Sunday, January 29, 2006

Calling Latinos stupid

With help of disc jockeys, police seek Latinos' trust
Two popular Willamette Valley disc jockeys soon will bring their Spanish-language radio show to listeners from inside a Salem police car.

Beginning next month, KWIP (880 AM) "La Campeona" DJs Don Angel and Jose Alfaro will join the Salem Police Department in a campaign to reach out to the growing Spanish-speaking community by riding with police on patrol and reporting their adventures to listeners

Confusion and mistrust about the role of local police has hampered other forms of outreach to Latinos, he said.

"We hosted one program to teach about drug awareness, and a lot of people were afraid to come because they thought we were going to deport them," Moore said. "Our job is not to deport people."

"We are very pleased that they are interested in this community," Alfaro said. "Sometimes (Latinos) make mistakes simply because they do not know or understand the rules and laws."

Are you calling Latinos stupid? Are they dumber than the general population who is expected to know and understand the rules and the law?

Oh wait, this isn't about Latinos it's about criminal aliens. And for the record, it's not that they don't "know or understand" the law, they simply don't care about breaking it.

This is a waste of police time and resources. "Reaching out" to a community of criminals while saying "our job is not" to enforce the law is absolutely disgusting.

Saying that Latinos are "confused" and "mistrust" police is a completely racist statement. It's the criminal aliens who, being lawbreakers, don't trust law enforcement. Although it appears their distrust is misplaced, law enforcement just wants to "educate" them and maybe find them some social services.


Allen said...

Perhaps soon Don and Jose can welcome their friends to the Big White Bus Rally!

Anonymous said...

What the Hell? All over the rest of the Country, Laws are being passed so the Police can enforce immigration law. Costa Mesa, L.A., Georgia. Police are being trained by I.C.E. to assist. BUT Oregon has another "outreach" program instead.
Does Ted K. prefer Illegal Aliens to Oregonians? Actions speak louder than words!
This week he told the State Agencies to keep going to the Carousel's, Actions speak...

Denise said...

This is insane. The Mayor and City Council can and should put a stop to this RIGHT NOW!

Tim said...

Maybe this is too big a concept for Mr. Moore to get his mind around, but people who are breaking the law (as illegal aliens are) generally tend to avoid the police.

Daniel said...

Next program: Outreach to meth cooks teaching them how to "protect the environment" after cooking a batch of drugs.

Tips on:

Proper chemical disposal, safety equipment, and where to get hazardous material permits.

It makes sense to me, it's along the same line of "give them clean needles" or "give condoms to 12 year olds."

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is of mexican ancestory, or more correctly, his family lived in Texas when the US took that over and have been American citizens since the 1850s. Well befoorse my family came from England in the 1900s. He speaks only english.

Now, he was living in Springfield and the police there had a habot of stopping him and asking for his green card. A couple of times insisting on his green card even when he presented his OSDL.