Sunday, January 15, 2006

Bending over backwords for criminals

Fight over rules could limit use of Oregon ID
The Oregon driver's license is evolving -- under federal pressure -- from a simple proof of driving ability into a high-tech weapon against terrorism, identity theft and illegal immigration. Or, depending on your point of view, a frightening new tool for government spying.

If a drivers license that actually proves who you are, a license with requirements that all but a few states already have, is a "frightening" tool for government spying to you then your tin-foil hat is on too tight.

Oregon lawmakers approved some driver's license changes last year, but not the most controversial proposal, requiring evidence of citizenship or legal residence in the United States to get a license. Oregon is one of less than a dozen states without such a requirement.

But if the 2007 Legislature doesn't impose the citizenship restriction, the state's residents won't be able to use their license to board an airplane or enter a federal courthouse under a law President Bush signed last spring.

With our state government's track record we will probably sacrifice the citizens in order to continue to cater to the criminal alien demographic.

Leyva-Johnson argues that making it harder for people to get driver's licenses will encourage them to drive without a license -- and without insurance.

And locking your car doors is just more likely to make the burglar smash a window to get your stereo so just leave the doors open. Good logic.


Anonymous said...

When I first heard about the proposal of an "illegal alien drivers license" in Oregon, my first thought was that the government was obviously going out of the way to accomodate people here illegaly. How does this better the lives of LEGAL tax-paying Oregon citizens?

It is obvious that there needs to be a large-scale housecleaning in Salem. The bleeding hearts in charge are just bending over backwards to give away the store, and I am fed up. I have lived here all of my life, paid taxes, stayed out of trouble by and large, and we have these sons of bitches doing this to us. A revolution is in order!!

Sue K. said...

I agree 100% !!

RINO WATCH said...

It can start with a drumbeat to fire Lorna Youngs.

Compare her to Jane Cease former head of DMV. (100 million $ computer fiasco)

Both incompetent!

Anonymous said...

I was at that hearing. Why weren't more of you? Don't want a Border? Couldn't take an hour or two off from work?
The BAD GUYS depend on your apathy!
Too bad they can count on your NOT showing up over and over. Of course they will WIN, if you continue to do NOTHING!
Our REP's only do what they are told to do.

Sue K. said...

It is amazing the documentation that I had to provide for my sons when it was time to get their drivers' permits. I have a friend who had her wallet/purse stolen a month or so back. I guess when it came time to go to dmv, it was a nightmare. Why is it that legal, law abiding citizens have to follow the rules to a "T" and illegals don't? I think a lot of the state workers forget actually what country they are in and who they are paid to provide services for. I think it is BS to "assume" that giving illegals drivers license means they will have/keep liability insurance. It would be interesting to see what the percentage of those illegals given DL's have been cited for DUII, Driving while suspended, Driving without insurance, etc.

Anonymous said...

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