Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm shocked

Two former UO students eco-terrorist suspects
Two former University students are among six suspected eco-terrorists arrested in December during a nationwide crackdown against violent environmental demonstrators.

Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, a South Eugene High School graduate, and Sarah Kendall Harvey, a former Eugene resident, are both suspects in the toppling in 1999 of a power transmission tower in Bend.

I regularly topple power transmissiion towers during demonstrations... oh wait, no I don't.

The Axis of Enviros: Portland, Ashland, Eugene. They must be dealt with harshly.


Gullyborg said...

Part of the problem is at the state level. 28 years or however long it has been of liberal democrat governors has eviscerated the state's ability to crack down on problems. The university is a state institution. But the state does nothing to get the America-hating anti-capitalist professors and organizations off campus. The state police can crack down on criminal groups like ELF (a terrorist organization) but won't. The state can cooperate with the federal government in investigations, but refuses. The state can take away the power of local governments in places like Eugene, but buckles. We need a strong conservative governor who won't continue to make excuses for domestic terror. I think you know who I mean...

Jon said...

you should read the rants over at the Portland Indymedia site. Apparently those two are being railroaded by the feds...(yeah right)

I think there was another guy too, but he committed suicide in jail.

fatrichie said...

A hate crime is a hate crime, terrorism is terrorism, criminal actions by so-called "enviromentalists" are still criminal actions ie, crimes and therefore punishable.

But our state has the cahonies of an Angus steer. I hold little hope that these maggots will pay for their crimes.

BEAR said...

Please don't be misled by so-called protest group names. They are ALL made up of the same people, with the same goal...the destruction of the U.S. by destroying the economy. The various names are merely subterfuge to create some political plausibility. Have you noticed the dog that isn't barking? Not one of the liberal non-profit groups will condemn or even criticize criminal acts by these criminal groups. HMMM.