Saturday, January 21, 2006

My favorite thing about "El Centro Cultural"

El Centro Cultural is used, at international, national, state and local levels, as a tool for outreach to the community where members can be heard without fear of retribution, regardless of their immigration status.

Louie described El Centro Cultural as a physical location that is identified as a positive and safe place for the Latino community, through which members of the community can raise issues. Rubenstein stated his belief that the Washington County community, especially in Hillsboro and Cornelius, truly knows that the police follow Oregon state law regarding immigration status.

This is a key issue in law enforcement agencies’ ability to provide basic police services to their communities. Louie emphasized that working with El Centro Cultural allows the Hillsboro Police Department to hear what the Latino community has to say.

Yes, there should always be a place for criminals where they can go without fear of "retribution" for their crimes.

But I, your humble blogger, am on my way to this criminal sanctuary to protest/infiltrate/stop the Mobile Mexican Consulate and our state agencies from further assisting criminal aliens. Or maybe I'll just get myself a Matricula Card and change the URL of my site to


Anonymous said...

• MeCHA, the student organization that claims chapters on hundreds of campuses has a program that reads like a Mexican version of the agenda of the white-supremacist Aryan Nation

If we don't fix this "problem" at the school in Eugene, we can kiss our butt's goodbye real soon.

Anonymous said...



1. Awareness and distribution of El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán. Presented at every meeting, demonstration, confrontation, courthouse, institution, administration, church, school, tree, building, car, and every place of human existence.

2. September 16, on the birthdate of Mexican Independence, a national walk-out by all Chicanos of all colleges and schools to be sustained until the complete revision of the educational system: its policy makers, administration, its curriculum, and its personnel to meet the needs of our community.

3. Self-Defense against the occupying forces of the oppressors at every school, every available man, woman, and child.

4. Community nationalization and organization of all Chicanos: El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán.

5. Economic program to drive the exploiter out of our community and a welding together of our people's combined resources to control their own production through cooperative effort.

6. Creation of an independent local, regional, and national political party.

A nation autonomous and free - culturally, socially, economically, and politically- will make its own decisions on the usage of our lands, the taxation of our goods, the utilization of our bodies for war, the determination of justice (reward and punishment), and the profit of our sweat.

El Plan de Aztlán is the plan of liberation!

Back to UO MEChA homepage

Crackpot said...

Please define "libbers" so your audience might have an inkling of what in the hell you're talking about. Did you put your Che Guevara T-shirt on backwards this morning? Stop it, this "El Plan Espiritual de Aztlán" of yours has me quaking in my boots!

Hat's off to Daniel for taking the time to attend one of these strange "events" today and I look forward to his eyewitness report. Let me get this straight, the Mexican Consulate conducts seminars here in the United States, instructing their citizens who are here illegally on how to exploit our system? If I werent so cynical/jaded, I'd be shocked.

terry said...

La Guerra Cultural.

Anonymous said...

DEAR CRACKPOT: NOT MY PLAN, YOU IDIOT! You better figure out that Daniel knows' what the "plan" is all about, and you better be a little concerned.

Crackpot said...

Right, I'm an idiot.