Thursday, January 05, 2006

Keep up the pressure

2 NBC affiliates drop'anti-Christian' show
Amid a protest bolstered by a pro-family group, two NBC affiliates have dropped a new drama featuring a troubled, pill-popping Episcopal priest who is the father of a dysfunctional family.

From AFA:

Terre Haute, Indiana, NBC affiliate WTWO has become the first station to announce that it will not carry the anti-Christian program The Book of Daniel. We urge you to call your local NBC affiliate and ask them to join WTWO in not carrying the program. Please call today and ask others to call. The phone calls do make a difference! [ ] Click Here to read a review of the show by AFA's Ed Vitagliano, who has viewed the entire premiere episode of NBC's The Book of Daniel.

Online petition

I really don't want to see this program air on our local NBC station. This might be a subtle similarity but the show is named after me!

How will I be able to walk down the street? People will point at me and laugh and say "there goes Daniel, the guy from that tv show..."

Don't let that happen to me.


Steffan said...

How dare they use your name like that!
The "Book of Daniel" that I will be watching this season is not on NBC but at

Daniel said...

Thanks so much!

Kaelri said...

It isn't enough to just choose not to watch the thing?