Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A ray of hope

Advertisers drop 'Book of Daniel'
Three of the five national advertisers that had commercials run during the debut airing of NBC's controversial "Book of Daniel" will no longer advertise on the program, states the organization leading the protest against the show.

According to American Family Association, just five advertisers ran spots during the program's two-hour premier on Friday night – and at least one of those got bargain-basement rates for the commercials the day before.

How can you do your part?
Contact these advertisers of the January 6 premiere epidsode of The Book of Daniel

If you haven't heard about this show let me sum it up: drugs, gays, lesbians, alcoholics, infidelity, and debaucherty. And those are just the things that the Christian pastor and his family do!


Bob H. said...

Daniel, I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but I wonder if you could help energize some support for a Jessica's Law type of legislation in Oregon. I am embarrassed that we have almost no support at the top for this. We already had a pedophile governor, we can't wait until we have a judge like the one in Vermont mete out that kind of justice.Thanks, Bob.

Daniel said...

Absolutely. I heard that a citizens iniative is being formulated since Kate Brown singled handedly blocked this in the Oregon Senate.

I just emailed Crime Victims United to ask them which group is organizing that effort.

Denise said...

I actually watched this program - I like to know what I am talking about before condeming something.

Well, aside from all of the controversy about the subject matter. The fact is this show is not very good! The acting is bad, the humor (?) is not funny and they are just trying so hard to be hip and edgy that the entire thing just falls flat.

Bottom line - this show will go away on it's own because it's crappy! I have better things to do with my time and energy. Boycotting the advertisers or writing stations about this show are not necessary. This show will die on it's own.

Bob H. said...

Thanks Daniel you're a prince among men. I hope we can get some traction on this issue. Bob H.