Monday, January 23, 2006

Multnomah Counties solution to crime: Teach them how to do it better

A needs and assets assessment of the Hispanic community of Multnomah County

The hidden world of undocumented workers and the informal economy
As described elsewhere in this report, being undocumented
means that:

*The best jobs are usually unavailable.
*Living in poverty is likely.
*Segregated housing is more likely.
*It is more difficult to learn English, given isolation status.
*Many educational opportunities are not available.
*Children, may believe there are few reasons to stay in school.
*The best opportunities may not be in formal employment, but
rather informal activities.

Uh, no... being "undocumented" means that you are breaking multiple laws. You are in this country illegaly. You are a criminal.

Informal activities are different from criminal ones in that they include goods and services that are legal, but whose production and marketing are unregulated and untaxed.

That's how it's different than criminals activities. It is very similair to criminal activities in the fact that it's... wait for it... A CRIME! Again, they can't work legally, they committ perjury on their I-9 and then fraud and ID theft on their W-4. Then they commit tax evasion and various violations of regulations.

But the criminal element of this is not a problem for Multnomah County, the problem for them is that these criminals are being exploited! And their solution to this problem?

Employment recommendations
To increase opportunities for Latinos/Latinas to own small businesses
or micro-enterprise ventures.

Examples of micro-enterprises include; landscape maintenance, childcare, personal and residential services.

Increase availability of literacy and ESL classes to fit the needs of community such as through provision of childcare, evening hours, transportation and easy community access.

No word on whether or not there will be drinking fountains labeled "Latinos only" in Multnomah County.


Allen said...

Let me get this straight.

Illegal Aliens are not criminals as their Illegal acts only "violate administrative rules" and skipping out on taxes and avoiding normal business regulation is "Informal Activity."

Please correct me if I am wrong.

MAX Redline said...

"No word on whether or not there will be drinking fountains labeled "Latinos only" in Multnomah County."

No, that would be wrong!

The fountains will be labeled:

"Non-Hispanic only".

Gunslinger said...

I had a SCORE counselor once for a business idea I was working on. It stalled when it came to capital. The counselor actually told me (and ashamedly so) that unless I am a minority, of female the assitance from the gov is mostly non-existant.

I love how they dance around the whole ILLEGALLY IN THIS COUNTRY bit by using trendy phrases.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, how you dig up this insanity every day is wonderful. Thank you for the insight.
Why in the hell is our Government bending over backwards to assist criminals & calling them "Victims" & blowing our money? AND planning on everybody just ignoring it? What happened to our papers being our watchdog? Daniel you shame them!
Thank you. Is any body in the media listening?
We are laughing at your inferior intellect.

Oregon Infidel said...

Hmmm. let's spend county tax dollars to help illegal immigrants start businesses that will compete with businesses owned by LEGAL citizens. MAN! "What a good idea" said the rope smoking hippies who run Multnomah County, I think next we should spend millions building a jail, and then let it sit un-used because we don't have the money to staff it! Oh wait....sorry, that's been done already.