Sunday, January 08, 2006

Funniest... interview... ever

Ok, so there have been some better ones, Randy Leonard comes to mind as does that interview with Goli Ameri where she wouldn't shut up and Lars said "Miss Ameri" about 3000 times trying to get a word in, but this is the best one of the new year!

Listen as Commissioner Sam Adams Senior Policy Advisor tries to explain why $200,000 of your sewer bill money is (illegaly) going to a hippie commune. The best part is when this lady realizes she didn't really come prepared with facts and logic and tries to make a getaway.

Lars Audio Files


Anonymous said...

On Randy Leonard: I heard that he said on his now defunct show when asked by a caller,(Lars Larson)if he would come to the "INFAMOUS" cross ceremony in Pioneer Square, that he would only be there if" the cross was to be run through GWB'S chest!"

Any truth to that? Jack Peek

Anonymous said...

Pot isn't Native to the Tryon Farm and thus will be disallowed as will be the Briar Berries that all the little animals eat and thrive upon.

Daniel said...

Jack, I also heard that.

Anon, they'll import their pot from Portland.

Chris McMullen said...

Daniel, I just listened to this interview and laughed my ass off. I'd really like to know how much Maria Thi Mai gets paid, she's a pretty pathetic Senior Policy Director for the COP.

Good to know such qualified, quick-thinking persons are employed by the city.