Monday, January 30, 2006

Teddy K's achievements

We were the first state to finance public art for every public building.
-April 4, 2003

“This has been a very important and successful year for art and culture in Oregon. In spite of a very tight budget, we were able to preserve the state’s two leading public voices for art and culture - the Oregon Arts Commission and the Oregon Cultural Trust.
-December 23, 2003

Governor Ted Kulongoski today announced his new postsecondary education initiative and announced the appointment of former Governor Neil Goldschmidt to serve on the Board of Higher Education.
-November 13, 2003

Governor Ted Kulongoski issued his second warning to Oregon residents within a month: If you face the possibility of flood damage, buy flood insurance now.
-January 28, 2006

"With today’s ruling, we’ve gone from having many unanswered questions about Measure 37 to having many more... It has been clear from the beginning that the courts would need to sort these issues out."
-October 14, 2005

Executive Order: 05-01
The Director of Affirmative Action and each Agency Director or Administrator shall review and discuss the affirmative action plans and affirmative action goals for their departments to identify resources for improving, if needed, the hiring and developmental opportunities of underrepresented persons.

Executive Order: 06-02
Paraphrasing: We need to grow grass on top of buildings at taxpayer expense. We should name our children Sunflower or Stardust. People who drive cars should be punished.

And so continues the saga of our worthless governor. I would love to list rape victims that were needlessly assaulted because of our states magnet policies of helping illegal aliens but it's hard to provide a source link to that other than to point to one example:


Kulongoski, you worthless excuse for a leader, children have been victimized in horrible ways that no one should ever have to experience because you REFUSE to stop making Oregon a magnet state for illegal aliens. You are a despicable creature.


Sue K. said...

Yep, I have to agree 100%, Teddy K is pretty worthless. I think a dead person has more life in it than he does. Come election time it will be.....Adios, Teddy K!

Sue K. said...

I wonder if the illegal alien of the day needed any help figuring out the law. I doubt it. I think he had things figured out already. Be in the United States illegally and get away with it. We will also give you an Oregon DL, hold carousels of information to show you how to receive services you are not entitled to, provide you with low cost housing and medical care. Commit a crime? No problem! You will get a slap on the hand and be let go to re-offend again and again and again. Then, if you ever do spend time in jail, we will pay for that too. Once you serve your shortened sentence, you may get deported back to Mexico to start the whole process over again. No, I think these guys have things figured out pretty good.

Sailor Republica said...

Sue K, it won't be goodbye Teddy K unless we get someone who is gonna be real tough on Illegal Immigration. And there's only one G-candidate that will do it.

You know of whom I speak.

peod in Oregon said...

Daniel, is there a way to identify the illegals from this link to the inmate list? I also noticed that the only races listed are W and B.

Anonymous said...

I dunno Sailor, I assume you mean Atkinson, but for the life of me I can't name one thing he has done in his nearly decade of public service that has moved the ball forward one millimeter on illegal immigration (though honestly it has only reached a boiling over point the last 3 years or so), so frankly, I can't see where you think he will be really tough on illegal immigration.

Mannix has the best plan on illegals, and his record indicates that when he is in office, he actually gets things done instead of waiting for others to do it.

I hope you give him another look.


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Daniel said...

Andy, Mannix has waffled on this issue badly. Look at this post and you will see a couple links to why Mannix is awful on this issue. Plus he continues to call into Lars and advocate for a "guest worker" program.

POed in Oregon: yes, you look for the inmate with the ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) hold.

The real quick way to scan the list is to get the google toolbar, go to the list, use "ice" as your search term then hit the back button on your browser and hit the "highlight search term" button. Then you can scroll down the page with all the illegal aliens highlighted in yellow!

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that Illegal immigrants are responsible for all rapes in Oregon? Why stop there? Why not take on the Catholic clergy and evangelical youth ministers?

Daniel said...

No I'm not anonymous, I'm saying that the crimes they commit are preventable because they shouldn't even be here.

This is just like a crash that involved alcohol. It wouldn't have happened unless someone was drinking.

And I am saying that illegal aliens commit a disproportionate share of the crime in this state.

Oh, and for every Catholic priest you can find who molested a child I can find a public school teacher who did the same thing.

Alejandro said...

Too bad you have to spend your time writing a blog of hatred towards other human beings. Plenty of American rapists too, plenty of good people on both sides. I don´t blame you, my country (Mexico) is the number one to blame for providing no oportunities for our people. I hope one day they all leave your country and return home, so you may clean the toilets yourself and get up at four in the morning to go to the meat plant for minimun wage, what luxury. May not a cent from your budget be spent in any Mexican children who suffer the same pain as any other being, may we have to carry that burden here, from our pockets, hopefuly from the oil that fueles your cars or the money we pay you for our gas. I hope your dream of having a Mexican free country comes true soon, you deserve it...

Sailor Republica said...


Two words: Jack Kane.

Mannix can go to hell, for all I care.

Jeff said...


You obviously have not understood what Daniel and the rest of us are saying. Mexicans are fine in our county, as long as they come legally.

...and if getting up at 4am and cleaning toilets is so bad, why the f do so many mexicans come here illegally? Stay home...

Anonymous said...

I hope one day they all leave your country and return home, so you may clean the toilets yourself and get

CapitalistPig said...

I hope one day they all leave your country and return home, so you may clean the toilets yourself and get up at four in the morning to go to the meat plant for minimun wage, what luxury.

...Another great example of liberal economic ignorance. The only reason those jobs have such bad conditions with such poor pay, is because impovrished Mexican alliens are willing to do it. If there were no illegal alliens then the work would not go undone, nor would Americans do it for the same wages that alliens now get paid.

The companies would be forced by the job market to improve working conditions as well as pay and benefit to a level that would attract American citizens to do the same labor, as well as invest in capital improvements so that less (more expensive) labor is required for the same amount of output.

Ric said...

If Teddy were to adopt this policy, we might find some good in it - from Washington Times:

"An Ohio sheriff has billed the Department of Homeland Security $125,000 for the cost of jailing illegal aliens arrested on criminal charges in his county, saying he's angry that the federal government has failed in its responsibility to keep them out of the United States. "

Anonymous said...

All I can say about this one is WOW...I thought our licensing illegal aliens was this one...

Tennessee Driving Certificates Sold on Black Market,2933,183139,00.html
Sunday, January 29, 2006

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Tennessee's driving certificate for illegal immigrants isn't valid as a form of ID, but people are paying hundreds of dollars on the black market and traveling hundreds of miles to get one.

Tennessee has issued more than 51,000 certificates since it became the first state to offer them in July 2004, but not every certificate has gone to someone living there.

Two major federal arrests in recent months exposed shuttles bringing South and Central American immigrants from as far away as New Jersey to state licensing centers in Knoxville, where the immigrants got certificates using fake residency papers.

Last week, a third sweep revealed an alleged conspiracy in which prosecutors say state license examiners in Murfreesboro, outside Nashville, accepted bribes to provide illegal immigrants with driver's licenses and certificates without testing.

"We have seen individuals coming to Tennessee to take advantage of the driver's certificate program because they are easy to obtain," said acting U.S. Attorney Russ Dedrick.

The disclosures come as Tennessee's certificate system is being studied as a possible model for handling "non-conforming drivers" under the Real ID program recently enacted by Congress that will set a national standard for driver's licenses by 2008.

Although the words "not valid for identification" appear in bold red letters on the face of the wallet-size certificates, Dedrick said banks accept them as legal ID and they "can easily be passed off for other types of identification documents."

Lawyer Mike Whalen, who represents a woman accused of bringing as many as 100 immigrants from New Jersey to Knoxville for certificates, said the government is making too much of the problem. His client represented workers, not terrorists, he said.

"Somebody went through the roof and said, 'Remember 9-11, every one had driver's licenses,'" he said. "Well, none of these Mexican immigrants are in flight school anywhere. There is a difference."

That argument carries little weight in law enforcement circles.

The certificate law "just kind of opened up a flood gate of everyone wanting to come here to get some sort of identification," said Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison, whose officers discovered that 58 illegal immigrants used the same Knoxville address to get certificates.

Applicants must provide two documents, such as utility bills or a lease, to show they live in Tennessee, and a Social Security number — or a sworn affidavit if there is none. They also must pass an eye exam, a driving rules test and a road test.

"What we tried to do in Tennessee was to recognize that there are people who may be legally here but they are not completely documented," Gov. Phil Bredesen said.

Tennessee had started licensing illegal immigrants, without a Social Security number requirement, in early 2001. More than 180,000 obtained licenses before 9-11 fears set in. The driving certificates were created in 2004 to satisfy homeland security concerns while allowing illegal immigrants to drive with certified proficiency.

Some say the problem isn't the law, it's the enforcement.

Joan Friedland, an immigration policy attorney with the National Immigration Law Center in Washington, said the key is "rigorous proof of state residence."

Hutchison's officers searched the Internet to determine that immigrants were using fake residences, and then spent months monitoring the suspects' movements before they were arrested.

"I would hope that the state would pick up on it sooner," the sheriff said. "But I am not sure that they are actually geared to do that."

The governor said the system has been tightened up since he saw an ad in a Spanish-language newspaper in Georgia promoting package deals for "a certain amount of money to get on a bus and go to Tennessee to get a driver's license."

Still, the allure of payoffs to underpaid license examiners may only increase as requirements tighten and certificates become more precious, said Melissa Savage, a policy analyst with the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Jeff said...


Great points....

rickyragg said...

If I were the scorekeeper at a baseball game, I'd intuitively grasp the meaning of

Teddy K

Three of these and yer out!