Friday, January 20, 2006

The goal post has been moved

Wyden to oppose Alito
Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden said Friday he will oppose Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito, saying he is not convinced that Alito will bring an impartial viewpoint to the court.

As opposed to ACLU attorneys who always bring an impartial viewpoint.

“I cannot reconcile the seemingly moderate and amiable jurist of the past few weeks” with Alito’s two-decade record as a federal appeals court judge and official in the Reagan and Bush administrations, Wyden said Friday.

Read: He doesn't support a woman's right to kill a baby for conveniance.

The goal post for what it takes to confirm a judicial nominee has moved dramatically. It is no longer good enough to say that the Judge is "qualified" but now his personal views are reason to disqualify him or her. I hope that we remember this next time a Democrat nominates someone.

Republicans should oppose anyone who supports Roe V. Wade. The litmus test needs to work both ways.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of bullshit. I am sick of these effing people. Ginsburg got through with little resistance. Even though it was obvious she had a clear leftist bias, she was not judged on this ground. Such is not the test for confirming an appointment by a sitting President. Whoops, I guess it is now. We can thank these Democraps for changing the standards when it comes to confirmation. There is no reason for Alito not to be confirmed. These damned democraps want moderates to be appointed and confirmed when a Republican is in office, but want to appoint and confirm former counsel for the ACLU when they are in power. Screw these people. I hate 'em, and I hate idealogues like Wyden. Dumbass.

fatrichie said...

Same old story, you had to see it coming.

If you don't support the liberal viewpoint, then you are racist, religious fanatic. And as such, must be imcompetent, as well as unable to think for yourself.

How dare you have a different opinion than upstanding moral force's like Ted Kennedy and Ron Wyden.

Wyden is just trying to score points with the liberal old timers. He sounded like he was a stand-in reading script thru for the first time.

Bruce said...

That lying bum!!!! When i saw him at the Hidden Lakes Retirement 2 Saturdays ago, he said that he was going to vote for Alito because he didn't hear anything overtly bad about the man. Just like a lying Leftie!!!!

Rob Jensen in Portland said...

>.....Saturdays ago, he said that he was going to vote for Alito because he didn't hear anything overtly bad about the man

32,000 + Oregonian signatures and phone calls in the hundred of thousands urging a "no" vote must have done the trick. The way I see it is Alito is clearly an rightwing idealogue with a memory problem and Sen. Wyden sees that, too. If you don't like it, too bad. Build a coalition and quite the bitchin'.

And just so you know, Senator Smith is being squeezed in the vice of public opinion here in Oregon as well. Notice he hasn't come out and made a clear statement of his support yet for Scalito, has he? Call his office and ask, they won't say that he has made up his mind yet. A little suspicious, isn't it.

I suspect Gordon will fall in line with the BushCo in the end--but at what political expense? Senator Smith is coming up for re-election, isn't he? Oregonians don't like their Senators supporting someone that is going to erode their civil liberties and freedoms. One can only guess how many closet pro-choice conservatives that donate to Smith have called him already.

Take note: just remember Reds, you live in a blue state. Don't underestimate the power of the grassroots especially when privacy and civil liberties are threatened. You never know how many true Oregon Republicans are now secretly calling on Smith to oppose this nomination. See real Republicans like the system of checks and balances that you nutty prez is trying to destroy.

In addition, I am sure Senator Smith doesn't like having to answer to the fact that the majority of calls and signatures going into his offices are urging him to oppose Alito.

Anyway, just a little different perspective for you cons. You best keep your eyes open and the BS righty radio off, maybe you will actually learn something.

As far as anonymous' nutty rant, the rules are there ain't no rules, especially when it comes to a danger like Alito.


gullyborg said...

this is ok... I won't be supporting Wyden for re-election because I don't think he can legislate with an open mind. or any mind.