Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Stop the criminal hang-out

Contact Mayor Rilling of Cornelius!

Dear Mayor Rilling,

It has recently come to my attention that so-called "day laborers" congregate in Cornelius on N 11th and Adair. I had the opportunity to speak to some of these workers and found out two things: they are almost exclusively illegal aliens and they prefer this type of work as opposed to going to a temporary labor agency because this way they can avoid taxes.

I'm sure that you are very familiar with the statistics regarding illegal immigration and livability issues such as crime, drugs and litter. I personally witnessed someone outside the El Centro Cultural drinking beer at 9:00am.

I also notice that city ordinance 785 prohibits the loading and unloading of day laborers on the next street over. I would ask that you consider passing an ordinance to ban the day laborers current area of congregation.

Cornelius should not be a magnet for illegal aliens.

Please ask if you want more background information from me and I would be very interested to hear what your opinion on this issue is.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Daniel [my last name]


Jeff said...

Well written letter, Daniel.

Anonymous said...

N.Y. Times survey of thousand's of "Day Laborers" said that over 3/4 are ILLEGAL and mostly Men from Mexico. BOYCOTT Home Depot!
In California they actually build day labor centers next to their stores.

Anonymous said...

History helps!

Cornelius was the second City in Oregon to go Mexican with Independence being the first.

What is notable today is both Cities have since settled down (relatively speaking) after extended periods of drunkenness, lawlessness and rampant violence, as those immigrants who were then highly susceptible too and suffered with alcohol and drug addictions, have since been jailed for life or have died as a result of their destructive lifestyles.

Hopefully, in the next twenty years plus the balance of Oregon can expect to reach an equal level of crime and violence as what is experienced in Independence and Cornelius today.

peod in Oregon said...

Remember folks, they just want to come here to do jobs Americans won't do and to help their starving families. I bet that the profit on 2 tons of marijuana will buy a lot of tacos.

peod in Oregon said...

Yes folks they only come here to be good citizens and support their poor families. Oh yea, and maybe commit murder, go on a high speed chase and have a shoot out with the police.

Daniel said...

I love the accompanying links! (It would be easier if you would embed them with HTML though...)

I would also encourage all of you to write the mayor!

peod in Oregon said...

Sorry Daniel, I'm not as computer literate as you folks. Is there an easy way to do that?

Anonymous said...

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