Thursday, January 05, 2006

Here come the hard workers

US agents shot at, tension mounts on Mexico border
U.S. Border Patrol agents have come under fire twice along the Rio Grande in Texas in recent days amid rising tension on the frontier with Mexico, although no one was reported wounded, U.S. authorities said on Thursday.

At what point do we decide that war has been declared? Vicente Fox has made numerous comments that were hostile to this country, his government encourages an illegal invasion by it's citizens and they shoot at us regularly.

I want tanks on the border and possibly some Patriot missiles... yeah, definitely some missiles. Use them if we have to.


Anonymous said...

Lets get some UAV - or rather AUAV ( Armed, UnManned Arial Vehicles)

The military is testing a number of different designs - all could be tested along the border.

Come at night, get machine gunned.
Come at day, get blowed-up with an RPG.

It is an invasion, we need to be treating it as such.

Daniel said...

And put it all on Pay-per-view! It would be a self-sustaining program.

MAX Redline said...

I prefer the fence design, as shown at While I believe that most problems can be resolved via judicious use of high explosives, the fence needs to come first.

Allen said...

And the Spanish language Radio station in Texas that gives Illegals tips on where the Border Patrol is working and more!!

Now ain't that just peachy?

That gets my dander up!

Anonymous said... Has a UAV and they have pictures of the NEW U.S. Border Patrol UAV also. Yes I would pay to watch our boys doing a good job to keep America's Independence

Anonymous said...

I am just waiting for El Presidente Bush to apologize to Fox for the border shooting. Odds are better that he would apologize to Mexico rather than coming out and supporting his border patrol agents. Sickening.

Daniel said...

I am really ashamed of the lack of response to the saber rattling that Fox has been doing since the passage of HR 4437.

He has threatened us and our president has said nothing.

Robin said...

He has threatened us and our president has said nothing.

I do not understand that either... and I think that is what makes us a paper tiger and a joke around the world is we have people on our own borders that are threatening us and our security and we sit back and do nothing about it.

For example, did we ever go after those people that cut the heads off of our troops?