Friday, January 20, 2006

Keep the pressure on

Be here tommorow: Centro Cultural

What is Centro Cultural?

We serve primarily Western Washington County by providing education and empowerment programs such as English as a Second Language, Spanish Literacy, Computer Technology, Job training, Day Labor, Cultural Values, Leadership Training and community organizing, Information and Referral and a Hot Meals program. Centro also promotes the Latino.

A racial promotion group. Nice.

Why be there? We will be protesting the Mexican Mobile Consulate and state agencies helping out criminal aliens who have no right to the social serives they will be receiving!

Centro Cultural Cornelius
1110 N Adair St.
Cornelius, OR 97113
@ 9:00am


RINO WATCH said...

Investigating that Centro Cultural bldg was financed with "public dollars".

If so, it now may be a "public bldg"!

Be there to find out for sure.

Kristopher said...

Can we get Mexican Citizenship IDs as well?

I'm sure we have just as much documentation as the illegals they are passing them out to.

Daniel said...

I haven't yet decided how I am going to approach this initially. I was recognized from 50 ft away at the last protest so convincing them to let me in might not work. If nobody calls me out initially though I may pretend that I have "official business" inside.

Look for lots of pictures afterwards!

RINO WATCH said...

$15,000 was invested in the Centro Cultural Facility in Cornelius from the Washington County Commission. (Copies of the docs available on Saturday)

The funding came from the Strategic Investment Program (SIP).

It's taxpayer money folks, therefore, Centro Cultural must allow public access.