Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Run for your life, white males are coming

Diversity work not over for governor
Kulongoski frequently has proclaimed his commitment to equal opportunity for all Oregonians. But when it came to appointing people to state positions, his actions didn't match his words. He initially appointed a preponderance of white men, as if they were the only ones who could handle state jobs.

I can see it now...

Kulongoski: We need to fill these positions, get me a list of white males.

Uh huh. Being realistic it probably went more like this:

Kulongoski: We need to fill these positions, get me a list of people I owe favors to.

But last year, one-fifth of his new appointments to state boards and commissions were people of color, and two-fifths were women. Those numbers represent a big improvement over his previous record. They are important not as a quota but as a way of bringing a broader spectrum of Oregonians into state service and building a state government that reflects, understands and serves its entire population.

It's not a quota and it's not about the numbers, their just counting for fun.

I don't care if my state workers reflect a "broad spectrum" of Oregonians, I just want the most qualified people for the job to get the position.


Gunslinger said...

Yeah, God forbid you should hire on Merit.

No quotas, my ass. To perpetually paint these groups as victims, they will never fully grow to be productive members of society. The watchdog groups trying to help these poor "victims" are actually hindering those peoples' free social progress.

Allen said...

Teddy will just give us more who are "most qualified" in Bureaucratic Babble.

I hope for Jason A. to brings us people who are willing and able to Solve Problems, not just Address Issues and hold Workshops!

Vonski said...

Amen, Daniel. I'd hope to be hired on my abilities and not the fact that I'm disturbingly pale. To me, it's similar to schools who don't keep score so as to spare the feelings of the children playing.

Heaven forbid we make people competitive and try their best in an effort to succeed.

Personally, I know I get more satisfaction out of winning fairly and squarely than when someone throws the game for me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Daniel. The test should be meritorious. There should not be a litmus test based on skin-color or gender. I work in Government. I have seen the litmus test at work. I was once involved with a hiring situation at Multnomah County. There were employees openly advocating that a black person should be hired to fill a certain position, for example. I hear it all the time. "We need a Spanish-speaker, so we better hire an Hispanic." Nevermind the fact that non-hispanics, like myself, can speak Spanish. Por ejemplo, yo puedo explicarme bien aqui en cualquier idioma. But no, there is an automatic association with color, ethnicity, and gender. Now who's doing the stereotyping? It's the left. It's shameful. If it happens in private life, who cares? But when the government engages in this silliness, we are all made worse for it. Government can engage in discriminatory hiring practices but private business cannot. Pathetic. Neither should be able to do it. End of story.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of off the subject but of all the blogs listed on Lars Larson's website yours is the most entertaining.

Daniel said...

I don't even let my kids beat me at games, when they win they will know that they deserved the win and it will actually be a satisfying victory.

Being a token hire would be pretty humiliating in my opinion.

Last anon, thank you.

the barber said...

Let's get to the point! The main focus of the article is that there are too many white males that have decent jobs according to the diversity advocates. Too bad...I'm happy to see a lot of white males get jobs. Here in the PC Northwest if you're a handicapped transgendered "person of color" you can achieve sainthood!! I am sick and tired of being turned down and not getting interviews for jobs because i happen to be an over 50 year old white heterosexual male that doesn't speak the "preferred" language of Oregon......Spanish. Enough already!!!! I too, have a right to a good living with benefits. All you minorities and wannabe victims out there, quit your crying and whining.....GET OVER IT...I never harmed you in any way and i am sick and damn tired of being blamed for all you so-called problems.

the barber said...

YES!!! Eduardo Angulo of the Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality..this means YOU TOO!!!!

Tony said...

Uh, anyone ever look at the census data for Oregon?

We are white. Very white.

I hope that the guv is not hiring a disproportionate number of minorities. That would be discrimination. Shocking.

the barber said...

Tony...that doesn't matter to the diversity crowd. There can NEVER be a disproportionate amount of minorities hired that would please these lefties. If any white man gets a job it's ALWAYS because of discrimination. (major sarcasm)