Thursday, January 26, 2006

Palestine: A terrorist state

Palestinian PM, Cabinet Resigns After Hamas Victory
Hamas won a huge majority in parliamentary elections as Palestinian voters rejected the longtime rule of the Fatah Party, throwing the future of Mideast peacemaking into question, officials from both major parties said Thursday.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will ask Hamas to form the next government, with his defeated Fatah Party weighing whether to form a partnership or serve in the opposition.

U.S. State Department:
Current List of Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations

HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)

Palestine in now officially under control of a terrorist organization. (Cue the liberals who want to give them more land...) What do we do about it?

America has a stated policy of not negotiating with terrorists. All talks with this country and all foreign aid should be cut off and a complete embargo should be enacted.

These are the people who danced in the street on Sept 11th. These people clearly have no interest in peace, only the destruction of Israel and America.

International observers, led by former President Carter, said the elections were "well-administered."

Anytime homicidal maniacs are elected you can always find Carter gushing over how well the elections went.

Side note: Iran hails Hamas victory


Jon said...

America has a stated policy of not negotiating with terrorists. All talks with this country and all foreign aid should be cut off and a complete embargo should be enacted.

There is no Palestine. Its not a country, never has been. Its the name of a region or area, much like "Central America".
And if the USA has been giving aid to these animals, I give up. Maybe moving to Canada. There is no more point of trying here.

Tim Lewis said...

Move to Canada...just don't get any serious illnesses. That free health care will have you waiting in line just to see a doctor for a diagnosis for six weeks.

Besides, how you think the terrorists get to America?

You're right though. Terrorists are animals. They act on instinct alone.

Jon said...

I understand that, Im just sick of it all. Even Bush wont do anything about protecting our who will?

As for health care...well, its not much better here with our "corporate" insurance. The poor & illegals get theirs free anyway, (free to them) and when I submit a claim, they usually either only pay a little bit, or dont pay at all.
So unless I become independently wealthy, Im pretty much screwed in the good 'ol USofA.

Anonymous said...

But then, back in 1947 those who are now part of the Israeli government were terrorists blowing up hotels and killing innocent people.

It must depend on which side of the fuse you are on.

Daniel said...

Did any of you catch Bush's weak speech on this subject this morning? Might as well have been Carter...

Tony said...

I bet Netanyahu will get a bump out of this.

Go Bennie!

Kristopher said...

This is actually a good thing.

Hamas will no longer have the Palestinian Authority to hide behind ... they will BE the Palestinian Authority.

If Hamas continues terror attacks, then that must be the new government policy.

A formal declaration of war would then be in order ... followed by carpet bombing of cities that produce munitions used to attack Israel.

Now that Hamas is actually a government, they have to play by the same rules the other governments play by. Attack your nieghbor, and your neighbor will have justifiable reasons to turn your country into smoking rubble.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the US government want to see democractic elections in Palenstine? I guess that only applies when the outcome of the elections suits the US. What is the United States going to do when the Iraqi People vote for a theocracy? Bitch about that also?