Friday, January 06, 2006

Feel sorry for them or build a wall?

Single mother struggles with abuse, deportation issues
Over and over again, Adela Hernandez* asks herself, “What is best for my child?”

Five years ago, she came to Kansas City to learn English, so that she could come back and put her degree in Business Administration to better use. She soon met José*, a man originally from the same state where she grew up. They married in August of 2002.

It wasn’t long before Hernandez was pregnant and her husband was beating her.

The stereotype of the macho Mexican male, José drank heavily, was unresponsive to her needs, and imposed strict limits on her freedom.
We're allowed to stereotype now?

José would leave the apartment for months, and one night was arrested for drunk driving and deported back to Mexico. Within a few weeks, however, he was back, and began beating her again.

It wasn’t long before he was arrested again for drinking. She visited him in jail, a few weeks before he was to be deported for the second time.

She began the arduous process of moving on, and when José, who had since moved to Oregon, would call, her family would hang up the phone.

So this wife beating, drunk driving, twice deported illegal alien moved to Oregon. He's breeding in Kansas but for some reason chose Oregon for his home. Is it because he could get help from DHS at the "Carousel of information?"

José moved back to Kansas City, was deported again, and returned once more, this time to Kansas City.

I think that I lost track of how many times this criminal was deported. This story is written as a public interest/sob story but it really illustrates what's wrong with our immigration system and open border.

Our government can't keep this guy out. If he decides to kill his wife then he will be able to do it. Deport him, he comes right back.

The question is not should we build a wall or can we build a wall but rather how tall should we make it and should it incorporate land mines?


Robin said...

correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that once you were deported, that the penalties were more severe if you returned.

Also, along the question of "what is best for my child?" If somebody in the United States [Citizen] placed their child in danger as one does by trying to sneak over the border, wouldn't that be considered child endangerment and wouldn't you risk losing your child?

I guess that my point is, one argument in favor of putting up the wall between the countries would be to protect the children.

hey,it is the same argument that we hear all the time whenever the government wants something from us.

Anonymous said...

Heck, he will probably do something really bad, and turn into another Raul Gomez-Garcia.

Anonymous said...

I say we experiment with controled radiation on the border. The down side is we might loose a little livable space along the border. The up side is we guarantee nobody lives thru the "crossing".

Kaelri said...

Those reactionary borgeois capitalist bastards are contaminating the purity that we have brought to Berlin.

How tall should we make it? Should it incorporate landmines?

(Yes, I know the difference but I'm also acutely aware of the similarities.)

Daniel said...

Robin, all I have to say to this woman who "wants what's best for her child" is that she wouldn't last 2 minutes in a room with Dr. Laura yelling at her.

Bringing criminals around your children is not "what's best."

Kaelri, please elaborate rather than just say that there are "differences" and "similarities" between my statement (the last part of which was facetious) and a Nazi statement.

List three differences and three similarities and then we can argue them.

Anonymous said...


Originally you wanted to just keep illegal aliens from entering the US. Now you want to blow them up as they try to cross the border. Are you trying to emulate the North Korea South Korea border?

Kaelri said...

"List three differences and three similarities and then we can argue them."

Ah. Thought they were obvious. But as you wish.

(I thought the metaphor was obvious, as well.)

(Also, because I love parentheticals, I expect José's disposition was a bit different during the courting period.)

Differences, then. One, the Bolsheviks had the added motivation of defending East Berlin against a military invasion, which we aren't expecting from Mexico.

Two, their wall security involved surrounding the volatile-territory-in-question with a total blockade and shooting those who illegally attempt to cross - from either side. (At least, I hope you don't intend for U.S. soldiers that particular example of Soviet xenophobia.)

Three, you could actually probably find some people outside the government who'd actually support the thing.

And similarities: one, that third number would still be a vast minority. Even if it's workable now, it will decrease steadily as 9/11 becomes a less monopolized subject and people can regard it with a more balanced point of view. On top of that, some people's absolutist perception of racism will never fade. (This is only relevant due to an additional difference: unlike communist dictatorships, democracies can't do something the people don't like unless it's hidden from them.)

Two, both walls were intended to protect the people on one side from evils that are in fact prevalent on both sides.

Three, difference #2 means that even if this thing is built (made highly unlikely by similarity #1), it will be pretty much ineffective.

Anonymous said...

Kaerl, NOT expecting a military invasion from Mexico? So you don't read the news? over 100 KILLED on the Laredo border area, just this last year! In broad daylight, gunned down, some were American tourist's!
Over 4000 people Killed in America where the perp went back to Mexico because they won't extradite!
CRACK/COKE, HEROIN, METH, these addicitve drugs that get people killed or hooked for life are NOT as bad as the the others?
Would Vincente Fox get rid of that fence around his House?
If their was no WALL of force in Korea, what would happen to the South Koreans?
How many BABIES were being blown up in Isreal, until they built a fence?
The Commies didn't want the Germans to go west and be FREE, they wanted to keep thier slaves at home. I suppose you don't lock your Car? and sleep with all your windows and doors open?
Comparing a fence with the Berlin wall is amazingly stupid and DANGEROUS. We cannot let EVERYONE in the TURD WORLD just walk in and do whatever to whomever.
we are going from a melting pot to a chamber pot and people like you don't care. I have KIDS, I DO CARE. It IS a free Country, you can leave at any time. Please.

Kaelri said...


Heh, there's a bit of irony...

"Kaerl, NOT expecting a military invasion from Mexico?"

No. I'm not. Neither is anyone else. I would like to see some sources for the Laredo figure, but I also think it's irrelevant. Mexico has basically zero motivation for invading the United States unless they really want Texas and the Cession back.

"Comparing a fence with the Berlin wall is amazingly stupid and DANGEROUS."

It was intended to make you think about the correlations. That's all.

"We cannot let EVERYONE in the TURD WORLD just walk in and do whatever to whomever.
we are going from a melting pot to a chamber pot and people like you don't care."

I do, in fact, care. Remember that the next time you see fit to render judgments without evidence. In contrast, I can draw some logical conclusions about the "turd world" reference.

Robin said...

Mexico has basically zero motivation for invading the United States unless they really want Texas and the Cession back.

headline: border wars grow violent
"They are fighting for access to the United States, says Baja Attorney General Antonio Martinez Luna.

"Because the market is on the other side," he said. "
[referring to drug cartels]

Anonymous said...

Kaelri, "render judgements without evidence"
i.e. they HATE it there!
ROME had running water 2,000 years ago, 1/5 of Mexico STILL does not, so instead of fixing the problem, THEY RUN AWAY!

Kaelri said...

That wasn't what I was referring to. Read it through again.

Tim Lewis said...

Kaelri, I really do think you care. What are you referring to?

Kaelri said...


Tim Lewis said...

I see.

On a previous comment, who here has been to the North Korea/South Korea border?