Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday night rant

Open letter to Ted Kennedy:

Dear Pumkin Head,

Your drunken senile rantings amuse me. The large mishapen thing on top of your shoulders that you call a head amuses me. The endless sound bites that you provide talk radio amuse me. The fact that American citizens continue to vote you into office does not amuse me.

Sure, I compare it to the fact that more people vote on American Idol than they do on Presidential elections, that shows about eating bugs are immensely popular and the fact that some people dye their hair green and pierce every bit of skin that protrudes from their body.

I know that people are stupid. You are their king.

I know that it is of great concern to you that Judge Alito was a member of a group that had other members who wrote articles that you may find offensive. I too agree that we have a serious problem here.

It is a problem of double standards. Senator Byrd was a member of the KKK. They lynched black people. CAP published an article that opposed affirmative action and gay having children. (both of which I oppose)

Tell my lumpy head, which is worse? And when you tell me, try to do it coherently and without the prompting of Senator Feinstein.

As for you Republicans, (NOTE: This is not for you Arlen Specter, it makes me sick that a bald man like yourself could be so stupid. Being bald increases oxygen intake to the brain hence my superior intellect, it baffles me how Specter could be such a moron) anyways, you Republicans, next time we have a Democrat nominee I demand that you brutally interogate the man about whether or not he will support a babies right to live.

Make the entire confirmation proccess hinge on whether or not the nominee will vote to overturn Roe V. Wade. Make it very clear that you won't vote for any nominee who is not pro-life.

And Judge Alito, the funniest thing that you could do at this point (besides Ann Coulter's idea of telling Kennedy "we'll drive off that bridge when we get to it") would be to wait for the next question about "a woman's right to choose" and then ask "to choose what?"

And now a programming note: It's an election year. While neither of our Senate seats are up for grabs this year we do have some important issues to tackle. You will notice an increase in the number of "activism" posts. These are posts where I will provide links to send letters/emails or faxes, provide phone numbers, petitions, and special interest group information.

I would encourage all of you who are obviously interested in politics to commit to doing things to help the candidates and causes you are passionate about. The degree of effort you put into it determines the degree of effect you can have. An email is quick to send but also quick to delete. A phone call takes a little longer but forces a staffer to answer the phone. Money is always helpful for candidates and campaigns as is volunteer work.

One way that you can get involved at the local level is to attend a Republican Meetup. I have attended both the Washington County and Multnomah county meetups and it was a positive experience.

The point is: get involved. It makes no sense to just complain about the way things are if you are not willing to work to change them. We can change things in Oregon. Little things, big things. Things that will have domino effects. We can make our children safer, our companies more profitable and preserve our rights. If you have any question on how to get involved with your pet issue or candidate leave a comment and I will get you the info.


Sue K. said...

Kennedy-what a joke! He's only making an ass of himself. He's about the last person who should be judging someone else's character. So, Daniel, if I were to call Sleepy Ted's office and remind him to keep his word to the State Police (in regards to funding) and to not throw anymore money to the DHS black-hole, I would get a live person?????

Daniel said...

Gov K: 503.378.4582

Yes, a live staffer will answer the phone. Another thing to do with regards to the DHS situation is to contact Rep Richardson's DHS review.

Thanks for your activism!

Anonymous said...

1 year ago next month. I awake to a Sunday paper with a very large photo of 2,000 people standing in line. I look into it and find out it is called a "Carousel of Information". A visit by the Mexcian Consulate and the State is there...HELPING Illegal Aliens!
Today(1/11/06) in an "Emergency" DHS budget session at the Capitol, DHS was grilled on going to these "Carousel's".
Next week all Agency heads will be in a meeting to discuss NO LONGER ATTENDING the Carousel's...NONE!
Stay active, THEY are listening. DHS and Rep.s mentioned "all the concerns of citizens they have been hearing over this issue"

Daniel and all who helped, it's working. Thank You.
Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

Anonymous said...

Teddy K is like other Teddy K's as they are all water under the bridge.

Oh I forgot, Teddy Kennedy didn't get wet did he, it was just Mary Jo.

Anonymous said...

"It makes no sense to just complain about the way things are if you are not willing to work to change them." Daniel said.

I maybe a bit sensetive, but if this was aimed at may as well be right.

If your burned out on the process, then you only react to the nature of those who you trusted as you trusted them in the process.

I hope that will mean something to some of you, cause I got into this issue strictly as a defense of my family as the true nature of the group home I continue to rant about was hidden by the same type laws as this diease lars spoke of today.

Issues of confidentiality protecting those more then the people they have or could impact are a sick as the clients released that have been judged guilty but insane of the crimes of murder, arson and rape.

I ask you Daniel, to ask Sen Jason about this issue, but he must know there are major Federal laws that protect criminally insane people.

Gordon Smith nor any of the Oregon DC elected have the guts to tackle this deal, IT IS A MAJOR PC DEAL!

I most strongly admitt that the border issue is next to terror, the biggest problem, but current laws say these people can be located without notice anywhere they want...period!

And if you wish to have one of these places as a symbol of your "tolerant ways", let me know, I have the numbers to call, but do tell your neighbors that you are doing this, it will be the topic on the "old backfence" if you do.

The "FISHWRAPPER" in a 16 -17 segment articule has laid the groundwork for the siting of maybe 300 more clients in your neighborhoods, thank Bob Caldwell, he think's it is a great idea, just not in his. Jack Peek

I am Coyote said...

"Chose what?"

Great Daniel. Great line.

Oh how I love the art of the understatement. Touche'

dchamil said...

Woman's "Right to Choose" sounds fine to me until I remember that there are other people involved, and not just the baby/infant/fetus. There are grandparents -- would they like to see the baby live? There is a father -- does he have an opinion? I'm not saying these others should decide the matter, but I'd like to see them have their say. What is needed is not law but wisdom.

Daniel said...

Rick, the groudswell is building. Thanks for your huge effort in the fight and thanks to everyone else who attended a protest, wrote a letter to the editor, phoned their reps, etc.

Anon, our Teddy hasn't directly killed anyone but you can make a loose connection between all the illegal aliens that he encourages to come to Oregon and the murders they have committed.

Jack, that was not aimed at anyone in particular. My goal with that statement was to rouse some emotional response from people to encourage them to take 2 minutes to at least send an email. The HIPA laws do make it difficult to even do research on this issue, I know because I've tried to find specifics and they just aren't published by the state that I can locate.

Coyote, I really like the idea of making them spell it out. We are all supposed to know what "choice" means but let's make them say it anyways.

Anonymous said...

Daniel.Amy at the state GOP should be, as you should be, running for office.

My faith in the political process is pretty weak after all I have been through with what I have wriiten about, but there are people who can make a have my respect! JP

Rich from Springield said...

Great post Daniel, and great comments.

I haven't been watching the hearings, has Punkin' Head gotten Alito's name right yet or does he still call him Alioto! You'd think even Teddy would show the judge enough respect to address him properly. What a sot.

terry said...

Laura Ingraham calls him the secior balloon from Massachusetts. He's also the senior buffoon - take your pick.

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