got into this political BS.

She pretty much singlehandly killed SB1040 (1999 session),this bill with some work could have allowed these people, but kept them 1000 ft from the grade school which now they are 400 ft from and are loose "unsupervised" for 90 minutes at a time.

Sten, Adam's, Leonard, have nothing on her as the slimeist elected I ever worked with.

"Jessica's Law" is named for a little girl who was killed in a horrible manner...she needs to be avenged for it,the law is just such a tool.

As Brown is a poster child for all that is really sick about the left, SHE NEEDS "THE FACTOR'S" ATTENTION FOR HER STUPID, DANGEROUS POSITION.

Mark my words on this...we will get another law named for the kid killed when one of these PSRB clients decides not to go back after he is loose for 90 minutes.JP

Daniel said...

Bill O'Reilly really stuck it to her. She did feel the pressure. I sure hope that it doesn't take a victim like Jessica to create more attention the criminally insane "group homes" but I am afraid that it will.

Society waits for the problem to manifest itself completely rather than take preventative measures.

It would be nice to get Kate Brown out of office but I'm not sure that it's realistic in Portland.

Sailor Republica said...

Well, support Jason Atkinson, and the cards will soon follow.

It's that simple, fellows.

Sue K. said...

I just sent Brown an email regarding support for Jessica's Law in Oregon. Of course I got an automated response. Yes, Bill O'Reilly did stick it to her and Ted. O'Reilly seems genuinely passionate about protecting children from sexual predators. If this doesn't get moving in the right direction soon, maybe we should remind O'Reilly about Brown and Ted.

RINO WATCH said...

Where was Bruce Starr EARLY last session? hmmmmmmmmm

Now he's a front runner on a bill so important that he should've been out front with "Jessica" EARLY last legislative session.

BTW, Bruce Starr has hated the initiative process in the past.

Be wary of RINO'S>>>>

terry said...

Why aren't the feminists clamoring for Jessica's Law?