Sunday, January 15, 2006

What would you do?


A terrorist attack is imminent and the suspects are in your site, do you:

a) do what George Clooney would do and try to "understand" them

b) do what an ACLU attorney would do and make sure their "rights" aren't violated during the commision of their attack

c) do what Jack Bauer would do and shoot, knife, kick, punch and disembowel them until they are no longer a threat

If you answered "c" then you are a good American.

If you answered "a" or "b" then get out of my country. And if you are a male (not a man) and you are married then leave your wife and kids behind because you obviously can't protect them.

Only 9 hours and 50 minutes until the next episode of 24...


dchamil said...

My take on Jack Bauer and 24 is that Fox is repeating their success with conservative-friendly Fox News by presenting this conservative-friendly entertainment program. And it is entertaining.

Daniel said...

It's addictive!

Kate said...

Awesome post Daniel! I know that I am married to a MAN because I know without a doubt he would stand up to protect my life by giving his life if the situation required it. He would also lay down his life to protect the freedoms of the US people except that due to a back injury he cannot serve in the military.