Thursday, January 12, 2006


It's very important for people to enjoy different experiences. People should also see the effects of their choices and actions on others.

You are all familiar with the "police ride-along" where a member of the public goes with an officer out on patrol to see what they deal with.

I'm suggesting something similair:

The ODOT-Commuter ride-along. This would be some ODOT employee who made the decision to spend millions on a "multi-use path" that gets used maybe 10 times a day getting to ride along with an Oregon worker for their commute.

Perhaps not just one Oregon worker either. They could ride I-5 from Salem to Portland and then get out and ride with someone else back to Salem.

Experience the stop and go, the fact that you can go for miles and miles without ever breaking 20 mph, the fact that you are wasting gas and going to be late.

Perhaps the ODOT employee could wear some sort of pads and helmet and the commuter could punch them ever time they come to a complete stop. (or we could leave the pads out of this...)

Of course, after this program we should have the light-rail proponents ride the bus and MAX in January... in the rain... to go grocery shopping. See how they like it.

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